Features and holding AFT-epilation

Features and holding AFT-epilation

Modern women pay appearance much more attention than men. Special irritation they cause unwanted hair, which not only spoil an aesthetic appearance, but are a sign of non-genuine.

Classic razors and tweezers gradually go into the past. These primitive depilators are replaced by innovative, more efficient equipment. One of the high-tech techniques in the field of cosmetology, which appeared on the market relatively recently, has become laser AFT-epilation. Translated from English, this abbreviation is “improved fluorescence technology”.

What it is?

AFT-epilation is a modern technique for removing unwanted hair, which was created on the basis of photo and laser epilators. When creating this device, all the disadvantages of its “predecessors” were taken into account, as a result of which a fundamentally new apparatus for epilation was entered into the world of cosmetology and medicine.

Developed in Israel Technology AFT can painlessly remove any hair regardless of their type, color of the skin and t. NS. Its capabilities are not limited to epilation – the technique is also used to remove scars, scars, moles, pigment spots, general skin rejuvenation.

The basis of AFT-epilation is all the positive qualities of photoepilation and laser irradiation. A new technique provides for the use of a special filtering element that can transform unused parts of irradiation into long-wave infrared rays. This significantly increases the effectiveness of the procedure, minimizing the likelihood of side effects.

The principle of action is as follows: The device is smoothly moving along the selected area of ​​the body, a strong pulse light that emits the device, penetrates through the dermis and epidermis to the hair follicle consisting of a bulb and rich in melanin hair rod. Melanin when exposed to the light beam on it very quickly heats up, which leads to the destruction of its cells. All the filter not applied in the process of operation transforms into nearinphracen radiation, which significantly increases the power of the procedure.

Pros and cons

The advantages of AFT-epilation, compared to other methods of deliverance from unwanted hair, are:

  • Practically complete painlessness of the procedure – when it does not have the need to use painkillers+
  • Maximum safety – the application of technology protects against such negative consequences as burns, persistent and long red shocks, damage to the epidermis and T. NS.+
  • The device can be used for all parts of the body, regardless of the type and color of the hair+
  • The possibility of eliminating ingrown hair and follicles+
  • A small list of restrictions after the procedure+
  • Higher efficiency, which is achieved due to the transformation of unused energy into productive rays+
  • High hygiene rates – technology refers to non-contact appearance of epilation, so the risk of infection is close to zero+
  • Ability to remove hair removal during varicose veins+
  • The device does not affect one body portion for a long time+
  • The device is able to remove the smallest and inconspicuous hairs.

Relative deficiencies of the technique are:

  • High cost of procedure+
  • To achieve a qualitative result, you must pass several epilation courses – their exact amount is determined by a specialist in each case individually+
  • The procedure has its own contraindications, so before it must be consulted with a dermatologist+
  • Failure to remove dressed hair+
  • The effect after the first procedure is noticeable after 1-2 weeks after it, it takes an average of 5-8 procedures to fully get away from unwanted hair.

What zones are epilaced?

Due to the fact that the Aft-epilation procedure is the most painless and gentle for the human body, it can be used in almost all parts of the body:

  • neck+
  • All sections of the face+
  • Deep bikini zone+
  • Podmychi+
  • breast+
  • back+
  • stomach+
  • arms+
  • legs.

Before conducting the procedure, you must consult with a specialist who will determine the type of skin and its structure, hair characteristics, pain threshold. Based on this, the cosmetologist will adjust the operation of the device, optimizing its effectiveness.

Main steps

The AFT-epilation process consists of 2 stages: preparations for the procedure and directly the effects of light rays of the device for the selected body. After the preliminary examination, the specialist must organize the proper preparation of the patient to the upcoming elimination of unwanted hair.


A cosmetologist before starting to perform an AFT-device removal of the patient with all the prescriptions that must be observed. Their violation will not give the opportunity to get the expected result and complicate the procedure. The main among them are the following:

  • The device is not able to remove long hair, so immediately before epilation, it is necessary to shave all hair on the estimated area+
  • Before the procedure, it is forbidden to apply cosmetics to the skin, which form a kind of film on the epidermis, is significantly reduced technology efficiency: oils lead to pore blockage, and excessive moisturizing can provoke burns+
  • For 14 days before the first epilation session, it is forbidden to put the body to tan in natural or artificially created for this environment – when violating this recommendation increases the risk of getting burns during the procedure.


The process of the AFT procedure includes the following manipulations:

  • Cosmetologist degreases the site that needs to be epilation, for this uses special means or ordinary soap+
  • A gel is applied to the selected area, which provides maximum conductivity of light rays to skin cover+
  • Doctor and patient put on special glasses that protect eyes from intensive infrared radiation+
  • For the final conclusion of the sensitivity and pain of the patient, the specialist conducts the processing of a small area from the selected zone+
  • Based on the results obtained, as well as depending on the location of the site, its size, color and hair type Specialist adjusts the power and other parameters of the device+
  • If the processed section has large sizes, a beautician for convenience pre-conducting skin surface markup+
  • After turning on the device, the specialist smooth, continuous movements of the module (manipula) conducts surface surface treatment, work with one site lasts from 15 to 60 minutes.+
  • After the procedure is completed, the doctor removes the remnants of the gel and, if desired, the patient makes special means that slow down hair growth.

The effect of the manipulations carried out will be noticeable after 10-14 days. This is due to the fact that with the full destruction of the follicle of the hair of his bulb still continues to be held in the epidermis. After the first session, more than 70% of viable hair roots are destroyed. All subsequent procedures reduce their number. Therefore, only the doctor can determine the necessary number of procedures that will completely get rid of undesirable vegetation.

The processed area does not need additional care. The use of cosmetics at first after epilation must be coordinated with a beautician who conducted the procedure. Destroyed hair disappear and not restored.

However, the human body is inclined to the emergence of so-called sleeping hair. After 1-2 weeks after the epilation of the AFT apparatus, they are activated in growth. Despite the fact that new hairs are weakened, the procedure for their removal must be repeated. The frequency of repeated sessions The cosmetologist establishes depending on the new growth of vegetation.

Imbalanced hormonal background of man has a great influence on hair growth. As prophylactic measures warning the re-appearance of vegetation on the body, after the total course of treatment, it is recommended to repeat the AFT-epilation procedure 1 time per year, which will provide persistent and reliable results.


In certain cases, the epilation procedure using AFT apparatus is prohibited. These include:

  • The period of having a child and feeding his breasts+
  • The presence of cancer+
  • Damaged epidermis covers+
  • Infectious and chronic diseases during their exacerbation+
  • Thyroid disease (hormonal failures)+
  • Disorders of blood sugar (diabetes)+
  • The presence of a tan, obtained less than 2 weeks before the procedure.

Review reviews

Analysis of reviews of those who experienced the action of AFT-epilation shows that the procedure turned out to be effective for most of them. As for the positive parties to the technique, patients note its painlessness, the absence of negative consequences, the ability to not stop active livelihoods in the treatment process.

The number of sessions, according to user reviews, in each individual case is different. However, everyone who experienced this modern methodology is united that the whole range of procedures takes much less time than with other ways of epilation. Some patients in the process of getting rid of hair simultaneously got rid of the processed areas of the body from such non-psychic phenomena, such as warts, pigment spots.

The presence on the body of unwanted hair is a problem that is not only aesthetic, but also a hygienic character. Modern technology AFT-epilation allows you to get rid of them without risking your health and well-being.

AFT-epilation comparison with other ways you can view in the following video.

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