How to choose and use the eyebrow trimmer?

How to choose and use the eyebrow trimmer?

In the XXI century, thick natural eyebrows were in fashion, and therefore many women seek to care for them. Eyebrow correction is usually done either with tweeted houses, or at a professional cosmetologist’s reception. However, the most convenient and inexpensive way to care for eyebrows is the use of a trimmer, easy to handle the instrument.

What it is?

At first glance, this machine for eyebrows is like an ordinary handle, at the end of which the nozzle with blades is. The tool has this form for considerable reasons: it is comfortable to keep in hand during manipulations.

The new-fashioned apparatus, which appeared in our market relatively recently, helps to remove all unwanted hairs in the field of the Absorbral Arc, including those that are beyond conventional.

Moreover, his advantage is that he carefully agitates all the unnecessary, and does not pull the hairs directly with the root, causing discomfort. Trimmer, or styler for eyebrows, – literally Salvation for girls with sensitive skin. He is suitable and those who cannot remove specifically small hairs. It does not irritate the skin of the face and does not cause microtrav, but allows us to gently and without cuts to carry out the procedure for removing unwanted hairs.

Among the advantages of trimmer for eyebrows can be allocated:

  • ease of handling, care, storage+
  • Maximum savings of time and forces (as well as money for a cosmetologist)+
  • painlessness of the whole process from beginning to end+
  • Compact machinery, because it can always be taken with you+
  • You can always experiment with your way, periodically giving an eyebrow that+
  • Due to the instrument maneuverability with it, you can remove hair from particularly difficult zones (moles, nose, ears).

    Of course, Trimmer has its own minus – Short-term effect, After all, trimmed hairs very quickly grow up in contrast to those who have been removed with the root. For this reason, the procedure is performed on average every 2 days.

    What happens?

    Stakers are manufactured both for women and for men. Women’s and men’s trimmers are completed with different sets of nozzles and differ in appearance: Trimmers for girls, for example, less and easier. The men’s models are aimed at correction Bengnebard and beard, used to treat ear shell and nasal cavity.

    Such a trimmer razor can be used to model the beard, but it should be borne in mind that it will not replace the usual machine or electric razor.

    Female trimmer is designed with sensitive and gentle skin. With models of this type in the set almost always there is a whole collection of various nozzles so that any woman managed to give their eyebrows the desired form.

    Browing stylers are classified on the principle of operation. They can connect either to the network, or feed from the internal resource: batteries / batteries. There is also a combined option.

    Trimmers with battery or batteries most often take on travel or business trips. It seems that such a device works for a long time – only an hour without charging, but this is enough for a full-fledged several procedures. I.e The trimmer with the battery can be safely taken, for example, in a week trip.

    Users such a typewriter should be remembered that it must be charged from time to time, since if the device has a low charge, the blades rotate more slowly.

    Network trimmers – option not so comfortable, but suitable people who spend a lot of time for correction. The most practical variety of trimmer is definitely a combined machine. It can work on batteries, and from the network, used in any convenient place at any suitable time.

    Pick up the eyebrow machine Taking into account your needs. For example, rechargeable trimmers are mobile, easy by weight and have a convenient form, work quietly, but their charge is. Network machines can work as needed, but the length of their cord does not allow to be far from the outlet during the process. And the combined trimmer is an option that is suitable for almost any user.

    Allocate also Professional and household stylers.

    Professional have a high price, long can work without recharging, they are small and ergonomic. Household trimmers are pretty heavy and less convenient in circulation.

    And the last classification of trimmers is their separation on mechanical, or manual and electric. The first look like ordinary scissors or combs with blades. They are not as popular as electric trimmers who have the engine.

    Most machinery manufacturers have a wide selection of trimmers for every taste and request in their assortment. Every year this device is becoming increasingly popular among buyers. Most consumers trust Brands Veet, Braun, Philips, Saturn and Remington. However, there are more budget options with good quality. The rating of the best models includes several trimmers.

    • TRIMMER BEAUTY TRIM from Valera Universal: It is used both in working with eyebrows and for processing hard-to-reach places (ears and nose). The model includes a brush that you can clean the device, and 2 nozzles that allow you to quickly adjust the slide height. Food machine from AAA battery.

    • Trimmer ST-HC8023 Czech company Saturn proven itself as a great tool for beard styling, mustache and Bengnebard. It has additional nozzles, and therefore is the perfect option for a couple. The machine is powered by the batteries, it is made of steel and has a long service life.

    • Veet is one of the most popular manufacturers of bodywork products for body care. Their miniature and elegant Sensitive Precision trimmer possesses 3 nozzles: blade for spot hair removal, crest and trimmer. This is a rechargeable machine. In the trimmer set there is a brush for cleaning the device plus a storage bag.

    • Firm Remington blew up the market with their universal product: in their assortment there is a whole set for the correction of the MPT4000 eyebrows. It includes several nozzles and tongs, which makes it possible to consider many nuances when simulating eyebrows. The device has illuminated, which helps to make the whole process rapid and accurate.

    • The next place in the rating is plastic trimmer PT 5010 Precision. Firm Braun, which belongs to this model, provided in a set of 2 nozzles to correct the length of the hairs of 0-8 mm. The model is powered by batteries. PT 5010 Precision successfully copes not only with eyebrows modeling, but also with beard processing. The model is recognized very ergonomic.

