All about extension of eyelashes 5D

All about extension of eyelashes 5D

For someone extension of eyelashes – just a rational solution that allows not waste time for daily makeup. Someone due to extension solves the problem of small or very light, rare eyelashes. But there are those who want to create a completely new visual effect in the eye area, which is naturally impossible to achieve which is impossible. And such girls should think about building eyelashes 5D.

What is myself?

The history of such bulk eyelashes is leaving in Hollywood: many celebrities were used this procedure (and today it cannot be said that this embodiment remains unclaimed). The feature of these extensive eyelashes is lung.

If you have one artificial attachment with classic buildings, then the 5D technology fixes the whole beam on its own eyelash. And it must be glued so that the preserved shape of the whine is making an image of a more natural.

With this technique, you can get completely different effects of eye design. We list the most demanded.

  • “Fox”. Lashmaster uses hairs of different lengths. Closer to the inner corner of the eye sticks short, long vehicles are fixed. They imitate the arrow, which attaches the view of the fox.
  • “Squirrel”. In this case, thick artificial eyelashes beams are pasted only on the outer corner of the eye.
  • “Case”. This technology involves the use of maximum long hairs throughout the length of the century. Eyes become puppet, and many clients are exactly the result and need.
  • Natural. The option is not the most common, since the specificity of 5D does not imply the creation of naturalness. But if a good master caught, he will be able to find a balance.
  • Valid. In this case, Lashmaster alternates when sticking long and short hairs.

There are certainly more creative options, with rhinestone, for example, but these types of increment 5D should be described separately.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hollywood buildup has indisputable advantages and discussed minuses.

The advantages of technology include:

  • Creating an incredible eyelash+
  • Formation of a special depth and expressiveness of the view+
  • The process of increasing the process is faster than the chore method+
  • Saving time in the morning makeup.

That is why women are solved on a 5D volume capable of creating an effect that cannot be noticed.

The main minus method, judging by the reviews of the client, is Strong load on their eyelashes and eyelids. Due to the significant weight of the beams of the eyelashes fall faster. BUT those women who are from nature weak cilias in principle cannot use this technique. Finally, for permanent use, this technique is also not suitable: often this option is chosen for a significant event, such as weddings.

About how eyelashes look after Hollywood buildup can be judged by photographs.

Someone like this option, someone considers it redundant, this is a matter of taste and relevance. Not all types of face, eye forms, not every age suits this technique, an individual approach to the client is obligatory.

Who fits?

Such a method is suitable for those who are ready for serious transfigurations: the features of the face visually change a little, the look becomes more open. If at such bright eyelashes in makeup to focus on the lips, it is easy to miss and get the result from the Too Much series.

Therefore, there is a Hollywood extension to girls, initially ready for a very bright and expressive result.

Suitable 5D to those who have:

  • His own eyelashes are strong, long enough and not very rare (they will be supported by artificial beams)+
  • From nature Expressive features of the face, if the appearance cannot be called, the hyperobility can lead to an undesirable effect, which will be expressed by disharmony+
  • The task is to attract attention, make an image particularly bright, it can be some kind of holiday event, and sometimes the performers of ballroom dancing, figure skaters, gymnasts are treated to such an extension, since stage makeup may require some exaggeration+
  • there is a desire to stand out from the crowd, to become very noticeable, change its appearance if not fundamentally, then significantly.

To whom, on the contrary, may not fit the Hollywood buildup – it will still be considered individually, but there are general trends. It is worth understanding that such large eyelashes, impressive length and dense, attract attention to the face in general and to the skin in particular. Become especially noticeable wrinkles, pigmentation, ptosis. therefore Age clients such a type of eyelash extension is rare.

It will not be convincingly look at girls with soft features, calm color. Too lush eyelashes will look inorganized with external data available. The masses themselves focus on the fact that the concept of beauty does not have strict criteria. Only one of them is an axiom – the appearance must be harmonious.

In principle, everyone in a row women to approach extensive eyelashes, not every type of appearance need such a bright accent on the eyes. And this is worth aware. As it is worth and understand that a long and constantly carrying 5D-volume is simply impossible – there is a risk of staying without your own eyelashes and acquire problems with vision.

Need to do long breaks to relax your own eyelashes from such a load.


In addition to the fact that the eyelashes can be given an unreal volume, in parallel they can also be decorated. Decor on cilia can look original, which allows the girl to add a highlight to its image. Again, it is not necessary to do this with a “long time” sight, it is better to wind up increasing with decoration to some event or event.

These are the options of the decor exist:

  • feathers – If the wizard knows a lot about the relevance, then he will make miniature attacks of feathers in the cilia and performs it so that the appearance of the client this decision will only add harmony+
  • rhinestones – the option loses its former popularity, but does not lose loyal fans, and if someone made it with his highlight, do not give it to the cojacious fashion+
  • Colored cilia – They decorate the main color, although the extension of the entire color eyelashes is also possible.

