The best pastes for Shugaring

The best pastes for Shugaring

Shugaring is a relatively new way to remove unwanted hair, which is based on sugar paste. An important advantage of this mixture is hypoallery. After properly conducted procedure on the body, irritation does not occur, and the smoothness effect is saved much longer than after the usual depilation. Among other things, the paste for shugaring softens skin cover, nourishes it with useful elements. It remains only to choose a suitable sugar mixture.


News about the appearance of a new removal of unwanted hair caused many disputes. but After some time, when the majority had tried shugaring on themselves, all the doubts of the Society were dissipated. Producers of cosmetic and leaving products sent all the forces on the creation of the best sugar mixture, and due to their efforts it turned out the top of the best pastes.

But before you begin to get acquainted with the top 5 products, it is necessary to understand what their advantages are concluded, and there are deficiencies. Start offered from the advantages:

  • high efficiency+
  • skin favorable composition+
  • Painlessness of the procedure+
  • No damage+
  • Enrichment of the body sugar.

But despite the multiple advantages, the shugaring procedure has several drawbacks:

  • The length of unwanted hair should be at least 3 mm+
  • Shugaring – expensive pleasure relative to wax depilation+
  • Removal of hairs of sugar pasta is contraindicated to people suffering from lemon allergies and citric acid.

Now you can start acquaintance with the best pastes for Shugaring from famous brands.


The composition of the presented sugar paste contains only natural components. This professional means for hair removal is universal, as it comes to any sugar depilation technique. It can be used by suspicious skin. An important advantage of the product – the paste does not provoke the occurrence of allergies, after its use on the treated skin, there is no redderation, it does not appear.

Pandhy’s Normal

The hypoallergenic composition of the paste allows you to apply it on any part of the body. The efficiency of the product is caused by a long time of absence of unwanted hairs. As part of the presented sugar pasta, water, fructose and glucose are present. This combination guarantees the rapid removal of unwanted vegetation.


Excellent solution for home use, however, this sugar paste can be found in the beauty salon. The product is highly appreciated by consumers not only for their basic properties, but also for a pleasant aroma arising after opening the tank. As part of the paste, there is no lemon acid, and therefore people with hypersensitive skin can use it.


Universal sugar paste suitable for working with all types of unwanted hairs. It easily removes vegetation, leaving behind only smooth skin, without redness and itch. An important advantage of the product is a pleasant fragrance that distracts the user from waiting for painful sensations.

Maris “30”

Universal pasta allowing to process any parts of the body. It has an impressive list of positive characteristics, among which it is worth highlighting the naturalness of the composition, hypoallergenicity, skin nutrition, no irritation after the procedure and a long effect. The only drawback is difficult to find on sale.

It is worth paying attention to one interesting nuance. Only branded products are exhibited in specialized boutiques, and for each individual instance, the administrator can show the certificate.

But in small shops there are brands, whose names have not heard by any specialist of the beauty industry. This is probably a fake, and in the rating of high-quality products to remove hair they will never get.


For those who are important, the cost of sugar sugar paste, The rating of good, but at the same time budget versions of the product.


This brand is a frequent guest on the forums where high-quality sugar pastes are discussed. Of the general opinion, it was possible to draw up a percentage schedule, where 99% of users give it a positive assessment. 1% included people who did not approach the composition. The main characteristics of the presented product: caramel shade, pleasant aroma, soft consistency. As part of the cane sugar. This paste is divided by the type of density, namely “Hard”, “Medium” and “Soft”. The cost of the product varies within 500 rubles.

Aravia Start Epil

Brand Aravia is a leading manufacturer of a paste for Shugaring. The product presented is created directly for home depilation beginners. Paste density is quite large, but after heating, it acquires a plasticity, it becomes hard, easily falls on the processed areas of the skin. The price of the question in this case is 600-700 rubles.


The presented paste is in great demand among professional masters. It features high quality and low cost. The consistency does not melt, being in the hands of a person, is easily removed, does not stick on the skin. The versatility of the product lies in the possibility of applying on any parts of the body. Another quality is economy. Just one small ball can remove unwanted hairs with legs of both legs. With such high indicators, the product price is only 1200 rubles.

By sight

Everyone knows that today has developed 4 types of paste for Shugaring.

