Properties of essential oil vanilla and options for its use

Properties of essential oil vanilla and options for its use

Practice shows that most people vanilla is associated exclusively with a cooking area – as one of the most famous and fragrant spices. In this case, this exotic plant has another use: from its fruits is obtained valuable essential oil, which has a number of positive properties. Due to the set of options for its use, the considered gift of nature can solve a variety of tasks, improving the appearance of a person and contributing to the return of its vitality.

Features and composition

Despite the fact that vanilla essential oil is a product of plant origin, it can have a very strong impact on the human body. This is largely due to its compounds with unsaturated carbon ties.

This feature causes high chemical activity – the main reason for the effectiveness of the product described.

Pods protruding – the fruits of vanilla converging on the Liana for 9 months as raw materials. Most often they are grown in Madagascar, as well as in Indonesia and China – countries that account for about 90% of world production of this fragrant spice. As for the exit of essential oil from fruits, it is very small, and it naturally affects the final value of the product.

One of the main features of the liquid presented is its persistent fragrance, primarily memorable with its spicy notes. Also, vanilla essential oil is characterized by a strong viscosity and a saturated grayish-amber tint. Deserves mention and impressive concentration of the product, due to which its use is limited to extremely small doses.

You can distinguish the natural essential oil of vanilla from the counterfeit not only at its cost, but also by the specifics of the fragrance. If the liquid has an artificial origin, then it has a sharper and much less resistant odor.

Separate consideration deserves the composition of the described oil. It provides for the presence of one and a half hundred ingredients, the main of which includes:

  • vanillin+
  • Hydroxybenzaldehyde+
  • Furforn+
  • Anisian aldehyde+
  • Cinnamon esters+
  • Eugenol.

Other relevant components of vanilla essential oil are acids – anise, acetic, isomaslyanny and kapron.

Beneficial features

There is a sufficient number of reasons that make the use of essential oil vanilla with a fully justified solution. In particular, this product has the following useful qualities:

  • Stabilization of the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, achieved due to the restoration of the enzyme balance and the normalization of the acid level+
  • Strengthening the protective forces of the body, which makes it possible to increase the stability of the latter to the action of negative factors and prevent the development of many hazardous pathologies+

  • Normalization of carbohydrate exchange, which is of paramount importance for patients with diabetes+
  • Stabilization of the menstrual cycle and reducing the pain of menstruation (in case of its presence)+
  • Getting rid of postpartum stretch marks and unnecessary kilograms (including those who were scored for a short time segment)+

  • Elimination of inflammatory processes arising from mechanical or chemical impact+
  • Disinfection of affected fabric infection, distinguished by a high degree of efficiency+

  • Comprehensive effect on hair that gives them softness and smoothness, eliminating dandruff and noticeably strengthening their roots+
  • Saturation of cells with oxygen and nutrients, which is especially important for dry, irritated, hypersensitive or age-related skin+
  • Strengthening the health of nail plates, possible thanks to calcium and vitamins included in the composition of vanilla essential oil.

In addition, the product in question is a powerful means of alcohol dependence: its regular use allows you to repel the thrust to strong alcoholic beverages. He also has pronounced sedative properties, stabilizing psycho-emotional state and normalizing sleep.


As a rule, the use of vanilla essential oil does not lead to any health problems. Given this circumstance, this product can be considered safe and apply without restrictions in the overwhelming majority. The exception is only individual intolerance, leading to the development of an allergic reaction, is a relatively rare problem, but deserving mandatory mention.

To eliminate the likelihood of the trouble described above, a simple test should be carried out, providing for several droplets of vanilla’s essential oil. The main symptoms indicating the inadmissibility of the application of this fund are:

  • noticeable redness of oil-treated area+
  • Appearance of rashes+
  • Itching, burning and other unpleasant feelings.

If after 20 minutes from the date of application of the product, negative manifestations are not observed; it can be used without the slightest concerns.

As for the use of essential oil vanilla during pregnancy, then experts strongly recommend to refrain from oral administration of this product. It is also worth exercising caution when using masks with this tool a few weeks before delivery: in such cases it is desirable to consult with your doctor. After applying the essential oil vanilla on the skin, it is worthwhile to be located under the right sunlight: being a photosensitizer, it increases the sensitivity of biological tissues to the light.

