Wax face strips veet

Wax face strips veet

Quite often when you meet or in contact with other people, the interlocutors involuntarily pay attention to the faces of those with whom they communicate. But unwanted vegetation, especially – on a female face, can cause a certain proportion of embarrassment, which is why many ladies seek to remove these unnecessary hairs. However, the skin on the face is very sensitive to various kinds of influences and therefore depilation should be carried out very delicately. In this article, consider in more detail the features of wax strips for the face Veet.


Wax strips Veet for a person can be called one of the most popular products in women of all ages. This is explained by the best high quality ratio of this product.

Wax strips Veet for face will help quickly and without pain remove unwanted hairs over lip, over eyebrows or on chin.

In one package there are 18 small strips with wax, which will simply remove the hairs from length from 0.2 cm. The skin of the face will become smooth and surprisingly tender for up to 4 weeks. The product includes essential oils that soothe irritation and eliminate peeling. To get rid of wax remnants on his face in a box Promitted 4 more napkins. They are highly impregnated with real extracts of useful herbs and perfectly moisturize the skin.

Thus, the main advantages of the product are as follows:

  • Qualitatively removes hard and powder hairs+
  • Attractive packaging+
  • Widespread – Sale in every cosmetic store+
  • Natural ingredients in the composition.

Producing hair removal by these stripes is easy under any conditions – for it you do not need to preliminarily prepare, everything is just enough. This procedure does not have to prepare for a long time, no additional devices will also be needed. All strips in the set can be used multiple times until the wax existing on them stops sticking to the skin.

The result is the most resistant. And also you should know that it will be necessary to repeat this procedure approximately every 3-4 weeks, depending on the growth rate of hairs. At the same time, over time, the growth of hairs will slow down, and in some cases it can even stop.

Cons of data strips are as follows:

  • After the procedure, irritation may appear on the skin+
  • When removing strips, most women experience pain+
  • one piece of leather sometimes will need to be processed more than once, since the hairs are often removed not all at once+
  • Sometimes allergies can manifest on the ingredients of the strips.

Product range

The manufacturer is quite widely represented by the Assortment of VEET wax strips for delicate depilation. They consume different herbal extracts, unobtrusive flavors, essential oils in the composition, which allows you to choose specific strips to your taste. It is very convenient that you can buy a veet strip, respectively, the type of your skin cover, namely:

  • For normal skin type – with Shea butter and berries extract+
  • For sensitive skin type – with almond oil and caring vitamin E+
  • For dry skin type – with lotus milk and aloe vera+
  • For dry and normal skin type – with fragrant essential oils.

    VEET wax strips with velvet roses aroma and essential oils are considered very popular at the ladies – as they make the skin amazing smooth and silky to the touch.

    This is especially important in those parts of the body, which is characterized by increased sensitivity. And also should look at VEET products for intimate depilation, which is also characterized by an excellent effect and divine flavors.

    Instructions for use

    Before depilation, it is necessary to carry out a test strip in any sensitive part of the body to make sure that their use will not cause you allergies. And it is also worth carefully reading the following instruction to properly use these stripes:

    • start doing the procedure is best after the adoption of a hot bath or soul – so that the skin is well sparkling+
    • You can wash your face your favorite leaving+
    • Next, the skin wipes dry and on that surface that you decided to handle, you can apply a talc or any children’s powder+
    • The wax strip must be warm up in the palms and only after that it can be removed the protective film+
    • The strip is pressed towards the segment of the person from which you need to remove the hairs, while the strip should be directed along the growth of vegetation+
    • Wax can be neatly dissolved with their fingers, as much as possible attaching a strip to the skin+
    • After that, the strip must be sharply ripped in the direction, which is opposite to the growth of hairs, it is best to hold the skin near the strip by the other hand in the opposite direction+
    • If the hairs are still left, then this procedure should be repeated again+
    • Once there was a complete removal of hairs on the selected skin section, the wax remains are removed with a special napkin or a wool disk with any oil that will help to moisten and calm the skin irritated mechanical effect.

      You can apply this tool and during pregnancy, but at the same time you need to know that the risk of serious irritation after the depilation procedure will be higher.

      Waile strips Veet for a person can not use people on the skin of the faces of which there are wounds, serious inflammations and irritations. It is extremely careful to apply this kind of depilation method on areas of skin with scars and extended veins, inhabitants followed by the owners of moles and warts. As well as the use of wax strips is not recommended for tanned skin.

      Skin Care after Depilation

      On the face very gentle skin, so the procedure must be as gentle as possible. This will avoid such unwanted consequences like bruises and irritation.

      Some redness of the skin is considered a normal reaction, but after depilation, the following rules are best followed:

      • Try to postpone the application of any decorative cosmetics, except for leaving funds, at least for a couple of days+
      • We regularly apply scrubs to prevent the bustling of hairs (1-2 times a week depending on the type of skin, but not earlier than in 2 days upon completion of depilation)+
      • If nevertheless appeared irritation, use a special cream to remove it or another suitable+
      • After the depilation procedure should not sunbathe in the sun or in a solarium of 1-2 days, and it is also better to refrain from visiting a bath or sauna+
      • Try not to comb cleaned area so as not to incur randomly infection and do not extend irritation.

        Important! If, after the procedure you have had a burning or tingling, which happens very rarely, just rinse this section with ordinary water or attach a cold compress.

        Review reviews

        Many women agree that after the long use of these strips of the bulbs of hairs are depleted, after which they become thinner and much less noticeable. You can use such strips several times while the wax layer retains its ability to stick and pull out the hairs well.

        Regarding the use of this product, you can find negative reviews. But almost all of them are associated either with pain when used, or with not quite correct use of strips. To reduce pain effect, experts advise depilating on a certain cycle day, then pain will be felt muted. Regarding incorrect use of strips, you should simply carefully read the instructions and do everything as it is recommended in it.

        On the use of wax face strips, see the video below.

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