All about building eyelashes 4d

All about building eyelashes 4d

Eyelash extension services are now very common because they are in demand. Depending on the wishes of the client, the wizard can create any volume on the cilia to emphasize the depth of sight and beauty. One of the most expressive is considered to be the volume of 4D, which will be discussed in our article.


4D extension is carried out using lightweight artificial fibers (Most often use mink and silk). His destination is a visual elongation of the framing around the eyes, due to which they seem more, expressive. Such eyes are visible from afar and attract all.

This effect is achieved by increasing the natural volume of eyelashes 4 times: 4 artificial, differing from each other in size, are glued to each “native” hairs. Their length varies within 9-16 mm.

4D extension has some features.

  • The use of exceptionally lightweight materials to reduce the load in the eyelid.
  • The greater the volume, the less time is working. Accordingly, 4D-cilk correction You will have to make every 3 weeks.
  • If silk or mink artificial threads were applied in the process of extension, you can use our usual leaving and decorative cosmetics, as they cannot damage such hairs. As for mascaras for eyelashes, it will be best to refuse it, yes it will not be required with such a volume.
  • For 4D buildings, only a particularly strong hypoallergenic glue is suitable.


How 4D-buildings will look like the result, depends on many factors: from the selected length of artificial hairs, from the effect and bend. Let’s consider in more detail each aspect.

The length of the cilia differ as follows:

  • 9 mm – used to build up in the inner corner of the eye+
  • From 10 to 14 mm – the most popular length, beloved both by clients and masters, is used to form the main volume of eyelashes+
  • From 15 to 18 mm – suitable for design and selection of an external corner of the eye.

A qualified Lashmeaker always uses in its work 3-6 varieties of eyelashes of different lengths, as it guarantees the creation of the most smooth transition and avoids the effect of excess artificiality.

Distinguish several types of eyelashes 4D.

  • Natural. Performed without sudden length drops, which, as a rule, only slightly exceeds the size of its own cilia.

  • Squirrel. Eyelashes of small length are glued throughout the century, and the main elongation falls in place located under the bending of the eyebrows.

  • Lysius. The inner corner of the eye is drawn up by the shortest hairs, after which their length gradually increases, reaching the maximum to an external corner.

  • Theatrical. To achieve such an effect, the maximum long eyelashes with a strong bend are used.

  • Valid. There is an alternation of hairs of different lengths, due to the elongated “races”, the look becomes more expressive.

  • Puppet. All over the century are increasingly cilia (as a rule, 10-12 mm).

Types of bends for volume 4D:

  • J – Slightly twisted at cilia tips+
  • C, B – twisted bending suitable for any type of extension+
  • D – most often used if their own eyelashes are rare, as it is possible to achieve the effect of “open-eye”+
  • M – Suitable for creating volumes from girls whose cilia straight and grow down+
  • U – most often used to create a puppet effect, as the bending is the strongest, the effect of dramatic effect+
  • L – Suitable for girls with an Asian eye cut, “lifts” hanging eyelid, makes eyes visually more round+
  • L+ – similar to the previous one, but the bend is more pronounced (L-bend reminiscent of the “cranked” letter L, in L + there is also a rounded tip).

Increased eyelashes at the request of the client can be decorated with rhinestones, hints, glitters, beads, having “splashes” of colored hairs.

Step-by-step technology extension

It’s time to get acquainted with the technology of 4D-extension of eyelashes. It takes place in several stages.

