Properties and recommendations for the use of tea tree oil from nail fungus

Properties and recommendations for the use of tea tree oil from nail fungus

Infected the nail fungus is quite simple. In order to therapy of this pathology, various drugs can be applied or use folk methods. This article will detail about the properties of the tea tree oil, as well as on recommendations for the use of such a fund.

Description of the disease

The nail fungus also has a scientific name – “onichomicosis”. It is worth noting that this pathology is pretty cunning. Adverse symptoms develop gradually. The first clinical signs of onychomicosis are usually difficult to detect. Such late diagnosis usually leads to a late treatment of treatment.

Initially, onychomicosis causes only a change in the appearance of nail plates on hand or legs. As the disease develops, other symptoms begin to occur in the infected person. For example, with a neglected course of the disease in a patient suffering from onychomicosis, soreness appears in the fingers.

The danger of this disease is also that it is quite quickly transmitted from an infected person to healthy. You can get infected with nail fungus even with household contact. Doctors celebrate family cases of such diseases.

To suspect onchomicosis can be independently. To do this, only closely monitor the appearance of your fingers. Consider the characteristic signs of illness.

  • Changing the forms of nail plates. The edges of the plates begin to crumble, which leads to the fact that the appearance of the nails becomes careless.
  • Deformation changes. The shape of the nail plate is changing due to the defeat by her pathogenic fungi.
  • Redness around nail rollers. Such changes occur due to the inflammatory process, which develops in response to the defeat of nail plates fungi.

  • The appearance of roughness. Healthy nails should be smooth to the touch. With the damage to the fungus, they become rough and uneven.
  • Changing the color of the nail plates. So, the nails affected by fungi, as a rule, acquire a yellowish or gray color. Brown or brown spots may also appear on the nail plates.

Treatment of onychomicosis is long. Not all means can cope with fungi.

Often in the process of treatment, a person suffering from this disease can change drugs several times, as they are simply ineffective.

Useful properties of oil

In folk medicine, there are quite a lot of diverse tools that are able to suspend the development of this disease. There are also other funds contributing to the recovery of a diseased person. Apply them should be long. To achieve complete cleansing of affected nail plates in just a couple of applications, simply impossible.

Tea tree oil is one of the frequently used tools to eliminate adverse symptoms of onchomicosis. This essential oil contains a whole range of active substances that help in the fight against pathogenic fungi. Some components are so unique that they are quite rare in nature.

The fact that the tea tree oil helps from onichomicosis, people have learned long ago. However, only with the development of science, scientists found that in this product there is a lot of active ingredients that are able to have a destructive effect on fungi.

The spectrum of action of this oil on the body is huge. So, it is capable of providing the following actions.

  • Local anesthesia. After using this product, the pain in the affected area is reduced, inflammation passes, it disappears itching and burning.
  • Increase local immunity. The decrease in inflammation is largely due to the activation of the cells of the immune system.
  • Bactericidal effect. The active substances included in the product are able to have a negative impact not only on fungi, but also on viruses and bacteria that can cause dangerous diseases.


Tea tree oil for outdoor use suits many. However, with some pathologies it is impossible to use it. So, it should not be used by this agent to people suffering from allergies or having individual hypersensitivity to this product. Also does not suit such an oil product and when aggravating bronchial asthma.

Futive Mama Use tea tree oil without prior consultation with a doctor.

Tea tree oil should not be applied with allergic dermatoses. In case of irritated skin, it can provoke the appearance of pain. People who are very sensitive to any chemical substances and essential oils, apply tea tree oil in concentrated form. They should be diluted with some other oil, for example, sunflower or olive oil before applying the oil product.

How to choose?

The effectiveness of therapy also depends on the quality of oil. Even in expensive stores you can buy a fake. Unfortunately, the high cost of the product does not even mean that it has high quality. Specialists who disassembled in essential oils say that it is currently a truly good oil.

Better focus on proven manufacturers. Most high-quality products are packaged in glass containers. Tea tree oil produced in plastic containers, as a rule, less than high quality.

The use of this oil product, according to the reviews of many people, has tried, most effectively with early stages of the disease. If the fungal infection takes place for a long time, it is almost impossible to recover from it through it by means of only tea tree. In this case, the purpose of intensive drugs is required, which are able to suppress the growth of pathogenic fungi, and affect the level of systemic immunity. Such comprehensive therapy is appointed only by a doctor.

Methods of application

You can use this tool in different ways. Thus, the most used ways to apply this product are usually the following:

  • direct rubbing in the affected areas+
  • Medical appliqués+
  • Antiseptic baths.

