All about bending eyelashes B form B for building

All about bending eyelashes B form B for building

Eyelantic extensions – one of the most popular procedures among modern fashionistas. The expressiveness of the view largely depends on the bending of the eyelashes. Special interest of the ladies causes exactly the option b. It is close to natural and retains the natural beauty of the eyes.


Eyelash bends play an important role in building up. The most popular belongs. It is slightly curved cilia that helps add volume natural, keeping the natural look. In comparison with the bend c cilia, indicated by the letter B, look discreet and stylish. Bending from relevant for ladies that prefer to spin eyelashes. Unlike B, it creates the effect of using forceps for curling. Subsequent bends (D, U, L and L +) look less natural.

Bend B chosen mostly those ladies that are satisfied with the shape of the eyes and the density of eyelashes. With the help of artificial hairs of natural shape and length, they only try to emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the view. In most cases, the hairs B, having a middle length and thickness. They look natural and natural.

Color range can be the most diverse: black, brown, blue and green.

In addition, many women have their own cilias completely identical to bend B, so extensive outsiders are unlikely to distinguish from “natural”.

Modern cosmetologists make the procedure for building eyelashes on 4 types that imply the use of bending B.

  • Incomplete. Ideal for owner of dense natural eyelashes. Artificial hairs are planted only partially (after 2-3 native cilia). This type allows you to make a look more expressive and open.
  • Full (classic). Popular view that implies fastening artificial hairs for each cilia. In this case, focus on a certain area (in most cases it is about the external corners of the eyes).
  • Volume (2D-3D). On one “native” eyelashes fasten 2-3 artificial. The look becomes open and expressive at the expense of a large number of cilia.
  • Super Pressure (4D-7D). This type implies buildup to 4 hairs per eyelashes. Usually, similar techniques use professional actors to create a specific image.

Cilia differ not only by bend, but also long. They are measured in millimeters – from 5 to 18. Also meet cilia 25 mm long. Most often, their make-ups are used.

Selection of extension effects

From the type of curls depends on what effect will result in the end. Modern Stylists allocate six varieties of extensive eyelashes.


Classic extension Keeps natural beauty by adding expressiveness. Big hairs J and B are fixed along the growth line of natural cilia, increasing their volume.

Natural effect is very popular with modern fashionistas.


One of the most attractive and sexual effects. Artificial hairs are attached to the outer corner of the upper eyelid, visually creating a “eyeliner” in front of the eyes. This technique is able to adjust the imideal proportions of the face. The fox effect is obtained using three types of eyelashes of different lengths (short, medium and long).

The hitch is carried out with the help of the piston.


This method is largely similar to fox, however Eyelash elongation occurs not in the corners of the eyes, but in the middle. The longest hairs are attached on the site of the breakdown of eyebrows.

Then a smooth transition to short cilia.


Suitable for extravagant specimers who seek to be in the spotlight. Looking like cilia luxuriously, but unnatural.

Artificial hairs have almost one length, although in the middle they can stand out a little.

Unusual effect is achieved with Building cilia bundles through small intervals. Thus, natural cilia add volume, while maintaining a natural appearance.

Who fits?

Bending B first Suitable ladies with round (slightly on “Clean”) eyes. The effect is better to choose fox or squirrel. Also, this bend can be tried with ladies with closely planted eyes. Natural eyelashes are becoming volume and more beautiful, visually making a look more open. At the same time it is practiced precisely.

When selecting eyelashes for building, it is important to take into account some important nuances.

  1. Quality of natural cilia. Strong bending can not be attached to short rare hairs.
  2. Harmonicity. Excessively surround eyelashes are hardly suitable for everyday socks and will look vulgar.
  3. Durability. With a competent selection of bending, the duration of cilia socks increases. Excessively long extensive hairs after a short period of time will start clouding and falling out.

About how to care for extensive eyelashes, you can find out in the following video.

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