  • To begin with, the client and losheker are discussing the desired result: effect, bending, the maximum possible length. The master also estimates the shape, cut and eye size.
  • Next, the thickness of artificial cilia is selected. When building 4D, it cannot exceed 0.12 mm.
  • Lower eyelashes are covered with a special silicone patch In order to avoid incoming adhesive.
  • The master cleans the working surface of the eye From dust, tears, skin sebum, decorative cosmetics, after which degreases and dries up the top cilia.
  • 4D extension can occur in two ways. It can be pooded when the Lashmeaker sticks 4 artificial hair to one natural, or a beam, when the master pre-forms a bunch of 4-eyelashes of different lengths, combining them with one “foot”, from which the hairs diverges fan-shaped. And already this “fan” he sticks to a natural eyelashes.
  • Fastening of artificial material occurs at a distance of about 0.5 millimeters from the upper eyelid – Only subject to this interval after the completion of the procedure, the client will not appear unpleasant sensations during socks.
  • Excess adhesive composition are removed, Silicone patches are removed from the lower eyelids. Eyes can be opened.
  • If suddenly a tear appeared, The master can offer to dry tears with a special fan or wet their cotton wand.

How much the procedure lasts?

Establishment Procedure – Case Purpose and Unfolder. In order to glue one artificial cilia to genuine, you need to spend a few seconds. Accordingly, to glue 4, you will need at least a minute. In the upper age of a person, 100-130 eyelashes are present on average. By simple mathematical calculations, it turns out that 4D-buildings may take 3-3.5 hours (taking into account the preparatory procedures). Beginner masters spend 4-5 hours on him.

If you want to speed up the process, then the technology of the pounty extension will not suit you – the bundle will pass faster. However, he has one indisputable minus: if a beam falls out, then it falls entirely, and this is fraught with the appearance of proper screws with improper care and overly long-term sock.

In addition, the bundles look not so natural as cilia, extensive pieces.

How many eyelashes are holding?

Professional masters engaged in building eyelashes of large volumes argue that 4D can hold out about 5 weeks, if the purgue technology was applied, and 3 – if the beam.

In general, the duration of socks depends on many factors, the main of which is compliance with the rules of care, more about which we will talk further.

How to care?

So, you have become a happy owner of thick extensive eyelashes. Now you have to follow certain rules for their operation to extend the term of wearing and not harm natural hairs.

  • The first 24 hours is forbidden to water the eyelashes. If the eyes suddenly saddown, carefully laughing the waters or cotton wand.
  • It is important to understand: the less often you will touch artificial hairs whatever (your fingers, towel, napkin), the longer they will last on the eyelids.
  • Learn to sleep on your back, Even if it is uncomfortable. The fact is that the increasing eyelashes during contact with the pillow are deformed, twisted and clogged.
  • The volume of 4D does not need additional paint eyelashes. However, if you still used this decorative agent, select what is washed off with a simple water with soap or “washness” that does not contain fats in the composition. And best of all, give up the carcass or apply it exclusively to the lower row of eyelashes.
  • Shadows and eyeliner is allowed. To wash them best with a cotton sponge or a wand using a non-burning device for demacia.
  • As for cosmetics for everyday skin care in the orbital zone,You have to stop your choice on light fluids and not use fat creams– They can destroy glue, and eyelashes prematurely fall.
  • Wash warm water (in no case is not hot), do not substitute the face under a stream of water from the shower. To get rid of contamination on the skin of the face, use baby soap or micellar foam.
  • Do not think to twist artificial eyelashes with special tweezers – This will lead to their ruling and falling.
  • If you like to visit the bath, sauna, solarium Or are you planning a journey to the sea, do it no earlier than after 3 days after the extension procedure. Otherwise, under the influence of high temperature and humidity, your cilia will quickly disappear. At sea try to dive at sea, and when sunbathing, protect your eyes with sunglasses.
  • By the way, as for points: If you grow too long eyelashes, they can break down due to contact with the surface of the glass. This exit – make a length slightly shorter.
  • If you wear contact lenses, You can resort to the extension procedure, however, should take into account that the service life of artificial hairs will still be slightly lower possible due to the need to insert daily and remove lenses.
  • Visit Lashmeiker in a timely manner for the correction procedure. Volume 4D requires updating once in 3-4 weeks.

Master class from Eva Bond on the extension of 4D eyelashes you can see below.

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