  • A soft variety of color resembles caramel, and on consistency – honey. Due to the plasticity and moderate clutch, ideal for depilation of light tone hairs. It also suits the owners of supersensitive skin, its composition negates the occurrence of irritation after the procedure. It is important to remember that a soft paste before use should heal. Maximum temperature – 20 degrees, otherwise it will become liquid and unsuitable for use. The best soft sugar paste, according to most users, is De Velours Light-Soft Sugar Paste. What is noteworthy, the modern formula of the composition does not require heating. The versatility of the product involves processing the most tender areas of the skin.

  • Middle density pastes belong to universal leaving products. They are effective in combating hairs of any structure. It is the average mixture density that is ideal for home depilingation. From the best side in the present density class showed itself Sliva Professional. She has a pleasant golden color, attractive aroma. But the most important thing is a long effect. This paste can be removed gun on face, unwanted hairs in the “hot” zones.

  • High density paste is designed to combat hard hair even in the most sensitive places. Call so dense consistency is not possible. Use high density sugar paste follows in heated room and handle small areas of leather. According to users, the best paste for shugaring with high density is Depil Sweet Sugar Paste Hard. An ideal solution for removing short hairs rigid structure. The product does not contain citric acid and synthetic components, due to which anyone can use it. Durable hair hitch guarantees fast and painless removal even on hot parts of the body.

  • Extra dense pastes in demand by experts. Such texture of the sugar mass is suitable for work in the summer season. It is not recommended to use it at home, as only a professional can cope with high density. Such a paste will easily remove the bristle from the male face. Beauty Salon Masters prefer Elseda Professional Extra Solid Sugar Paste. First of all, the mass is distinguished by rich brown color. It is perfect for working in a hot season. The paste is used only in the manual method, where the processing of small areas of skin is supposed.

By destination

Thanks to the multiple reviews of users, it was possible to draw up a rating of the best sugar pastes aimed at processing certain parts of the body.

Pandhy’s Normal

The presented sugar paste is in great demand in the professional sphere of cosmetology. However, many ladies who know the subtleties of depilation use it at home. The main direction of this sugar mixture is designed to remove hairs with a maximum length of 2 mm.

Cannaan “Soft”

This sugar mixture is designed to remove unwanted thin hairs and small powders. We are talking about thin, barely noticeable assholes, hairs on the chin and in the inter-corner zone. Processing its body sections with more rough vegetation is not recommended, only in the case of mixing consistency with a more dense sugar mass.


Perfect version of sugar paste for beginners. Its universal qualities allow you to handle any parts of the body. The maximum length of the removable vegetation should be 3 mm, but it is better not to wait for such a dimension.

The best pastes on the reviews of professionals

Smooth skin, no undesirable vegetation for a long time – these are the important requirements of all women and some men. But not every person is able to highlight the time to go to the beauty salon, especially visit the master follows in fairly major cash costs. It is much easier to learn Asea Shugarring from professionals and conduct procedures at home when free time appears. And so that the effect of homemade sugar depilation is similar to the campaign to the master, you should choose a good pasta.

The list of the best pastes for Shugaring includes well-known brands with several product names. But still Many masters advise to use BEAUTY IMAGE and Raspberry Home Line Saona.

The first is characterized by a soft and tender texture, which is ideal for removing unwanted vegetation on large areas of the body

We are talking about hands, legs and back. In the composition of pasta there are natural components, thanks to which you can process even super-sensitive zones.

The second product advised by professionals is distinguished by increased resistance to a humid environment and quite high temperature. With a special tenderness refers to the skin, even when removing hairs in a length of 5 mm. With regular use of this paste, hairs are becoming thinner. And most importantly, their growth slows down significantly.

How to choose?

Shugaring was initially conducted only in beauty salons, since only professionals knew the subtleties of the procedure, various methods of removing unwanted vegetation. But after some time this way of bringing the body in order to move in the home condition. However, for effective depilation, it is necessary to choose a suitable paste.

For novice users, several tips from professionals regarding the choice of sugar mixture to remove hairs. First of all, you need to get acquainted with the composition of pasta. Ideal sugar mixes contain water, fructose or glucose. Extracts of plants and oils may be present as additional components, which take care of the treated areas of the skin.

The second one to pay attention to – consistency. A good paste is distinguished by stability and plasticity, due to what they can get rid of even the shortest hairs. Do not forget about the types of density of the sugar mixture. To use the product home is best to purchase medium density paste. It is suitable for both feet and bikini zone. However, if the hairs are characterized by rigidity, you should stop the choice on ultra dense mixture.

Review Paste for Shugaring in the following video.

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