Hair removal of nose wax: Features and rules of procedure

Hair removal of nose wax: Features and rules of procedure

Each person on the inner surface of the nostrils grow hair, protecting the respiratory organs from penetrating the small particles of garbage, dust and other hazardous suspended substances. The vegetation filters the air, which provides normal operation of lungs, preventing mechanical damage, poisoning, blockage and other possible troubles. And although the cilia covering the mucous membranes of the olfactory body play an important role, the aesthetic perception of appearance they sometimes spoil. Therefore, men, and women are trying to get rid of them with all available ways, including wax depilation method.

Features of the procedure

Many prefer to make wax depilation due to the fact that the hair after her grows slowly, so it is necessary to repeat it. The effect can persist up to 30 days.

Truth, For the depilation of this species requires special wax. And should also be prepared for the fact that the procedure is very painful even compared to shugaring. In general, both of these operations are similar, not counting some differences in technological intricacies.

If you compare wax depilation using for the same purpose of trimmer or manicure scissors, it wins the duration of the result.

After throwing out a special nozzle, the hairs are capable of growing after 2-3 days, so the length of the vegetation will have to be corrected again. The razor cuts off the hair almost at their base, and the wax depilation provides removal of cilia below the epidermis surface. Thus, Professional wax allows you to forget about the problem for 4 weeks.

Find out what other positive parties has wreck depilation:

  • The safety of the composition is usually not provoking allergies+
  • Simple technology allowing to apply her homes+
  • Lack of complications and side manifestations after the procedure+
  • Long result+
  • Availability, low cost of ingredients and girlfriend.

But Vaxing has a number of minuses. List them:

  • The method does not suit people with high skin sensitivity due to pain+
  • Security is guaranteed only if the required temperature is met+
  • If the operation is carried out incorrectly, there is a threat of manifestation of the inflammatory process.

Of course, wax will not help completely get rid of unwanted hairs, as with a laser epilation or with a special cream. These procedures contribute to deep exposure to the hair follicle, which further leads to full deliverance from nasal cilias along with roots. But do not forget, hthen similar options are quite expensive, besides, not too useful for human health. And they need to be carried out periodically. In addition, such operations have contraindications.

Wax selection

To remove the inner hair of the nose Only a special wax, melting at a temperature that does not cause skin burns or mucous membrane. You can purchase everything you need in a pharmacy or cosmetic store. For this procedure fits the film wax that does not need to heat Above +40 degrees.

The universal type of product is available in a set containing except wax applicator and strips. But this wax melts at a higher temperature – 45-55 degrees above zero.

Special wax for this part of the face is produced in the form of solid granules, tablets, cassettes, there is a solid, liquid, green and sugar. When working with the inner surfaces of the nose, it is worth stopping your choice on a granular version, which becomes fusible already at +37 degrees.This is an economical option, which additionally includes natural rubber, capable of cope with recalcitable hair.

In cosmetology salons, the wizards work with solid wax, but at home can be used different options. For example, Half cold product is quite suitable for this purpose. It can be used, causing strips. To depilation of the nose, a green wax is also recommended, which has an antibacterial effect and prevents rustling of hairs.

The easiest solution is to get rid of vegetation withusing wax sticks. This is a safe professional tool, convenient to use, made on the basis of a natural product, with a round head and 1.54×9 cm.


Before reducing depilation, learn the instruction on the wax pack. If you have special cotton wands, you can remove interfering cilia in a few minutes, acting on a specific algorithm.

  1. For the melting of wax in the kit comes the heat-resistant cup, which should be used.
  2. Apply wax.
  3. Place them in both nostrils.
  4. Wait until the substance is freezing (about 30 seconds).
  5. Click on the wings of the nose and, quickly exhausing, pull the sharp movement both sticks.

In this way, you can easily remove unnecessary hairs. The procedure can be performed 1 time in 4 weeks.

Precautionary measures

Conducting home depilation, never heat the wax above the desired temperature. In addition, you need to know how to take care of the nose mucosa after hair removal. Treat surfaces with chlorhexidine, furaticiline or Miramistina to avoid irritation and other inflammatory processes.

Do not use the means containing alcohol and peroxide – they dry the shell, cause plugging. In the absence of listed pharmacy funds, the best way to calm down and disinfect the microranski – rinse the nose with a decoction of cleanliness, chamomile or calendula. You can drip out fresh aloe juice.

With the wax removal of hair from the nose, the same contraindications apply as when the hair is depilation in other parts of the body. You can not use this method in pathologies and nasal congestion, allergies, while tooling the child.


Getting Started with Wax Depilation, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you have a low pain threshold, it is better to choose another option to get rid of vegetation. On this occasion will be the right decision to consult a cosmetologist.

Several general tips:

  • If you are very frightened by pain, you can remove hair, taking an hour before the procedure of any analgesic+
  • It is impossible to carry out the operation more often 1 time in 3 weeks+
  • Choose only high-quality wax and tools designed for this part of the face.

    Absolutely unacceptable way is the creast of cilia tweezers.

    This leads to rustling of hairs and risk of infection of tiny wounds after incorrect impact. Choose only the safest and most mobile hair elimination techniques.

    About hair removal look next.

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