All about building eyelashes 6D

All about building eyelashes 6D

Beautiful eyes, expressive look make a woman irresistible. Therefore, in the arsenal, many ladies have a huge amount of decorative cosmetics to create a spectacular appearance. The modern beauty industry offers different technologies that help girls look more attractive. One of these technologies – bulk eyelash extension.


Not every woman has long dense fluffy eyelashes. The use of carcasses does not always lead to the desired result, and the overhead products are quite difficult to attach carefully. And then, many fair sex representatives appeal for help to professionals to increase eyelashes. The procedure is long and tedious, but gives a wonderful effect. Eyelashes acquire volume by creating accent before.

There are many types of buildings, but the main principle of all techniques is to fix additional hairs or whole beams to their own client eyelashes. 6D is the attachment of a beam of 6 hairs. Such extension is often called Hollywood because stars

Hollywood often resorted to him by creating their images.

Bundles can be made of silk, silicone, artificial fibers, mink wool and other animals. For 6D silicone is practically not used, as the woman will acquire an unnatural puppet look, in addition, silicone – heavy material. Mink and silk wool products have a rather light thin elastic structure, and eyelashes are obtained lush, long and thick, and the look becomes sensual and charming. The peculiarity of these materials is a small weight, they do not create weighting. Several glued hairs are easier than one natural eyelashes.

However, products from mink wool and other animals are not homogeneous. Village may differ long, thickness, color. In addition, they are not over 2-3 weeks, and contacts with water must be minimized. Although natural materials are subject to special processing, they may cause an allergic reaction appearance. therefore Today, synthetic materials are usually used for extension.

In the cabin, the master can offer make eyelashes from “Silk”, “Mink”, “Sable”. It should be understood that these words are called artificial fiber products, with their external qualities resembling natural material. Most often, modern products are made of polybutylene terephthalate or polyester. Products can be matte and glossy, they are characterized by softness, elasticity, resistance to burnout, are not afraid of mechanical deformation. Artificial eyelashes do not create inconvenience, do not harm natural.

With a properly performed procedure, a woman does not feel any discomfort, the weight of the beams is balanced.

Pros and cons

Like any procedure for improving appearance, extension has its advantages that many.

  • Hollywood buildup suits women with almost any type of appearance and eye shape, especially suitable for those ladies who have inexpressive rare short eyelashes. Do not do it only if the eyes are narrow or convex.
  • One of the main advantages is the transformation of the image, because the eyelashes acquire considerable volume and lug.
  • The procedure is distinguished by harmlessness and security, there are no side effects. Everyday business can return immediately upon completion of the process.
  • No longer needed additional makeup, which saves a woman a lot of time in the morning for its application and in the evening for proper wash using special means. In this case, the eyes in any situation look beautiful.
  • An experienced master will offer such a technique at which you can implement eye shape correction.
  • Extensive eyelashes – not a reason to give up the walk, if the street is raw rainy weather, and you can even afford the sea bathing.

Unfortunately, there are also negative sides.

  • The wonderful effect does not last forever, the duration of the period depends on the selected technology. In the case of 6D, it is limited to 2-3 weeks, as the mega-volume does not contribute to strengthening its own eyelashes, after it is needed to break the eye.
  • After extension, it will be necessary to observe special caution when performing many everyday affairs.
  • Behind the face and artificial eyelashes will need to be appropriate.
  • If one bundle falls, urgent correction will need, since the flaw will become very noticeable.

It is worth noting and the high cost of the procedure compared to other techniques.

Extension technology

Any extension, and especially volume, Do not fulfill yourself at home, Since a person who is not a specialist may assume a number of errors that will lead to unpleasant consequences. The experienced master will correctly select the glue composition and material, will spend a test for allergic reactions, as well as take into account the eye shape when performing work to obtain a beautiful result. During the procedure, the woman lies on the couch. 6D extension technology lasts a few hours and consists of several stages.

  • Cleaning Eye from decorative cosmetics. It is quite possible to spend at home yourself. From the carcass it is worth abandoning the day before the visit to the salon, since its smallest particles can remain at the base of the eyelashes, and the effect of extension will be unstable.
  • Degreasing eyelashes and the skin of the eyelids using a special.
  • Fixation of the lower row of eyelashes on the skin with a special adhesive tape. Over the protective pad is stacked to protect the skin from glue.
  • Application of glue on the base of the beam of the material.
  • Attachment beam to the eyelash. One tweezers master shifts eyelashes, and the other holds the material. Artificial products are attached to one bundle in the direction from the temple to the bridge.

At the end of the session, the Master checks the quality of work: combs extensive eyelashes using a special brush. If there are shortcomings, they are eliminated.

At the end of the action, the master usually gives care recommendations.

Who fits?

Women are usually addressed to extension, which have a quick pace of life and a rich schedule of events. However, it should be understood that 6D technology gives too much an increase in the volume of eyelashes, which looks inappropriate, and sometimes even vulgar in everyday life. 6D-extension is, rather, the way to create an interesting image for a solemn event.

Especially spectacularly look at the images with the addition of colored beams, which are attached to the external edges of the cilia rows. For example, a girl on the wedding day you want to be unique. The created effect is suitable for a model that is actively involved in photo shoots, or actress for a specific role. Hollywood extension often apply show business stars, which often appear in the public, as well as amateur to attend secular events and parties.

Although the procedure of extension is safe, there are a number of contraindications. With 6D technology, they are observed strictly.

  • Master will refuse to do work in the presence of eye diseases, dermatitis. Contraindications will be frequent conjunctivitis, exposure to infections.
  • From the procedure it is necessary to refuse When an allergic reaction is detected On materials and used substances (for example, degreaser, glue), when using contact lenses.
  • Too fatty eyelids will contribute to the rapid destruction of glue, the beams of the eyelashes will not hold on long.
  • Extension will not affect very dry skin of the eyelids, not suitable with high eye sensitivity, tear.
  • 6D should not be done if Eyelashes Thin or weakened.

How to care?

After the extension, you will have to stick to some eyelashes care rules to keep their beautiful view as long as possible. OCarefully comply with the recommendations will require 6D.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to abandon the use of carcasses (and with the existing mega complimentary, it is unlikely to use it).
  2. Gently wash.
  3. Will have to change some principles of face care. The use of fatty creams and oils containing oils may result in their eyes and eyelashes and will cause the destruction of the glue structure and peeling the beams of the material.
  4. You can not allow mechanical impact: to touch the eyelashes with your fingers, rub them. Sleeping on the back or on the side so that the face does not touch the pillow.
  5. It is worth abandoning the visits to the baths, saunas, solarium.
  6. You need to cancel visiting the pool, as chlorinated water negatively affects glue strength.

About how to care for extensive eyelashes, you can find out in the following video

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