If you stand out for such decoration, the client does not want, you can make just very long eyelashes in 14 mm. The Master will advise whether to focus on the length, it depends on the source data of the eyelashes, and from the width / depth of the area of ​​the eyes and T. D.

Very often contact customers with a request to make 5D buildup, but that the shape of the ciliary was A la Cime Kardashian. American star dictates fashion and in this direction. This effect is expressed in the form of eyelashes “rays”, which give a special expressiveness to the view. Not every master is taken for such buildup, although it goes almost to all.

As executed?

Often the Master recommends a preliminary consultation: he must see the client to face, inspect the source data, the status of the eyelashes. It is necessary, for example, that a woman has time to prepare for the procedure, for example, to strengthen their cilia, engage in oil therapy. Yet Load with Hollywood buildup Considerable and improving their own eyelashes will definitely not be.

The algorithm of extension procedures looks like.

  1. Need to remove makeup, it is better to do it at home. Leather and eyelashes must be clean.
  2. Lashmaster degreases cilia, it is necessary for better fixation of glue.
  3. Lower cilia specialist with a special ribbon presses to the skin to protect them from the adhesive composition.
  4. Print bundles Master will be a special tweeze that immerses every bunch in glue. On average, the entire procedure takes 2-2.5 hours.
  5. Upon completion of gluing the master combing new cilia, it is necessary to detect possible spaces. Correction may be required.

The eyelary row should be uniform in the thickness, the bend of all the cilia should be the same.

It is very important that an artificial fragment does not glue his own hairs, otherwise the undesirable effect of pulled skin will appear. Wearing such eyelashes will be hard, inconvenient.

Subsequent care

He is not less important than searching for a good master. Natural eyelashes are updated regularly, this process cannot be stopped. Old hairs fall out, new ones grow up in their place, and together with the felling cilia and glued to her bundle.

Some clients think that this is a marriage of the master, but it is not necessary to scold a non-clear specialist: yet a Hollywood bundle keeps on the skin, but on its own cilia client. And with natural falling is lost and it is, it is normal and predictable. therefore 2-3 weeks after the extension, the woman goes to the correction.

In order for extensive cilia to serve the entire possible period, you must adhere to the following recommendations.

  1. In the first day after the procedure, try not to wash at all, Do not use creams, gels, tonic, lotions – everything that can come into contact with the adhesive basis. Naturally, shower and bath, sauna and swimming pool on this day are also excluded. If the street is snow or rain, you need to think about how to protect yourself from moisture exposure.
  2. Oil-based cosmetics should be used as less as possible, especially in the first days after extension. Oil components as nothing else destructively act on the adhesive coupling.
  3. Decorative mascara 5D in principle is not needed, But if it is decided to use it, it should be rare. Apply the waterproof mascara is prohibited, it adversely affects glue.
  4. Ciller curlsWith well-done buildup become a tool in which there is no need. But there are women who do not mind to make the effect of Hollywood eyelashes even more tangible. However, such a curling is fraught with ruling of eyelashes and even whole beams. Do not even do this.
  5. The face in the pillow should not sleep – From this habit it should be offended by everyone who builds eyelashes. Yes, and for the face, such a habit is harmful. Primpted hairs are frozen, aesthetics of the ciliary row is broken. It is possible that the hairs will start rolling alone at all.
  6. If a woman wears lenses, the master should warn her that extension of eyelashes is unsafe. The risk of allergy grows, and this is fraught with a severe inflammatory process.

Do not build eyelashes and women with chronic conjunctivitis. Not all ladies pay attention to such a contraindication, hide from Lashmaster unfavorable diagnosis. But the disease always affects the eyelids themselves, and the extension can provoke exacerbation.

Not quite favorably and not fully safely engaged in building eyelashes, and even in such a volume, like 5D, in the period of hormonal rearrangements. Pregnancy, menopause, breastfeeding, teenage age, endocrinological diagnoses – all this conditional bans for the transformation of the ciliary zone. The likelihood is great that even the cilia of the highest quality fixation will not stand the increase in the natural fall out of their own hairs.

You can not independently remove extensive eyelashes. Even if it seems that they are about to dope, independent removal can seriously damage the structure of their own hairs. The master removes the cilia special composition, softening glue.

Do eyelashes with superobice or not – solutions individual. It is necessary to remember about the precautionary measures, and the possible allergic reaction to the adhesive composition, and the potential deterioration of the state of their own cilia, and even some risk for sight. But if you make a Hollywood look really, you should choose the masters and the salon with a special addiction.

The visual process of eyelash extension 5D Look in the video further.

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