A variety of other components with antifungal effect can be added to the tea tree oil.

Such combination therapy helps to cope with adverse symptoms of nail fungus much more efficient. Use these funds should be a course, until it is advised to improve well-being.

The method of using oil depends not only on the stage of the disease, but also on the localization of damage. So, for the treatment of one nail, you can use direct rubbing oil into the affected nail plate. If the fungus is amazed all the nails of the foot or hands, then in this case more rationally use therapeutic baths.

Before starting to treat onychomicosis, it is necessary to be patient. Therapy for this disease is in most cases long. If in the family of onychomicosis, several people are sick at once, then treatment should be carried out at the same time. When conducting therapy, it is necessary to evaluate its effectiveness. If, on the background of the use of such a fund, no improvement followed, then in this case it is necessary to contact a dermatologist.

Regulations for conducting procedures

Before using oil for rubbing in nail plates, nails should be prepared. For this stop and brush affected by onychomicosis or brush should be placed in a warm bath. The water temperature of such a bath must be absolutely comfortable. Keep nails in water should be for 5-8 minutes. During this time, they should be softer.

After that, the sparkled nail plate should be cleaned. To do this, you can use PEMMU. Too much to rub nails with pembias should not be, as it can damage.

Such mechanical processing is necessary only so that all active components contained in the tea tree oil were able to penetrate into the nail deeper.

Therapeutic oil products that can be bought in pharmacies usually have a rather intensive composition. The components present in them in some people can provoke the appearance of allergic symptoms. In order to determine if a person planning to use tea tree oil, allergic or increased sensitivity, it should be applied a small amount of oil product on the skin. To carry out such a test, the zone is better fits near the elbow fold or wrist, as the skin is rather thin there.

To verify individual sensitivity, it is usually enough to apply a couple of drops of oil. After that, you should wait a few minutes. If after 10-15 minutes the color of the skin has not changed, and there are no rashes, the tea tree oil can be used for nail treatments.

Apply the oil product follows the entire surface of the nail. Also, some oil should be applied to the octal rollers. After that, you need to wear clean socks. It is necessary to carry out such treatment of damaged nails twice a day until the adverse symptoms of the fungal disease will not decrease.

In the multiple defeat of the nails well fit therapeutic baths. In order to carry out such a procedure, it will take:

  • Water – 2.5 liters+
  • Food soda – 2 st. L.+
  • Salt (better to take marine) – 1 st. L.+
  • Tea tree oil – 9-11 drops.

Water for this treatment procedure must be quite hot, but not burning. The optimal temperature is about 45 degrees. In heated water, you must add soda, sea salt and oil product, and then mix everything thoroughly. After that, in the bath, it should be placed a foot, affected by fungus, and keep until the water cools.

Then the leg from the water should be pulled out, remove with the help of special scissors all the damaged areas of the skin, and then handle the nails of the tea tree oil. If desired, after such a healing bath, you can use on nails and medicinal ointments or varnishes with antifungal action.

In order to achieve a good result, such a healing procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a week. Already after one course of such baths, the structure of the nails will improve, and adverse symptoms will decrease.

Tea tree oil perfectly combined with other products. So, adding olive oil to it, you can prepare a great remedy for the treatment of nails affected by fungi. Mix oils should be in a ratio of 1: 2, since the tea tree oil is quite concentrated. People who have tried this treatment method note that it helps well with early stages of the disease.

Apply the healing oil mixture on the affected nails should be twice a day. It is very important that the nails before that were thoroughly washed and dried.

Apply the product better by rubbing movements. The optimal course of treatment should be about a month.

Tea tree oil can also be used for a ride. To do this, several drops of oil product should be applied to a cotton disk. Better for each affected nail Use separate cotton disk. The exposure time on nails should be about 10-12 minutes. After that, the cotton disk should be removed, and the remains of the oil will be wiped out.

Can be applied in different ways. Someone uses cotton wands for this, others handle nails with a pipette located in a bottle with therapeutic agent. To apply oil, you can also use an old toothbrush.

There is another way to use tea tree oil for the treatment of onchomicosis stop. It is quite simple and accessible to all. To do this, in the usual cotton sock should be pouring several drops of oil product. After that, the sock must be put on foot, it is better to conduct such a procedure for the night. In the morning, the sock should be removed, and rinse the skin of the foot from the left residues.

Tea tree oil is suitable not only for the treatment of onychomicosis, but also for the prevention of this pathology. So, natural oil product can be added to various legs for legs or lotions. The use of such funds is good prevention of fungal infection.

More details about the properties of the tea tree oil from the nail fungus will learn from the following video.

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