Choosing a female shaving gel

Choosing a female shaving gel

To make shave as pleasant as possible and avoid possible irritation on the skin, women should pick a special gel. In our article, consider the most popular products for women.


In the usual gel for shaving, you can find glycerin and silicone, which ensure skin moisturizing and soft gliding razor machine. Besides, In gels contain components that will help relieve inflammation, as well as flavors and vitamins. In the production of women’s gels, the manufacturer takes into account the fact that the product will be used in an intimate zone. The skin in this area is extremely gentle and important does not harm it. That is why the gel contains moisturizers.

The main functions of the shaving gel can be considered:

  • Preparation of skin for shaving+
  • Naming to ensure soft razor sliding+
  • Ensuring moisturizing+
  • softening hairs.

Due to the convenience of use, the gels have won the greatest popularity from the consumer. The advantages of the gels should also include the following points:

  • Economical flow+
  • Convenient use+
  • Consistency preventing+
  • Stable foam+
  • Good gliding razor+
  • For women after 30 and for ladies with excessively dry skin, special products are produced.

The disadvantages of these funds include high cost and the fact that the composition of some gels includes alcohol, causing individual users dry skin.

Product Overview

When choosing a gel, it is necessary to take into account your skin type, manufacturer and those zones that will be subjected to shaving on your body.

  • Famous manufacturer Gillette releases Satin Care gel. The series includes products with various aromas: gentle avocado and fragrant lavender, juicy colors. Gel is supplemented with fragrant additives of healing aloe vera and apricot oil. This product perfectly moisturizes and softens the skin. Smell Soft and Unobtrusive, Fresh. Gillette Satin Care is a gel for a sensitive skin type, canceled for shaving female legs.

  • Brand Nivea released a product called SHOWER & SHAVE with healing avocado oil. The product also includes the extract of chamomile and vitamin E, with which it is possible to shave suspicious skin without fears, which means that the product is suitable for shaving an intimate zone.

  • Company “ARCO” Also produces shaving agent for women with sensitive skin – Arko Soft Touch.

  • Avon Releases Avon Skin SO SOFT Product With fragrant oil of Pennik – For those who need an impeccable smoothness of the skin after shaving.

  • Faberlic Company offers women Deline tool. It is characterized by excellent moisturizing, gentle fragrance, easy gliding razor. The equipment includes aloe vera extract. The tube has small sizes, which is very convenient, as it is easy to take on trips. The gel is suitable for any skin type and has a resistant odor of freshness. Means perfectly foam. To save a product, women advise foaming gel not on the skin itself, but with the help of a petner, washcloths or even sponges.

  • Oriflame offers a female Silk Beauty tool “Silk tenderness”. Users like an excellent gliding razor when using this fund, its economy and gentle fragrance.

How to use?

Any gel is best to apply on the skin with a special loss, carefully distributing the means in a circle and applying it the finest and uniform layer on the processed zone. Before applying the means, its small quantity must be carefully squeezed into a separate container, and loss to abundantly moisten with water.

If you do not use the fool, then the gel you just need to put on the palm and carefully distribute. The product must be applied immediately to the entire shave area. So the skin will soften well. The razor should be used 2 minutes after applying. After the procedure you need to remove all the foam from the shave zone.

What can be replaced?

Often a careser may end up in the most inappropriate moment for this. At such minutes and the question of how to replace the ending gel.

  • Soap. Any means for a successful shaving must first provide a good gliding razor on the skin. Soap is the most popular version that can be replaced with a gel, while it is best to stop the choice on a liquid antibacterial soap.

  • Shampoo or balsam. These funds are suitable for high-quality shave of the face, and will also help remove hairs from other sections of the female body.

  • Oil. They can soften, smooth and calm the skin. That is why so often these funds are used instead of gel for shaving.

  • Aloe vera. This is one of the best natural funds, no wonder it can be found as part of various cosmetic products. Natural Aloe Vera gel is often used to care for skin after depilation. But few people know that this means you can easily replace shaving gel.

Aloe soothes, cools, moisturizes and softens the skin, therefore uses such high demand.

    No need to save on your health – purchase a high-quality tool that will take care of your skin before and after depilation.

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