    • Brand Babyliss Pro offers a trimmer for curly haircuts, however it has only 1 nozzle. This is a rechargeable machine that uses aaa battery. The device has a stainless steel blade, and the nozzle is bilateral. One side has a short teeth and provides the most pure shave, the second with long teeth is designed to hang the length of hairs to simulate the form.

    • Plastic model NT 3160/10 Production of the company Philips has 2 replaceable nozzles with stainless steel blades. The indisputable plus of this typewriter is that it gently removes her hair anywhere: in the area of ​​the Absorbing Arc, above the lip, in the nose or ears. NT 3160/10 works very quietly, does not overheat with long use and works on batteries.

    How to choose?

      To acquire a good trimmer who will serve faithfully and makes eyebrows with luxurious, should take into account many factors when purchasing it.

      • First of all Material quality plays a big role, from which the model was performed, and then her design. It is recommended to buy a device with stainless steel blades, which has a long service life. More expensive models are covered with titanium spraying. Sometimes you can meet ceramic blades, but they are not so good as an option with a “stainless steel”. The body of the model itself can be made of plastic. The trimmer from this material usually has a low price, it is easy in weight and practical. However, it should be borne in mind that such a product can withstand only light mechanical shocks and easily breaks.

      Important! The product should not have a sharp chemical smell (for example, the smell of plastics).

      • Choose the trimmer is better in full, and not make an order online. It is necessary to evaluate how comfortable the interaction with the device: it should not be heavy and should be conveniently located in the hand. However, with extreme need, you can explore video reviews or read the section with customer reviews in the online store to find out the real characteristics of the model, its real pros and cons.
      • Do not dwell only on eyebrow styers, Since some models have widespread functionality and pleasant additional options. That is, the choice of trimmer is important. Number and types of nozzles. At the same time, it is necessary to competently approach their choice, since the big set is expensive, and in reality it may turn out that not all the nozzles will be used. Some brands offer interchangeable elements separately: you can collect your own set, where every nozzle will be useful.
      • It should also be borne in mind that trimmers have Specific characteristics Depending on their type (men’s and women’s models). For example, in a male set may not be nozzles for tender female skin.
      • When choosing a styler, it is recommended to pay attention, how many modes it possesses. Ideally, if it has 2 modes: one is softer, and the second intense, since different body zones require different processing.
      • Weight the device also matters, because the process of hairstyle lasts not one minute, and the hand can quickly get tired.
      • Purchase is desirable to exercise in official brands stores, so as not to stumble upon a fake. Online shopping although it costs cheaper, it does not allow to consider the model in detail, to hold it in the hands.

      How to use?

      Trimmer for eyebrows need to be correctly used.


      First, you should choose a suitable place for the procedure, because for such a job you need a lot of light and you will need a large clean mirror. The place should also be spacious to not shy movements. Leather before the procedure should be clean and dry.

      Need to decide which procedure I want to hold. From this will depend on the choice of nozzles.

      Before first use, it is necessarily washed and disinfected by Mirismine or hydrogen peroxide. When the nozzle is dry, it can be installed on the trimmer.

      You should schedule a cone pencil to understand the border of the removal of hairs. The lines will help not remove excess hairs and give eyebrows specifically the form that was conceived.

      A haircut

      If the device is powered by a socket, it needs to be connected to the network. Rechargeable trimmer required to charge before work. The process of hair removal occurs in a certain way.

      • First, the eyebrows are combed up, and the excess length is removed. Then the procedure must be repeated, barking the eyebrows.
      • The skin on the forehead is delayed with his finger, the hairs neatly get drunk. Efficiently shave against hair growth from the outer edge towards the transfer. Strike stands slowly and carefully, so as not to cut off too much and do not hurt eyelashes.
      • After the procedure, you need to brush cut hair cut off, and then rinse your eyebrows. If necessary, you can fill failed areas.
      • When everything is completed, it is recommended to lubricate the processed area or a nutritional cream, or a means for slowing hair growth (depends on user needs).

      Important! Correction should not be carried out to those girls who have made eyebrows.

      Changing nozzles

      Trimmer nozzles created for different purposes. For example, there are nozzles for eyebrows, for beard, for body, for nose / ears. In some models, they regulate the length of the haircut. Nozzles are also narrow for haircut and leveling of length and rounded hairs for full hairs. Before the procedure, set the appropriate element.

      Storage rules

      From how neatly the trimmer is stored, its life is directly dependent on the life and quality of the hairstyle. Machine requires special care, especially if used often. To the trimmer serve for a long time, you need to adhere to the recommendations set out in the instructions for the device.

      • Storage of the instrument in a special case will help to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. Store the device is strictly not recommended in wet places (the exception is the devices with moisture protection).
      • After the procedure, the nozzle and blades should be carefully cleaned and then disinfected. Standing the remains of hairs with tool blades to the trimmer owner can help the brush from the set. This ritual is carried out every time after the correction.
      • The device is undesirable to use when it is not charged. The use of the discharged trimmer can deliver discomfort to the owner: the discharged device pulls the hairs in the process.

      Review reviews

      Many girls recommend hair trimmers, because they allow them to put themselves in a short time. The ladies pleases the lack of ingrown hairs and irritation after the procedure. However, consumers say that the price of most models is very high. A cheap device can quickly break, and its blades are often stupid and do not cope with hairs.

      Philips Trimmer Overview Look in the video.

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