Selection and application of wax for depilation in cartridge

Selection and application of wax for depilation in cartridge

Wax in special depilation cartridges – a very convenient means. To remove hair with such a device, suitable as hot and warm composition. Today, cartridges can be bought in many outlets where cosmetics are sold. In this article we learn how to choose and use wax for depilation in the cartridge.

Features, pros and cons

Nowadays in stores selling a lot of effective hair removal tools. The range of similar products is constantly updated with new and more comfortable goods. The latter can include high-quality cartridge wax. This remedy is considered very convenient and practical. You can get very good results, but only if you use the cartridges correctly.

Usually there is warm wax in special cartridges, the temperature of which ranges from 37 to 45 degrees Celsius. It is characterized by plastic consistency, good adhesive properties and does not leave burns on the skin.

Wax in the cartridge has its own positive and negative qualities that should be taken into account before applying. First we will figure it out in the advantages of such a product.

  • Wax in the cartridge is a very convenient solution. Through the roller, it is possible to neatly and evenly distribute the means on the treated surface. At the same time, the container itself remains tightly closed, due to which it does not happen and does not drip.
  • With such a device, the hair removal process turns out to be very fast. Heatting a special roller occurs quickly, like the depilation itself. Wax turns out to be applied only in one movement. Additionally, it is not necessary to distribute it through a spatula.
  • The medium under consideration is completely safe. If you do everything right, there will be no damage on the skin. Due to the optimal temperature, which is close to the natural temperature of the human body, the product does not burn the skin.
  • Cartridges have different nozzles, so depilation can be carried out at different parts of the body. In addition, the soft wax, located in the cassettes, turns out to be small.
  • Wax in cartridges is characterized by an affordable cost. In stores you can find high-quality copies, the price to which ranges from 150 to 400 rubles.
  • In applies, the adaptations under consideration turn out to be very economical.

    Consider what the basic shortcomings of depilation with the use of wax in the cartridge are concluded.

    • The composition should not be used on sensitive zones (meaning person or a deep bikini face or zone). If you do not follow this rule, you can encounter very painful sensations.
    • The procedure must be performed only by accurate action algorithm. If you do not act according to the rules, you can get not the best results.
    • If the lower limbs are processed, the wax will have to constantly warm up.
    • If the girl has too sensitive skin or violates the waxing technique in the cartridge, then high risk of strong irritation.


    Wax that is applied to couple with special cassettes is divided into several subspecies:

    • hot – Preheated to 55-65 degrees Celsius+
    • warm – with operating temperature from 37 to 45 degrees+
    • cold – Wax, which is ready for work after heating in the palms.

    Hot wax that can leave burns on the skin, more often applied in the salon conditions experienced masters. The cold composition is implemented as ready wax strips. It does not leave burns and is very convenient to use. True, in efficiency inferior to warm compositions.

    At home experts recommend using warm wax mixtures. They have a plastic structure, easily grasp with hairs. It is convenient to work with them in different parts of the body.

    Wax for cassettes is divided into several more species.

    • Azulene. Optimal tool, suitable for any skin types. Acts as an anti-inflammatory and softening agent.
    • Gelian. Easy wax without color, produced on a synthetic basis, so it can be used in case of allergies to standard waxes. Tightly picks up her hair, but does not hurt to skin cover, does not injure him.
    • Water soluble. Composition that makes sugar and various kinds of natural oils, tonic and soothing skin. Easily applied, quickly removes hair.
    • Liquid. Suitable for bikini and armpits.

    Different cartridges are equipped with different nozzles. Each of them is suitable for certain parts of the body. So, for small zones, cassettes with a narrow nozzle are usually used.

    High-quality depilation funds produce many well-known brands.

    • Kapous. Careful cosmetics of this brand very popular and sold in many stores. The range of firms have original compositions with lime aroma or cinnamon essential oil – very many options. Kapous offers different types of wax in the cassette.

    • Italwax. Italian company produces many types of wax for depilation in the cartridge. Quality products are inexpensive, but demonstrated high efficiency. Products are presented with various aromas, for example: with aloe, chocolate or coconut.

    • Depilflax. The company offers many wax options in the cartridge. The range there are products for all skin types, including peeling. Goods are inexpensive, but differ in good quality.

    • Starpil. Excellent products for depilation offers this Spanish brand. Wax in Starpil cassettes like customers, so they leave predominantly positive reviews. The range of goods for depilation is wide, many positions are quite inexpensive.

    How to choose?

    Consider how to properly select high-quality wax in cartridges.

