All about Barbara glue for eyelash extension

All about Barbara glue for eyelash extension

Glue for Barbara’s eyelashes is popular among beginner lossekers and professionals in this area. Product line includes 3 main composition with different characteristics (Effect, Elegant, Exclusive), reviews of the masters about which look quite convincing. Mark specializes in working with salons and beauty professionals, creates flavored, transparent, colored, as well as hypoallergenic adhesives for a stalking of artificial eyelashes.


The glue produced in South Korea to extension Barbara’s eyelashes is among the top ten means for Lashmeking in Russia. Brand specializes in this area of ​​activity, focused on a professional audience. Produced adhesives have a modern formula with polymerization from 0.5 to 3 seconds depending on the line. Funds have good fluidity, rather liquid, provide economical spending.

The description of the compositions for Lashmeiking from Barbara necessarily includes a list of ingredients. The company uses as a natural dye to South (Carbon Black), polymethylacrylate, ethyl-2-cyanoacrylate, ethoxyethyl cyanoacrylate. Dangerous compounds with formaldehydes. In stock Hypoallergenic series without caustic chemical evaporation, there are flavored products with green apple and banana smells.

After the expiration of the period from 5 to 8 weeks, the composition is easily removed by the Remover, during wearing it remains elastic, without the effect of tightening.


In Barbara Product Ratings to fix eyelashes, you can find funds with different compositions and characteristics, almost all of them, except for the Fast Clear series, have a black pigment in the composition. It is worth considering the most popular of them in more detail.

  • Fragravized series. Includes Apple Tools, Banana Power in Flascons 5 and 10 ml. The polymerization rate ranges from 0.5 to 1 second, the effect is preserved up to 8 weeks, there is no sense of depth due to elasticity. The glue is comfortable in operation and quite liquid homogeneous consistency.

  • Bang Bang. Professional line for experienced masters. Glue provides an instant coupling without a long wait, well keeps.

The series is designed specifically to perform volumetric extensions.

Packaging 5 and 10 ml.

  • Effect. The composition for masters with extensive experience belongs to the new generation of funds with accelerated polymerization – not more than 1 second for the coupling. The effect is saved up to 8 weeks.

During work, the composition gives a minimum of evaporation, it has an economical flow rate.

The glue composition is packaged in the package of 2, 3, 5 and 10 ml, it is undemanded to the working conditions and storage.

  • Elegant. Professional cyanoacrylate glue with high polymerization rate – up to 1 second. The composition is sensitive to temperature regime and humidity when working with it. Recommended by the manufacturer for experienced masters. Packaging 2, 3, 5, 10 ml.

  • Exclusive. Glue with the fastest polymerization. Presented only in bottles of 5 and 10 ml. The composition is insensitive to different atmospheric temperatures and humidity indicators, it is convenient to apply due to liquid consistency, not lost due to evaporation.

Adhesive composition is focused on professional masters with extensive experience, harden in 0.5-1 seconds, eliminates the appearance of discomfort from the client.

  • Fast Clear. Transparent glue in 5 ml bottles, resistant to environmental change, does not require special storage conditions. The composition is focused on masters with extensive experience, polymerization instantaneous.

The remedy is well suited for extension of color eyelashes, imperceptibly in front of the eyes, keeps up to 8 weeks without discomfort. Moderate consumption, low evaporation.

  • Safety. A ruler with a packaging of 5 and 10 ml is recommended for use in people who are prone to allergies. Components Funds do not give evaporation, it is suitable for extension with open eyes. Coupling takes 2-3 seconds, the effect is saved up to 5 weeks. Pigment of natural origin.

  • Start. A ruler for beginner masters with a polymerization rate of 2 seconds, produced in bottles of 5 and 10 ml. On the eyelashes glue keeps up to 5 weeks without loss and feelings of discomfort.

  • The Best. Line of a very high polymerization rate – about 0.5 seconds. Designed for experienced masters, the consistency is more liquid, it provides the possibility of an economical consumption of funds when increasing. Resistance up to 8 weeks when complying with the rules of care.

