All about Ardell’s Eyelashes

All about Ardell's Eyelashes

To date, make eyelashes with more thick and long can be in several ways: apply a good mascara, take advantage of the extension or purchase an overhead option. Despite the fact that the mascara is considered affordable, it, to great unfortunately, does not suit the owners of short eyelashes. Extension is expensive and requires regular correction. Therefore, most of the fair sex representatives give preference to Ardell’s overhead, which beautifully look in make-up and are convenient to use.


ARDELL eyelashes are a unique element intended for artificial eye frame. This accessory is produced under the American trademark Ardell, the products of which appeared in the market back in 1970. Founders of the company (Spouses Syndelle and Arnold) set themselves the task of making a look of ladies as natural and expressive as possible, so, Release of false eyelashes, human hair used as the main material.

In the 80s of the last century, the American concern American International Industries, which is engaged in the production of cosmetics. He bought the right to release the eyelashes and enhanced them, developing safe and hypoallergenic glue.

Today, Ardell’s eyelashes are represented by a chic assortment, where each model is characterized long. Such cilias have a feature – when applied, they intertwined with natural hairs, creating an ideal composition. Overhead eyelashes give the natural length and volume without changing the configuration. To eliminate the risk of eye infection, all hairs before interfenting in the tape pass antiseptic processing.

The skin does not perceive them as an alien material, so no negative reactions are observed.

Pros and cons

In modern makeup, it is important not only a luxurious, but also natural. All this is present in the overhead Cilia Ardell. They are recognized as the best cosmetic accessory, so they are chosen by famous makeup artists and are in great demand even from Hollywood stars. The main advantages of such eyelats include:

  • Ecology, as they are made of natural material+
  • Durability (can be used from 10 to 30 times)+
  • Ease of use (quickly overlap and removed)+
  • weightlessness+
  • Natural view+
  • Huge selection of lengths and shapes+
  • Safety in use (do not weaken the bulb and do not violate the growth of natural hairs)+
  • suitable for overlapping both in beauty salons and houses.

As for the shortcomings, they are not. Exception is only high price, But she justifies great quality.

Therefore, if you choose between buildings and overhead with Ardell’s eyelashes, experts recommend to give preference to the last.


Select overhead ARDELL cilia is very simple because they are presented in the market with a huge assortment. Now there are more than 200 models, each of which is characterized by the volume, form and length. Manufacturer Releases both tape overhead eyelashes and bundled, magnetic. The first view is great for beginners of makeup artists and girls performing makeup at home. Magnetic and beam eyelashes look more naturally, but for their use you need to have experience, so most often such species are used in beauty salons.

Consider the most popular ARDELL cilia series.

Wispies Demi

Different speed length. During their production, a manual method of a bundle is used, thanks to which all hairs are fluffy in different directions. Mix imperceptibly with fine transparent tape.

Wispies Black

These are the lightest, weightless cilia, strands of hairs in which are perfectly intertwined with each other, repeating the natural row.

They are created manually and have a single length.


Recommended to create evening makeup, Since they are able to give a look of sexuality. The manufacturer did in this series the main focus on the volume and den. Eyelashes can have a length of 7 to 14 mm.


Well fit both for everyday and evening makeup. The main feature of this type of ciliation is that their length varies at an external corner to 10 mm, and internal – from 4 mm. This allows you to use them Even the owners of short and thin eyelashes.

At the same time, each lady can independently select the length and shape under its eye cut and the type of appearance.

Soft Touch

Universal view, which is characterized by ease and comfortable sock. Can be purchased for any image. Eyelashes are not inferior to externally externally, because they have a double volume and repeat such effects as “open eyes”, “Feline Look”.


These are half-colored belt eyelashes, designed to design an external corner eye.

PROF Studio

Magnetic cilia that are quickly attached and allow you to attach expressiveness, charming.

How to use?

So that the look did not look artificially, caused admiration for others, it is necessary not only to correctly select false eyelashes, but also to be able to fix them. Beginners of fashionable in this will help simple instructions.

  • First you need to perform fitting. For this, the edges of the tape captures clean hands and applied to the eyelashes to the place where the boundary of their growth goes. The main thing is to correctly arrange the ribbon from the inner corner of the eye to the external. In the case when the edge goes beyond the boundaries, it is necessary to cut off with scissors.
  • At the next stage, a transparent glue should be applied to a silicone strip of eyelashes. Eyelashes are attached only to clean skin – if there are makeup residues (eyeliner, shadow), they are removed. Glue should be uniformly distributed by applying toothpick or tube. After that, it is necessary to wait about 30 seconds until the stickiness appears.
  • Then the tape is applied to the skin in such a way that its edge is as close as possible to the hairs. In no case can not be attached to the ribbon to the eyelashes. Next you need to wait a few seconds until the glue is closed with the skin surface. After that, you should repeat the action with another eye.

If you correctly use eyelashes, then for a long time they will retain their attractive appearance and they can be applied up to 30 times. They need to take care of them carefully, slightly looked down by the edge with your finger and pulling. You need to pull no hairs for the silicone base. If it does not work, remove the cilia due to the fact that the glue is securely retaining, the clutch places are recommended to lubricate with oil and wait up to 5 minutes.

Since Ardell’s eyelashes are reusable, then after their removal it follows Be sure to clean the surface and the foundation from pollution and cosmetics. To do this, you can use a means for removing makeup and cotton swab. Frozen glue is removed using a tweezers. Then the cilia is placed in a special packaging.

About how to properly glue overhead eyelashes, you can find out below.

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