Oil properties Patchouli and options for its use

Oil properties Patchouli and options for its use

Patchouli essential oil produce from dried tropical bushes by ferry treatment. As a result, it turns out a unique fragrant composition filled with warm chip notes. Oil use in medicine, cooking, cosmetology and aromatherapy. It applies in sexual female practices as aphrodisiac, and the magic properties of Patchouli have long been running legends. It is used as a means of attracting inconspicuous wealth and opening money channels.


Patchouli oil is known since the times of Pharaoh Tutankhamon. During his board, 1 kg of gold. It was so worshi that royal pains included patchouli oil into the list of items that were buried with Pharaohs.

Patchouli oil produced from the leaf of the shrub of the family of Clanotkov. Homeland Shrunt is Malaysia and Indonesia, but modern agricultural engineering allows you to grow it in a moderately continental climate. Plant leaves are used in cooking, as well as for flavoring tissues and bed linen.

Patchouli oil is a viscous liquid having a characteristic tree smell. It is insoluble in water and glycerin, well soluble in alcohol, benzylbenzoate, vegetable and mineral oil. Resistant to alkaline and sour. To obtain oil, the leaves are drying, subjected to fermentation and distilled under the influence of steam.

Patchouli oil consists of patchless alcohol, Kopaene, Alpha Patchulen, Bully, Karofillen and Guena. Patchless alcohol and eugenol is responsible for oil properties. For depth, saturation and heart of the fragrance answer alpha-patchules. Useful qualities are due to the presence of group B, tocopherol, routine, macro- and microelements in the composition of vitamins. Due to the unique composition, the oil has the properties of Aphrodisiac and has long been used to seduce and enhance sexual desire.

When choosing an oil, you need to pay attention to the physical quality of the product. Patchouli oil has elevated density. Before use, you need to warm up the bottle in your hands, otherwise there may be problems with removing it from the dispenser. When choosing essential oil, you should pay attention to the color of the bottle: dark glass does not miss ultraviolet rays and prevents component oxidation. Pay attention to the manufacturer, packaging integrity and product cost.

Patchouli oil – one of the most expensive oils in the world, and confirm the quality of the product will help simply testing. It is necessary to drop on the napkin a few drops of oil. If after 15 minutes the oil stain remains – this indicates the poor quality of the product. Try to acquire essential oils in pharmacies or specialized stores. It will secure you from the acquisition of fake and save your money.

Use in medicinal purposes

Patchouli ether – one of the main ingredients of Asian medicine and perfumery. In addition, it smells perfectly, is also used to prevent and treat various diseases, has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal properties. In divided form, it is used as an exciting, toning and relaxing substance. It is also used as a binder, diuretic, heating and antipyretic agents.

Medical properties:

  • It has a stimulating effect, enhances immunity and body resistance+
  • Enhances metabolic and rehabilitation processes in cells, prevents the appearance of tissue edema+
  • It has an antiseptic effect due to the ability to destroy the membranes of viral, bacterial and fungal cells+
  • Restores the nervous system, has a tonic effect, helps to cope with stress and depression+
  • Reduces the signs of seborrhea and fungal lesion of nails+

  • It is used for rubbing, inhalation and point cavity in viral diseases, flu, cold, herpetic manifestations on the skin and lips+
  • Accelerates fermentation and metabolic processes, promotes digestion of food in the stomach+
  • It has a warming and anesthetic effect in arthritis and arthrosis+
  • Stabilizes the work of the endocrine system, contributes to the development of estrogen and progesterone, strengthens the sexual attraction in men and libido in women+
  • It is used as an anti-inflammatory means in irritation and peeling of the skin, helps to get rid of acne, teenage acne, small scars and colloid scars+
  • Strengthens pulses to brain neurons+
  • Increases skin elasticity, prevents the formation of wrinkles and pigment stains, reduces the effect of free radicals on the upper skin layers+
  • Used for weight loss in the composition of anti-cellulite drugs, scrubics, masks and lotions+
  • Strengthens hair bulbs, gives hair strength and glitter, enhances their nutrition and growth.


Contraindications to the use of oil Patchouli does not exist, but When applying the funds of traditional medicine and cosmetics, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the body.

