Photoepiles Planta

Photoepiles Planta

Today, thanks to scientific and technical progress, during which we were lucky enough to live in order to get rid of unwanted hair on the body, it is not at all necessary to be subjected to painful procedures. Forever to say goodbye with hair on the skin will help the photoeplayer. Many companies are engaged in the production of such devices.

The article will be discussed about photographicheators of Planta, their features, most popular models, as well as how to use the device.


Photoepilation is one of the most popular hair removal procedures today, which are used both women and men. Its essence is that the high impulse light flow acts on the hair cover, as a result of which, in the first stages, hair growth is significantly reduced, and after several sessions it stops at all.

Session is performed by a special device – photoeiler. Planta today is one of the leaders in the manufacture of such products.

This is an international brand whose products are incredibly high demand.

Photoeplayer Planta – the choice of most consumers. Experts and experienced cosmetologists argue that it is he who is an ideal device, including for home use. It has a whole number of features and benefits, among whom it is worth noting:

  • quality+
  • reliability+
  • durability+
  • safety+
  • efficiency+
  • Availability of quality certificates and guarantees from the manufacturer+
  • compliance with all international standards.

The device perfectly removes hair on absolutely any areas of leather, body parts – this face, hands, legs, bikini zones, armpits.

For the production of such products, the company uses only high-quality and reliable raw materials, modern technologies. Therefore, the device is completely safe, does not cause rash, irritation.

Product range

Despite the fact that Planta exists not so long ago, the range of manufactured products is rather diverse and replenished every day with new devices of small household appliances, including photoepilateors. Among all existing things, it is worth highlighting several of the most popular models.

  1. PLH-INFINITY. Photoeplayer with unlimited quartz lamp resource. Carefully removes unwanted hair, preventing them. Does not harm skin. Principle of action of the device Simple – continuous light pulse affects hair fols, absorbing hair pigment. After that, the hairs falls out, and their bulbs gradually die. This model in its technical parameters and effectiveness is very close to professional instruments.
  2. PLH-200 ESTETIC TOUCH. Very popular model. Can be used to remove hair both on the face and on the body. The great advantage of the photoepilator – on the device before use you can set the level of intensity, all of them 7. This device operation parameter depends on skin sensitivity. It is characterized by the presence of a light sensor, which controls the operation of the epilator, making it use safe.

In addition to the above, there are other models, no less popular and efficient in operation, for example, PH-250 SILK TOUCH, PLH-330 ADVANCED TOUCH.

You can get acquainted in more detail with all assortment on the official website of Planta.

How to use?

The guarantee of the effectiveness of this procedure is the correct operation of the device. Even if earlier you had experience in using photoepilators to remove hair, it is better to read the instructions carefully and accurately follow it.

Planta for each of its model develops special rules of operation. Among them are common to all devices:

  • Conduct the procedure only on clean and dry skin+
  • For the first use, it is recommended to install the minimum power mode+
  • Watch your sensations in the process+
  • You need to move the photoeplayer only in the direction indicated in the instructions – only one flash should be on one skin section+
  • If there is a sensor on the device, follow it – it will give a signal if the device is installed incorrectly, and also prompt when it needs to be moved+
  • After completion of the procedure, apply cream on the skin to calm and remove the voltage.

As for the frequency of sessions, this information is also indicated by the manufacturer for each model separately.

Review reviews

Before making one or another purchase, each consumer carefully examines not only the product range, but also reviews already experienced users to make sure the reliability of the manufacturer’s company.

Carefully reading the reviews of those who have already enjoyed photographilants Planta, we can conclude that almost everyone has been satisfied with the work of the device and the result. Already after the first use, the amount of hair decreases by 30%.

Consumers argue that with the right choice of the device and the correct operation, after several sessions using the Planta photoepilator, hair stops their height.

The main thing is to make sure that this procedure is not contraindicated, and adhere to those guidelines on the use that manufacturer.

About whether the home photoepower can replace the procedure in the cabin, you can learn from the video below.

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