Application options

The most common vanilla essential oil is used as a component of cosmetics: both the main and auxiliary. Thanks to the wide palette of its positive qualities, it can be used to care for face and body, hair and nails. Also, this product plays the role of a natural aromatic component, which is explained by its excellent odor, and means for the fight against many diseases of internal organs.

In cosmetology

Using the described skin for the skin of the face involves adding a few drops to the prepared mask or massage base. Also, experts advise to enrich this fragrant product for a face cream used daily to achieve maximum effect. To achieve noticeable results, in most cases there are enough 4 weeks, after which the skin is cleared, becomes more elastic and get rid of peeling, and therefore it looks younger and more attractive.

The second use of vanilla essential oil – baths prepared with its addition. A good example is a mixture of 5-6 drops of this product with sea salt, cream and milk soluble in warm (but not hot) water. Such baths are advised to take a day for 2 decad, spending 15 minutes to each procedure. As a result, the skin of the body is noticeably tightened, it becomes more elastic and acquires pleasant velvety.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the use of vanilla hair oil.

In particular, it can be:

  • Add to shampoos, balms and other care products, recommended dosage – up to 15 drops per container+
  • Use as one of the components of the hair mask, to solve this problem, there are enough 3 drops of oil, thoroughly stirred in a cooked cosmetic agent+
  • Apply for combing in the amount of several drops, evenly distributed using the ridge.

The last option has only one limit – fatty hair, with which its use is inappropriate.

other methods

No less effective internal reception of the fund under consideration – 1-2 drops are no more often 2 times a day. Alternatively, it can be used as an additive to vegetable oil or by applying to biscuit and other food products. Experience shows that the described fragrant liquid copes with many pathologies of cardiovascular and nervous systems, the consequences of injuries transferred and pathogenic microflora.

There are also such applications of vanilla essential oil.

  • Use in aromatic lamps, allowing to create a peaceful atmosphere indoors. To achieve the desired effect, only 5 drops of oil is enough, which is explained by the accelerated evaporation as a result of heating.
  • Giving an impressive fragrance baking. Achieve the desired result allow 1-2 drops of the product, while more than their amount is invalid.
  • Application in medallions. Here Vanilla oil also plays the role of a powerful flavoring agent, 2 drops of which are more than enough to solve the task.
  • Massage Means Component. Recommended quantity – 1 drop by 4-5 ml of the base used.

In addition, this oil is reasonably used as a means of repeating annoying insects. It is especially effective in the fight against mosquitoes, unable to make it a strong smell: to achieve the desired result, several drops of this fluid mixed with the same amount of warm water in an aromatic lamp. An alternative solution is the usual napkin moistened with the solution described above and left near the bed at night.


After reviewing the opinions of people who had the opportunity to use Vanilla’s essential oil, it can be argued that for the most part they are completely satisfied with this means. First of all, buyers noted the following advantages of this product:

  • The use of oil as a face mask gives the skin softness and elasticity, parallel to remove the feeling of fatigue and contributing to the return cover of a natural shade+
  • pronounced, pleasant and persistent fragrance means to many reminds the smell of spirits with a complex composition+
  • After masks with the addition of the product under consideration, the hair looks noticeably healthier and silky+

  • Massage with essential oil Vanilla promotes relaxation after a difficult day and moisturizing skin+
  • Installing the purchased product in the aroma, most users noted its relaxing and soothing effect.

Also, individual buyers express the view that the regular inhalation of the aroma of the vanilla essential oil leads to a noticeable reduction in the craving for sweet. Negative reviews about this agent are much less, and the following points are mentioned in them:

  • Development of allergic reactions (observed in some cases, often due to the acquisition of a product of dubious origin)+
  • High concentration of oil that is not like everyone else (bust in just a few drops may worsen the perception of flavor)+
  • cost – let the justified, but not the most democratic.

Thus, vanilla essential oil can be reasonably considered not only fragrant, but also extremely useful product. Possessing an impressive amount of advantages, it is an excellent tool using which you can win the battle for health, beauty and peace of mind.

How to cook vanilla extract at home, look in the video.

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