  • It is not recommended to use essential oils with an allergic reaction to one of the components of the drug.
  • With adipose dystrophy of the liver, stones in the horizontal bubble and kidneys, the obesity of the third degree should not be included in the diet essential oils.
  • It is not recommended to use it with gastritis, ulcerative diseases of the stomach and intestines.
  • Contraindicated with bronchial asthma and bronchospasm.
  • It is not recommended to use in the psychoneurological disorders in the exacerbation phase and after the brain injuries.
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to use essential oil patchouli in the first trimester, so as not to provoke allergies from the future child.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to include it in the diet to children under two years.

Application in cosmetology

Patchouli oil is a universal cosmetology that is widely used for humidification and skin nutrition. Puffed patchouli oil has a high concentration, so it should not be used in pure form.

It is recommended to add a few drops of oil to the daily cosmetology, shampoo, air conditioning, scrub, base oil, and then it will reveal its unique properties. But it must be remembered that the air patchouli is very thick, so before use it is necessary to hold the bottle in warm water.

Masks for different skin types.

  • Lifting. Patchouli oil has a lifting effect, prevents the aging of the skin, smoothes small wrinkles and prevents the formation of “goose paws” around the eyes. For every ten milliliters of the base base, add one drop of patchouli oil. Face massage is recommended to spend at least five minutes. At the end it is necessary to give the medal to absorb, and the remains carefully remove the dry clean napkin. Using such a procedure, it is possible to achieve a pronounced tightening effect, subject to the full massage course.

  • Against wrinkles. Small wrinkles, goose paws and detached corners of the lips are the reason for the poor mood of many women. In the fight against age-related changes, oil patchouli will help. The tool slows the processes of aging of the skin, enhances the regeneration of tissues, increases the tour, rejuvenates the cells and gives a healthy matte color. To prevent wrinkles, it is recommended to conduct a massage based on peach, almond oil with the addition of several droplets of Ether Patchouli. With an increased peeling and dryness of the skin, it is possible to apply the composition of the ten milliliters of base oil or glycerol with two drops of patchouli oil. White clay tablespoon poured hot milk for 15 minutes. Add to a pinch of turmeric and colorless henna, 2-3 drops of ether and lemon juice. Apply for pre-cleaned skin with a smooth layer for half an hour, then washed off with warm water.
  • With dry skin. Dry fading skin requires careful regular care, nutrition, protection against ultraviolet rays, temperature drops and precipitation. It is especially important to pay attention to the skin care of the face in winter. To do this, you need to beat the yolk of one egg, add 10-15 g cocoa and a few drops of oil patchouli. All ingredients are mixed to a homogeneous state and apply a uniform layer on the face. Wash off with water, then apply cream.

  • With problem skin. Essential oil Patchouli will help get rid of acne, acne and teenage acne. With a cotton wand, it is necessary to apply oil to inflamed areas, avoiding healthy skin. A tablespoon of white or blue clay is diluted with calendula extract, add 2 drops of oil patchouli and applied to the skin of the face for 10-15 minutes, then washed off with warm water. Problem, prone to the formation of pigment spots, skin requires careful cleansing. For this purpose, a mask based on ascorutin, starch and oil patchouli. The grinding tablet of ascorutin and 2 drops of patchouli oil add to the tablespoon of potato starch. Withstand a means of 10 minutes, wash off with the help of the infusion of green tea.
  • For moisturizing. Half of the banana add a tablespoon of 15% sour cream and stirred into a homogeneous mass with several drops of vegetable ether. Apply for 15 minutes, wash off warm water with a cosmetic sponge.
  • With oily skin. Patchouli oil helps to align the tone of the face, get rid of pigment spots, black dots, reduce the secretion of the sebaceous glands. To obtain a persistent cosmetology effect, it is necessary to beat two protein of quail eggs with a spoon of honey, lemon juice and a few drops of Patchouli Ether.

Before applying the mask, it is necessary to clean the face, unpack over a water bath, apply a mask for 20 minutes and wash off warm water.

  • Cosmetic Loda. The tool will warn the premature aging of the skin, improve the blood supply to the cells, the complexion of the face, significantly narrows the pores and pull the Y-zone. To make ice you need to add ten drops of mint and patchless oil to a cup of clean water. Pour water in molds and freeze. Use to wipe the face in the morning and in the evening.