  • Buzzy Bee. Glue composition in bottles of 3, 5, 10 ml, has a convenient liquid consistency. Optimal to work in volumetric extension techniques, suitable for masters with experience, since the polymerization rate is up to 0.5 seconds.

The composition does not cause discomfort, gives a minimum of evaporation, keeps up to 8 weeks.

Tips for choosing

Solving what better glue from Barbara is to work for work, it is necessary to take into account many factors. All important: Master Experience, Building Type and Even the desired effect of the procedure. For example, the black composition with a pigment creates a lining effect, but if the type of appearance of the girl is close to Scandinavian, he will look unnatural. Transparent means are absolutely indispensable when working with color eyelashes or when creating natural images.

In addition, other factors have importable importance.

  1. Polymerization rate. The Barbara brand has the compositions in which it happens instantly. It is convenient if eyelashes beams are fixed, pretty heavy, capable of falling under their weight when working. Newcomers are better not to choose glue rules with polymerization rates faster than 1 second – it will be difficult to work.
  2. Duration of wearing. Hypoallergenic compositions and means for beginner masters hold no more than 5-6 weeks. Extraceal longer save their effect. On average on the glue from Barbara Eyelashes hold up to 8 weeks.
  3. Purpose. Colorless compositions are better suited for working with color eyelashes. To create a bulk extension there are Bang Bang series, Buzzy Bee, taking into account the features of this technique.
  4. Volume of Flacon. The main series are available in the amount of 5 and 10 ml. If the work of the wizard is carried out in daily mode, it is better to immediately take a large container. Some of the most popular rules also have a packing of 2 and 3 ml, convenient for testing or not too frequent use.
  5. Availability of special requirements for storage and use. They are not only in the top compositions. For most types of glue still have to create the necessary operating conditions.

These are the main tips for choosing glue for eyelashes from Barbara brand. In addition, it is worth considering the experience, personal preferences of the wizard, the type of material used. Then the results will be impressive.

Recommendations for use

When working with some adhesions you need Observe the level of humidity in the room in the range of 40-70%, the temperature range from +18 to +24 degrees Celsius. This applies to the BUZZY BEE, Elegant, Start, Apple, Banana Power series.

Sticking is possible only for clean, skimmed eyelashes, in the future it is not forbidden to use creamy face care products.

Work with Barbara’s funds does not cause difficulties even from newbies in the field of lushmeking. Enough to follow step by step instructions.

  1. Prepare eyelashes on ribbons or in beams.
  2. Open the tube.
  3. Take a drop of glue. Holding an eyelashes with tweezers, press them to a natural hairs separated from others.
  4. Fix to polymerization. The best compositions it happens instantly.
  5. Repeat.
  6. When the bottle is completed, close. Eyelashes combing a special brush.

Before using the bottle, necessarily shakes for mixing. When working it is necessary to eliminate contact with the skin, the mucous membrane of the eye. After using the adhesive composition, the tip of the bottle is cooled with a napkin that does not have a beser coating.

Storage is recommended strictly in the standing position, you should avoid the containers.

Review reviews

According to the masters, adhesives for Lashmeiking from the Barbara brand perfectly deserve attention. Mark does not apply to the discharge of the most expensive or elite, available to most newbies. There is an economical flow – up to 6 drops on both eyes, the bottle of 3 ml is enough for several months.

Experienced specialists note that the stated fixation rate is really consistent with reality. In addition, the compositions do not cause allergies, give a minimum of evaporation, and after applying they retain elasticity.

Does not do without displeased masters. They note that the compositions are sensitive to temperature change and at + 18 ° C can become too liquid. Many people have learned to solve the problem, just laying nearby cottage discs. For beginners, Barbara products may seem too far in polymerization, it is worth carefully approaching the choice.

About Clee for Eyelash Extension from Barbara Brand See More.

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