Skin Care after Shugaring

Skin Care after Shugaring

Shugaring is one of the effective procedures for hair removal on the body. After depilation of this type, it is recommended to organize a timely and competent skin care. Then it will be possible to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of ingrown hair or irritation.

Basic recommendations

The feature of Shugaring is that the procedure suits people with sensitive and thin skin. In rare cases, after a session, someone has a rustling of hair.

This happens only in the case of shugaring at home and non-compliance with the advice on skin care.

The unpleasant consequence of Shugaring is acne, because of which it is impossible to shave. However, their appearance can be prevented if the skin should be treated in front of the procedure. Any way of removing hair from the body – stress for skin. To avoid the development of the inflammatory process in the open tissue cells, it is worth using a memo with basic guidelines that will be prompting what you do not need to do after depilation.


Many are wondering if it is possible to wash in a bath after Shugarring. This question is especially relevant in the summer during active trips to the cottage at the weekend. Experts give accurate recommendations to follow.

Relatively washing tips look like this.

  1. Take a shower recommended only after 7 hours after the procedure. It is caused by the fact that open areas of the skin are subject to the development of inflammatory processes, and even a small infection can lead to the formation of purulent rashes.
  2. In the process of taking the shower or bath, it is not necessary to rub the skin very much. Also worth abandoning soap and other means that dried the skin.
  3. You can visit the pool only 2 days after depilation, regardless of which portion of the body was processed. The same applies to swimming in the sea, where salty water can cause serious harm to the injured skin.
  4. You can visit the bath and sauna after two days. If you go to the bath at once, then the active sweating contributes to the appearance of acne.


Do not play sports within 24 hours after Shugarring. Performance of exercise is associated with large loads that lead to increased sweating.

Ignoring recommendations will lead to the fact that sweat will penetrate into microscopic scars and wounds, which will noticeably increase the risk of irritation and acne.

A tan

To begin with, it is worth noting that 2-3 days before the procedure should already be abandoned by a long stay in the sun or visiting a solarium. Active solar or ultraviolet rays of solarium are able to have a negative impact on the depillation process, which is why it will not be possible to achieve the desired result.

After the procedure, sunbathing in the sun or in solarium can be only 2 and 4 days later, respectively. Excessive ultraviolet radiation can provoke the formation of pigmentation, and may also lead to the formation of burns. The result of premature visits to the solarium will be an uneven tan.

What funds can be used?

To prevent the negative consequences of shugaring and improve the condition of the skin, it is worth taking care of the purchase of antiseptic agents and free linen. It is necessary to care for the skin, and then the result will continue for a long time. Cosmetologists do not advise using soap or other means capable of drying the top layer of the epidermis. Extras should be applied to the skin drugs blocking hair growth.

For exfoliation

Very often women face the appearance of ingrown hairs after 4 or 5 days after depilation. To cope with this problem will help the agent, which contains the following acids:

  • Glycolic+
  • Wine+
  • Lemon+
  • fruit.

With the help of such drugs, it will be possible to exfoliate the horny layer and eliminate hyperkeratosis, preventing inflammation. You may also need a cream that will help eliminate the rustling of hair.

For moisturizing and nutrition

The skin is restored after shugaring for 6-8 days from the date of the procedure. At this interval, the upper layer of the epithelium requires enhanced nutrition and moisturizing. Help take care of the derma moisturizing creams and lotions, in which there are no alcohol.

At the same time, it is not necessary to buy expensive funds at all, you can buy a cheap drug in the pharmacy.

For the removal of irritation

Irritation – the usual phenomenon after shugaring, able to hold out within 3 days from the moment of depilation. You can cope with it by lubricating the skin with a warm decoction of chamomile, sage, lavender or aloe juice.

Any of the listed options will help to cope with the problem and completely eliminate it. You can also be purchased with drugs that will help calm and improve the process of skin regeneration. These funds include tonic and creams.