    • Examine the composition of the wax. It is advisable to choose natural remedies without fragrances, preservatives or coloring components.
    • Processing zone. Consider how the zone is going to work. If the cartridge is needed to depilation of extensive sites, it is better to buy options with a wide roller. If we are talking about the bikini zone, facial or armpits – it should be narrower.
    • Brand. It is recommended to give preference to high quality branded products.
    • Price. It all depends on the budget that you have provided for the purchase of funds for depilation, keep in mind that exclusive products with additional glamorous effects (for example, flickering waxes) are far from always turning out to be better than their cheap analogues.

    Today good products for depilation are sold in many outlets and online stores. You can choose not only a single tool, but also a set of caring products from a well-known manufacturer.

    Contraindications and precautions

    There are a number of contraindications to the use of this method of depilation. These include:

    • Serious chronic diseases, such as diabetes+
    • Eating some drugs, such as tetracycline+
    • thrombophlebitis or varicose veins+
    • Diseases at which there are foci of fungal, viral or bacterial nature+
    • A large number of papillomes+
    • Fresh scars that were obtained less than 3 years ago+
    • Allergies to the components included in the wax.

    Pregnancy is not an absolute contraindication to the use of wax in cartridges, however most professionals advise to abandon such procedures due to changes that occur in the body at the hormonal level.

    How to use?

    Wax in cartridges must be used correctly. Consider in detail from which stages this way of depilation consists.


    Wax in cartridge can warm up in different ways.

    • By excoplava. These are adjustments with temperature regulator. Some have even temperature sensors. Just you need to insert the cartridge in the wax, install the desired parameters and turn on the fixture in the outlet. Wax will melt gradually.

    • With the help of microwave. In standard heating mode, 1 minute will be enough to melt wax.

    • Water bath. Prepare a water bath, Put the cassette in the dishes, for a third fill it with hot water. Pour the water in the saucepan, put the container in which the cartridge is located. Put the dishes on gas. When the water will reach the boil in a big saucepan, in a little she will slowly warm. So wax will melt evenly.


    Before applying wax, preparatory procedures will be needed:

    • exfoliation by scrub or chemical peeling+
    • Spreading before the procedure itself.

    Cover the skin with antiseptics, but without alcohol. Next pour a special talc with small granules.

    • Take a heated cassette. Press to the skin, lead along the growth line of hairs. On the skin there will remain a strip of up to 10 cm long, wide – 2-3 cm.
    • Put the applied paper or woven strip on top. Powered her carefully, making movements in the direction of hair growth. Below leave a small indent.
    • Allow the wax slightly cool. You must feel the lightweight.
    • Unique and sharp movement remove the strip, moving towards the growth of hairs.

    After completing all the procedures, remove the remnants of the wax if you noticed them. For this purpose, special creams and lotions use. If there are no, plant or olive oil is suitable. But soap and water wash the wax remains harder.

    As you can see, apply and use the wax in the cassette is very simple. All procedures can be done at home and get good results, if you act correctly.

    Care after the procedure

      After the procedure, such actions are recommended:

      • skin treatment with panthenol so that there is no irritation, the agent is suitable and in the form of a cream, and in the form of a spray+
      • It is allowed to use calendula, camomile or aloe cream processing+
      • “Calm” the skin, wrapped with olive oil or cream mixed with aloe juice.

      Review reviews

      The use of wax in special cartridges causes users both positive and negative emotions. First we will analyze that good ladies are celebrated in this procedure.

      • Girls noticed that with similar devices, hair is removed not only quickly, but also efficiently.
      • Many corporate identities pleased girls with pleasant smells. For example, the compositions with the aroma of coconut, chamomile or citrus.
      • Modnice attracted a long effect, which can be achieved when using Cartridges with wax.
      • Most of the ladies noted that the use of such funds does not cause painful sensations during depilation. Most often, such a review leave about ITALWAX products.
      • The absence of injuries and irritations also celebrate many girls who adapt and correctly remove hair through wax in the cartridge.

      Positive feedback on such a way of depilation can be found a lot. The main thing that pleases girls is the speed, simplicity and high efficiency of the procedure.

      But from the lack of ladies is noticed:

      • Regarding long heated wax in the cassette+
      • Some branded means to girls seemed unnecessarily expensive (the exact price in the reviews is not specified)+
      • The need to clearly follow the scheme of actions, otherwise the risk of getting serious irritation+
      • Some cartridges seemed to the ladies too sticky, such reviews left about the product from Depiflax.

      Most girls did not find for themselves in such a way of depilation no shortage.

      How to use wax for depilation in the cartridge, see the following video.

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