Patchouli oil helps reduce weight. Inhalation of vapors normalizes the secretion of gastric juice, in connection with which the feeling of satiety comes. It warns overeating and promotes weight loss. For this purpose, aroma lamps, aromaways, flavoring. Aromatherapy sessions can be carried out daily for 10-15 minutes, drunk in aromalamp 3-4 drops of oil.

Aromavandines enhance metabolic processes and remove excess fluid from the body. Such a procedure is carried out for a month every other day, adding 20 drops of oil to the bath.

Patchouli oil in the composition of anti-cellulite funds normalizes the turgor of the skin, prevents the formation of an orange crust, helps to acquire desirable forms. Use anti-cellulite creams, lotions, serums with adding 10 drops of patchouli on 50 ml of base substance.

Anti-cellulite wraps with essential oil enhance blood circulation, remove the ethics, normalize metabolic processes, increase the body’s tone. Wrappers are carried out using an anti-cellulite cream or oil by adding 10 drops of air patchouli on one wrap. Wrap the problematic places of the food film for 40 minutes and are covered with a woolen blanket. The procedure has a relaxing effect and helps to restore.

Ether Patchouli can be added to green tea or kefir. This activates protective functions, enhances metabolism and helps reduce weight.

Patchouli oil gives shine and healthy hair view, restores their elasticity after exposure to aggressive means for laying, styling or chemical curling. Promotes the nutrition of the scalp, tones, stimulates blood circulation, reduces the secretion of the sebaceous glands. Apply it for the massage of the hair part of the head, in the composition of masks and lotions, as an additive to ready-made shampoos, balm and air conditioning. In the process of making masks and other cosmetology products, it is not recommended to use metal dishes to warn oxidation. Dosage should be observed and add oil when all other components are mixed. It is not recommended to use the ether of patchouli as an independent means to avoid burning burns.

For restoration of dry, dull and damaged hair Recommend to use a mask based on the almond, coconut or oil of wheat germs (2-3 tablespoons) with 5 drops of oil patchouli. The air patchouli is added to the warm base oil and apply to the skin of the head and throughout the length of the hair for an hour. Wash off by ordinary shampoo, rinse with the insistency of herbs. The procedure is used by courses 2 times a week. Hair acquire a healthy well-groomed look, become obedient and soft.

To reduce the biminess of the hair, it is recommended to use a mask based on two whipped yolks, 2-3 spoons of therapy oil and 5 drops of oil patchouli. The mask is applied to the hair of the head, distributed over the entire length of the hair and put on a polyethylene cap for an hour. All means based on chicken eggs are washed off a little warm water to prevent protein denaturation.

For hair growth, it is recommended to carry out a massage of the head based on a ray oil. Rosemary, cinnamon, pepper tincture and patchouli. Apply to fingertips and massage the scalp for 15 minutes. Wash off with shampoo, rinse with decoction of herbs or apple vinegar in proportion two tablespoons per liter of water. The composition stimulates hair onions, hair growth, gives them elasticity, prevents brittleness and cross-section of tips.

The skin of the hands and the stop is exposed to mechanical factors, the effects of microorganisms and viruses. Patchouli oil will help to cope with the negative effect of external factors, restore the upper layers of the dermis and remove inflammatory processes.

Hands Bath promotes skin rejuvenation, gives skin velvety, strengthens the nails, warns the development of infections. In 500 ml of warm water add 3-4 drops of oil patchouli and rosemary. Withstand 20 minutes, dried with a towel and cause nutritious cream.

To strengthen the nails, they apply a drop of oil on the nail plate and rub up to full absorption.

Baths with butter Patchouli helps eliminate foot sweating. The procedure is recommended to be carried out before bedtime, pre-wash the legs and processing them with pimples. On 5 liters of water add 20 drops of oil patchouli, the time of the procedure is 15 minutes. Then they need to dry the towel and apply a nourishing cream.


Patchouli oil is a unique substance that can replace expensive cosmetic drugs, the main thing, to use it for the purpose and comply with the dosage. Consumer reviews about oil patchouli positive. The tool becomes a kind of “ambulance cosmetology” when it is necessary to put it in order. It helps to give the skin of the face well-kept view, hair shine, and the nails – durability. With regular use, you can achieve a persistent cosmetology result without using synthetic substances.

On the benefits, properties and use of Patchouli essential oil, see the video below.

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