Remove redness will help the cooling effect lotion. If it is not possible to use a similar tool, you can do the frozen green tea or mint. If irritation is accompanied by burning and itching, both symptoms can be eliminated using the following tools:

  • “Boro Plus”+
  • “Malavita”.

    The tool is recommended to apply on the extended section with a thin layer. Use the drug should be twice a day. Also able to help tincture or calendula. In the composition of liquids there are components that conduct disinfection of irritated areas and contribute to the removal of inflammation. Before use, it is recommended to carry out a test for the occurrence of an allergic reaction. To do this, you need to handle a small area of ​​the skin with the selected drug and wait 20 minutes. If during this time nothing happened, then you can continue further use.

    To slow down hair growth

    Slow hair growth will help scranging. However, it is possible to apply them only after 3-5 days. It is recommended to pay attention to the skin condition. Through the use of scrubies, it will be possible to reduce the risk of risk of hair several times. Wherein It is enough to hold an absorbing procedure 1-2 times a week. Replace scrub capable cream, slowing hair growth.

    Accounting listed recommendations will help get the maximum effect of the procedure and prevent unwanted acne.

    Useful advice

    Derma has different thickness and sensitivity, so different parts of the body have differences in care.

    The wounded zones are the armpits and bikini region. The skin here is the thinnest and soft, so women after depilation are often encountered with irritation of the treated surface.

    Not recommended, for example, during a couple of days after Shugaring, the armpits use deodorant. It is better to replace it with a children’s talc or a special sinking from sweat. As for the shugaring of the bikini zone, the first 2-3 days is to sleep without underwear, and the day to give preference to natural cotton panties. It is worth a closer look at the skin care tips depending on which part of the body was processed.


    The zone is characterized by rapid growth of the hair, so the shugaring procedure is carried out here more often than the usual. At the same time, the skin in this area is practically not ventilated, which creates unique conditions for irritation and acne. Key care activities for armpits after Shugaring:

    • Treatment of Derma Disinfecting Composition+
    • Moisturizing with creams, lotions+
    • Timely treatment of the zone with drugs, which contains water and soda.

      The latter is necessary to eliminate sweat. It is also recommended to give preference free clothing to reduce the friction of the tissue in the armpit area. If you follow the listed tips, you can speed up the process of skin regeneration.

      Bikini zone

      So that the smoothness of the skin is preserved for the longest time, it is necessary to adhere to the following advice.

      1. Treat the bikini area of ​​high fatty cosmetic cream to prevent the dermis irritation. Better do it immediately after depilation.
      2. Refuse first from synthetic panties. Also linen should not be too tight.
      3. Warm water using soft tools for intimate hygiene.
      4. In case of ingrown hair appear to contact a beautician to prevent inflammation. Also experts advise to use scrubs and process irritated areas with special cosmetics.

      Additionally, it is recommended in the first couple of days after Shugaring to refuse to have sex to reduce the risk of forming irritation and infection in a sensitive zone.


      Usually, the person’s shogaring implies the removal of thin hairs over the upper lip. The skin is thin and gentle here, so after depilation on the face, irritation often appears in the form of red dots. To accelerate the regeneration process, you can apply ice cubes or use Panthenol. Also, experts are advised to take care:

      • About disinfection+
      • Moisturizing+
      • Scraping.

      Just so succeed to reduce irritation and not give infections to get inside.

      Arms and legs

      The advantage of the skin of the hands and feet is that it is not so sensitive, as in previous cases. Therefore, sugar depilation practically does not cause unpleasant consequences in the form of irritation or acne. Cosmetologists are advised after the shugaring of these areas to adhere to the following recommendations:

      1. Remove the sticky layer of thermal water, which will also give an anti-inflammatory effect+
      2. Wipe the processed surfaces by disinfectant+
      3. Take advantage of cosmetic cream or creams for dermis humidification+
      4. After 1-2 days, proceed to a gentle depreciation of the plots in order to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair+
      5. Regularly apply creams and lotions on the skin to slow down the growth of hairs.

      About how to avoid skin irritation and hair rustling after Shugaring, tells the following video.

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