Selection and application of wax strips for depilation

Selection and application of wax strips for depilation

In the past few decades, for any young lady, the removal of the hair cover is considered everywhere, except for the scalp and eyebrows, and the wax strips are included in the top of the best. Nevertheless, the alternative so much that the thought involuntarily suggests that such strips are still unsuitable. If you never enjoyed this tool earlier or just want to learn more about him, this article will be useful to you.

What it is?

Actually, the product description is partially laid already in his name – this is a strip based on wax, which additionally have a paper or tissue basis so that they are easier to tear. The procedure for hair removal with such an accessory is called wax depilation or simply vaxing. Strips do not require any additional heating – they are simply applied to the skin with the right side, smoothed by their hands, and under the influence of the heat of the human body the wax melts, capturing her hair inside. Then the fragment is cut off with a sharp movement, and the hairs together with the bulbs remain on it.

It is clear that such a procedure cannot be absolutely painless, and after it, especially when used, it may be irritated, redness, and in severe cases even bruises. However, The variety of wax strips allows you to choose a product depending on the type of skin, and the exact compliance of the procedure practically eliminates any negative consequences.

But the result makes girls contact this method without thinking, because the procedure ensures one hundred percent smoothness of the minimum of weeks per one and a half, and the exact term depends only on the individual characteristics of the body.

Pros and cons

Defining with the ideal way of depilation personally for you, it is necessary to understand that there is no universal solution to the problem of excess vegetation – every way of depilation has advantages and disadvantages. It remains only to understand, the advantages of which method seem to be the most significant and with whose minuses for this can be completed.

Study of the properties of wax strips Let’s start with good.

  • Always at hand. Vaxing is available absolutely everywhere, strips use mainly at home. They are sold everywhere and easily fit in the pocket – it means that they can be taken with them even on vacation and do not have to make a strict depilation schedule.
  • No need to wait until the hair will grow. The lack of many other methods is the need to wait until the hairs reach quite noticeable length. During this period, the same legs are somehow shame, but Vaxing captures the vegetation already at a length of 1.5 mm, when it still does not face! At the same time, the means is effective for hair length no more than 0.5 cm, but hardly any of the modern women will start themselves stronger.
  • No significant expenses. Wax strips are made of very cheap materials, because they themselves are a penny. At the same time, many types of such a means can be used several times – if the vegetation on your body is nehbust, the strip already used can be pasted again, and it will give the result!
  • Long effect. Thanks to the tightening of the hairs right with a bulb, the rapid recovery of the hairproof is impossible. We have already noted that the result is preserved at least one and a half weeks, but it is for the young lady, who have a problem very acute. Everyone else will be able to enjoy the smoothness of their own skin much longer – as a rule, within a month.

However, if the wax strips themselves were already the ideal means for depilation, they would have no competitors – nevertheless we all know that there are still laser hair removal, shugaring and even a classical shave, which still does not lose relevance. This is because at Vaxing, unfortunately, there are also cons.

  • It hurts. Fully painless depilation species are not so much at all, and there are no strips to them like them. The more hair on the square centimeter, the more painful will pull off the strip or have to be additionally spent on painkillers.
  • Consequences may be ugly. Vegetation is removed in order to show legs and other parts of the body, not embarrassed. However, after depilation, made with a loose fit of the strip, even bruises can remain, which will not be insignificant.
  • Does not always work with the first attempt. Abundant vegetation and not very high-quality product can lead to the fact that the torn strip still did not remove all hair under them. It, of course, can be glued again, but it means another round of an execution.
  • Hard hair instead of gun. Remove a soft cannon using wax strips is not recommended – with the hair of the hair in place of remotely recovery, but then it will already be dark and hard hair that will be stronger to rush into the eyes and cause more pain while trying to remove them.

Comparison with other means

As mentioned above, there are many hair removal methods, and their diversity is due to the fact that there are no panacea. Giving preference to any of the funds, it is necessary to do this consciously, understanding why you chose this particular way of depilation.

For example, razor, like wax strips, at first glance it seems the same practical – it can also be bought at any store and carry with you in a handbag, it does not require hiking in the salon and is quite inexpensive. Minus, however, is obvious – shaving gives the result no longer than a few days, and in fact after 2-3 days it is already necessary to shave again. Another thing is that for skin shave is less traumatic, and in the skillful hands of the razor will not cause so much pain as it were from the strips.

At the time of his appearance, very accustomed Cream for depilation as a means that does not bring any pain. On the one hand, this is true, on the other – it is better not to abuse, because it is chemistry that can cause burns when reworked. Irritation on the skin after use is possible from both tools, but a clear plus cream – the possibility of using even in intimate zones with a complex relief, and minus – the effect lasts a week.

