Choosing a shugaring couch

Choosing a shugaring couch

Shugaring couches are necessary for the convenience of the client and high-quality epilation by the Master. In the article, tell me how to choose a flawless product so that everyone is satisfied.


At home, it is possible to carry out sugar epilation without a couch, but it is necessary for receiving visitors. The product not only creates comfortable conditions for the master and client, but also guarantees the implementation of hygienic standards, as it is easily processed after each procedure.

The couch is a small sofa on high legs, no back. The surface can be solid or consisting of moving parts in an amount of two to five elements. Such a separation helps to choose a convenient posture for the wizard and the client, and also allows you to compactly fold the product for storing or transporting while working on the road. Having a head restraint adds comfort to visitor. Sometimes the design is equipped with adhesive pillows of different shapes. Some models are endowed with moving feet elements. Visitor, half-sidewged on the couch, has the ability to lower one foot while the master works on the other.

Shugaring procedure lasts about an hour. An uncomfortable posture creates discomfort, heaviness, pain in the muscles and joints. A properly selected couch will help conveniently settle down and relax, the epilation process will be rapid and quietly and unnoticed.

The wizard must also have convenient access to the client. Need minimal load on back muscles and hands. To ensure it, in advance set the couch in height, comfortable master.

The couches of different species have about the same dimensions:

  • Width – 70 cm+
  • Height – 60-90 cm (adjustable)+
  • Length about two meters.

The product contains filler and upholstery from waterproof material, which is easy to learn from care and hygienic processing.

Review models

Some types of massage, cosmetology, viewing, physiotherapeutic couches may be suitable for shugaring. It is important that they contain no less than three sections, two of which would be related to moving elements. Such a product will allow convenient to settle down to the client and provide good access for the Shugaring Master to the epilation places. Consider each type separately.


Couches for cosmetology procedures of the face and body. Sections are endowed with mobility, possess different angle of inclination. The lifting mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the product with a maximum position up to 90 cm from the floor. The couches make it possible to take any convenient posture, so they are used for many types of cosmetology practices, including for Shugaring.


The couches of this species are less convenient for sugar epilation, since most of them consist of two parts: one stationary, the second movable. In addition, not every model is adjustable in height. But such products are durable, due to the lack of mechanisms there is nothing to break. Upholstery is performed from leatherette and easily leaving care. Frame in most cases wooden, as an ECG and other electromagnetic procedures are carried out on it.


Watching couches are similar to physiotherapeutic, they also consist of two sections, but the frame has mainly metallic. Many of them are deprived of a lifting mechanism that changes the height level. Movable is a section designed for the top of the body, it can change the angle of slope to 45 degrees.


Massage tables are more diverse, endowed with transforming mechanisms capable of not only adjust the height, but also change the position of the body using several movable sections. They have face cuts, supplemented with pillows and rollers. Such products contain a reinforced frame and are designed to load up to 250 kg. The task of the table is to locate the client in a more relaxed and convenient posture. They are more expensive, but more suitable for the Shugaring procedure.

Also, couches can be divided into stationary, portable and mobile.


These include different types of products in form and appointment. The simplests have one or two sections and are not always adjustable in height. These are strong and reliable structures, but they are not intended for transportation.

Transformers’ couches have a good modern design and have different functions. They are able to change the position of the body of the client, they are put forward armrests, the head restraint and zone of legs are adjusted. Such couches-chairs can endan in places of storage for accessories. Motor-adjustable models are complemented by a control panel and can adjust the body position right during session.

Portable (folding)

Designs of this species are intended for use at home or on the road. The more sections of such a product, the more compact it may be. Folding couches are convenient for storage, they can be sent to a wardrobe or storage room. They weigh from 10 to 15 kg, easily fit in the trunk machine. In the unfolded form, the model is able to withstand the load up to 200 kg. With frequent use, the folding mechanism can be wary, and it will be required.


The couch is performed by wheels with the blocking system. It can be transported to another office, rolling closer to the window to take advantage of daylight. Products often contain a folding mechanism.

What to choose?

The couch plays an important role in the process of the Shugaring procedure. From clear access to the client’s processed clearing, the quality of the procedure itself depends. It should be convenient to be a visitor – if he stays in a comfortable environment during a session, next time it will return to the wizard again. Therefore, you should not choose a couch spontaneously, you need to focus on the material from which it is made, practical possibilities of design, coordinated work of all its elements.

Pay attention to the following characteristics of the model.


The upholstery of the Shugaring couch must be performed from the waterproof material, so it is easier to wash and disinfect. Usually apply skin or leatherette. You should try to the touch to make sure that the skin is tactile pleasant and soft. If the product exudes a sharp smell, the material or its dye can be toxic. It would be nice to pay attention to the upholstery seams: they must be double, then do not let down for a long time.


Most often for packing a couch use foam. In cheaper products, the height of the filler is 2-3 centimeters. With this coating, the stiffness of the surface is felt by all body. To make the client comfortably, the height of the foam rubber should be chosen from 4 cm and above. It is necessary to pay attention to the indicator of the elasticity, the best option in this regard will be the product of the ST 2540 brand: it is soft enough and elastic, but at the same time, when pressed, it quickly restores the form.

Polyurerium can also be used for the couch as a filler. Due to the increased elasticity, it takes the shape of the body and provides maximum comfort to visitor. This product exceeds the possibilities of foam rubber.


Frames produce from wood or thin metal pipes. It is better to choose a second option, it can withstand up to 200 kg of load. In addition, from constant wet cleaning and disinfection, the tree over time comes into disrepair.

The base top base is plywood, the thickness of which is at least 6 cm. More elastic and robust surface is made of larch or birch, the most unwanted version – pine, although due to her you can reduce the model.

It is worth paying attention to the corners of the couch: they must be reinforced all over height, it will add the rigidity of the overall design. The rounded form of angles is more convenient and safe to use.


Inexpensive models contain a stationary head restraint fixed in one position, it is impossible to correct it under a specific client.

Mobile head restraints are equipped with more expensive products separated by sections, and transformers. The lifting mechanism for fixing the head element can be triggered differently: smoothly, dotted, mechanically or automatically. Electronic options are equipped with a remote control. For Shugaring Convenient Mobile Headrest.

Than handle?

During the procedure of sugar epilation, the couch is covered with a one-time pellery. Despite this, the table, in order to security customers and the masters, is treated after each visit. Contact with a strangers then even healthy skin in a more susceptible person can cause an inflammatory response.

Disinfect workplace by one of the following compositions:

  • “Blanidas 300” – chlorine solution+
  • “AHD 2000 Express” – works like a skin antiseptic, disinfects and sterilizes the surface+
  • “LIZOFORM 3000” – aldehyde-containing solution.

Each disinfect drug has accompanying instructions, the recommendations of which must be followed.

Choosing a shugaring couch, you should not pay attention to the cheapest options. They wear faster, inconvenient to use, are not solid and can hardly attract customers.

Instructions, how to put one of the models of Shugaring couch models, you can view the following video.

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