Among other things, with cream should be especially cautious ladies prone to allergies.

Hair removal by vaxing and method Shugarring In general, it is very similar, but there are small differences. In the cabin, both of these procedures are practically perfect, but it is expensive, and shugaring will cost a little more expensive, and even takes more time.At home, shugaring is possible, but again, it will be more expensive and longer – the mixture will have to be prepared independently of sugar and lemon juice with the addition of some additional components.

It is believed that shogaring refers to the skin more gentle, but in fact, much depends on how the master works. The effect will be approximately the same, because in both cases the hairs break down with the root.

Laser at first view of a competitor just bursts. Contrary to the stories of some “specialists”, who claim that laser hair removal removes hair forever, it is necessary to understand that the course consists of several procedures, and they remove vegetation not coming – however, the effect remains repeatedly longer than after druxing. In addition, the laser is widely advertised as a painless procedure, which also attracts attention.

However, in fact, not everything is so riddling and starting at least with the fact that the laser is the procedure of purely salon, it requires the participation of a specialist and worth a decent money. The result, no matter how good it is, is not at all instant – after exposure to the hairs started falling only after 2-3 weeks and then gradually. If you need to go to the beach tomorrow, the option with the laser disappears.

In addition, “impeccable” laser hair removal does not exclude the likelihood of bright side effects, especially in the provincial cabin, and these are burns, and pain, and scars, and even pigment spots.


For themselves the strips are different – not all of them wax has already been inflicted. In everyday life, of course, most often used already sliced ​​and immediately with wax, but professionals prefer to acquire clean and rolls – so cheaper and enough for longer, and the strips themselves can be used both for Vaxing and Shugarring.

Rolled strips are designed to work with different types of wax – hot, warm and even cold. Differences between individual rolls are in length, material density, dimensions of individual easily divided fragments (a focus on certain parts of the body).


Disposable categories usually include paper wax strips, which are also called nonwoven. Due to the low strength of the material, they are not suitable for reusable, and for professional use with warm or hot wax – only cold is usually suitable, and it is already applied to the product by the manufacturer.

In everyday life, it is precisely paper wax strips, since they are characterized by maximum cheapness and widespread accessibility, and they also make no sense to sort out.


This option is already made from various fabrics, because it is more expensive. The use of tissue material adversely affects the cost, but the benefit is in a different one – The fabric in principle is stronger than paper, because the fragment already used can be glued and tear again, if the wax on it is not very clogged with hair. Professionals enjoy only such products, given that only it allows the use of hot wax, popular in beauty salons.

Best brands

A modern range of wax strips is dozens of different manufacturers, among which only leaders, but there is no firm suitable for absolutely all. The situation here is similar to the one that has developed in depilation in general – there is no ideal for all solutions to the problem, each girl should find for themselves those strips that are suitable for her. What Ideally came up with your girlfriend may be irritated every time you have, and on the contrary, so “your” stripes will still have to search.

Nevertheless, some brands managed to decline the fame of good among the wide range of consumers, therefore, first of all, pay attention to their products. These include Veet, Shary, Lady Caramel, Deep Depil, Markell, Beauty Image, Byly.

However, in each brand, it is important to choose a specific look of strips for those tasks that you plan to solve.

What to choose?

With the onset of the era of wax strips, the manufacturers at first produced such products purely in a universal version, which was allegedly suitable for all zones. Over time, an understanding has come to remove hair on the legs and above the lip or in the intimate zone – these are tasks requiring a completely different approach. In view of this, the company began to produce certain sets for each zone, which today differ no longer only with dimensions, but also the composition of the applied wax – painkillers are added for sensitive parts of the body.

For a person in a wide sense, there are strips that should be small length. They are usually designed to remove the gun that clings to the skin is not so much, but the robust fixation of the strip is required. Otherwise, at the site of the former mustache, the ugly abrasion will remain, for which the blush will have no less.

In most cases, faces have a moisturizing effect, but it is better to make sure before buying.

Products for the armpits solves one of the most difficult tasks – here and the zone is sensitive, and the hairs are usually dark and hard. Here you will not get out – it will be painful in any case, therefore it is recommended to take wide stripes that will cover the whole armpit. Again, the procedure is undesirable to repeat several times in a row, because you take the most “chain” stripes – let it hurts only once.

Foot depilation is considered the simplest in the sense that this is the least sensitive zone. The complexity here lies in the other: the hairs are pretty tough and they are planted deeply, therefore, they will have to be thoroughly. For this purpose, there are better than any other strips of considerable length. Approximately the same logic selected products and hands.

Intimate zone is the place where it is not possible to use strips for any other zones. Maximum delicacy of action is important here, because manufacturers are added to wax extracts of chamomile, aloe and other plants, designed to thorough pain and faster heal damaged skin.

Any universal options here will rather make injury and will not solve the problem than will be useful.

How to use?

How it became clear from the previous section, the first step is to choose the right strips that are suitable for the nose, eyebrows or any other zone needing processing. However, the depilation strips suggest that they will also be able to correctly use, otherwise it can be done only worse. What are the subtleties of their use at home, allowing remove hair as painlessly as possible, consider further.

Mandatory moment – preliminary skin training. Glue any stripes only on clean skin – before applying them, take a shower or bath. For disinfection, also wipe the skin with a lotion or tonic – this is an extra argument to avoid inflammation.

In most cases, the recommended length of hairs for removal is 4-5 mm, but this can be clarified in the instructions, which, by the way, must be studied in advance.

At room temperature, the wax is usually solid and it is necessary to warm up – at home when using inexpensive strips, it is done simply by hands. Just scroll them in your hands, but do not rush to tear off the protective layer, otherwise wove your wax with your fingers. When you feel that the strip softened, remove the protective film and stick a fragment towards the growth of hairs, just press, otherwise the pain will, and the effect – no.

It is usually necessary to keep no more than a few seconds, but this moment is also better to clarify the instructions for a specific product. It is necessary to tear up against the growth of hair with a sharp movement, and so that it is not so painful, before the jerk it is necessary to pull the skin. In an inexperienced masters, the hairs are not removed along with the bulb, and simply break, sometimes they even just stay in the skin – remove their residues can be removed by sticking the strip on the already processed zone re.

After taking off the strips on the skin, not only hair can remain, but also wax – it is possible to wash it only with fatty substances. Some manufacturers add a wash into a set, but you can do without appliant means – just wipe the skin with an ordinary napkin, painted in olive oil.

Bursted with cream after depilation, but in its absence it will be used and simply nutritious or moisturizing.

Be prepared for the fact that the processed zone will inevitably redden, and even the most thorough care will allow to remove redness only somewhere after a day. Another thing, if even after 24 hours of improvements is not observed – the inflammatory process is probably launched, and its termination requires additional effort. Damaged place in this case should be treated with antibacterial agents.

Vaxing for the skin is quite traumatura, and in the first days it will be recovered after experienced shock – at this time it is worth a care. The action of all restrictions extends for two days – at this time it is not necessary to warm up the skin, whether it is a sun rays, a sauna, a bath or a hot bath.

In addition, it is unwanted to swim in public water bodies like the sea or pool, since the risk of infection through small wounds is quite high.

What can replace the finished wax strips?

On the one hand, in our days, wax strips are sold in an absolutely any supermarket, on the other – there are cases when buying them is still not possible. Nevertheless, women’s beauty constantly requires efforts to maintain it, and if so, we must come up with an alternative. Some young lady are fundamental fans of Vaxing and are not ready instead of strips to use something else – it means that they must be done by themselves.

Actually, Independent manufacture of a strip of no work is not available – you just need to take the material for the basis, similar to that you used to use. In most cases, it is elastic paper or thin fabric. You can cut such a material on fragments of the size that is needed for the currently treated zone. After that, just spread such strips with wax.

In pursuit of honesty, it is worth clarifying that homemade strips will be forced to tinker and will not be at all as comfortable as the purchased. To lubricate the product with wax, the latter must be melt, and he, without having a protective layer, at first it will flow, and the strip will be difficult to warm up in the hands. In addition, it is more difficult for homemade wax to properly mix soothing ingredients.

If you are still in all cases talent for the convenience, it is better not to fall in a situation where the wax strips have to do on their own – it is worth having some of them in every case.

Review reviews

If we consider ways of depilation purely in terms of popularity, then a real competitor for wax strips is except for a razor – all other methods are used much less. Due to this, on thematic forums, quite a lot of reviews about wax strips in general and about the products of individual brands in particular. Most of them, for obvious reasons, rather positive – if the tool caused an explicit mass negative, they would not use it.

As a rule, women’s opinions regarding vaccines have two main vector. The first: if you use Vaxing in the cabin, then this, of course, costs money, but practically it does not hurt. Second: use stripes can be convenient and inexpensive at home. Although it is cognate, for the sake of beauty to such victims you can go.

There is also a third point of view that emphasizes more than lack of wax strips. But the ladies who hold themselves are either relate to particularly sensitive, or they can afford more expensive techniques. These two categories of women should carefully look at all existing alternatives to hair removal.

Three ways of depilation at home, see the video below.

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