All about eyelash correction

All about eyelash correction

Eyelash extensions – a procedure that conquered millions of girls around the world. What could be better than waking up “fully arms” and do not need decorative cosmetics? However, the use of artificial eyelashes is limited, so After a while you have to resort to their correction.

Features of the procedure

Correction of extensive eyelashes – The procedure designed to restore their initial appearance. It lies in the addition of artificial hairs on “propellars”, which appeared on the site of fallen or spoiled eyelashes. By time, the correction takes less time than the extension itself – it lasts about 40-60 minutes.

On the question of the need for correction can be answered as follows: Even the natural cilia does not “live” longer than 3 months – it falls out, and in her place grows a new. And since the extensive eyelashes are attached precisely to natural, then they fall down with them. Due to the additional load, the life of own eyelashes is reduced.

Change of eyelashes, the change in their length is very noticeable: artificial hairs are beginning to be confused, twisted, free space appear, which looks ugly. That is why extensive eyelashes need periodic correction.


There are 2 varieties of cilia correction. The choice of one of them is determined by the initially used method of extension.

  • Purgatory correction. Lashmeaker attachs artificial hairs sly to natural eyelashes.
  • Puchkova. Often used with volumetric buildup. First, a beam made of several hairs of different lengths is formed, after which it is glued to the eyelashes.


The life of your own “living” cilias on average is a month and a half. Based on this, the first Correction procedure is recommended to be carried out 15-20 days after extension. Next, the wizard will rate the status of the eyelashes and will tell you when you need to come to the following procedure. As a rule, the interval between the corrections is 30 days.

The procedure is not carried out on weakened, broken, thinned natural cilia. If the Lashmeaker sees such a picture, it will recommend to remove artificial material and give the eyes to rest. By the way, the reception of hormones and antibiotics, as well as hormonal “bursts” in the body of a woman lead to a decrease in the period of wearing extensive eyelashes. Then the correction will need to do more often.

Frequency of procedure depends on the following factors.

  • From how quickly grow their own eyelashes.
  • How a girl cares for extensive material, Does all the recommendations of the Master respect.
  • What method of extension was chosen: Solver or beam. In the first case, the hairs are held longer.
  • How often artificial eyelashes are in contact with water: Will their mistress sauna, swimming pool, and maybe she is a lover to swim in the sea? Chlorine, which is present in tap water, contributes to the splitting of the adhesive substance, and under the influence of high temperatures it softened. All this shortens the life of the extensive material.
  • Use of a fat basis for daily care, containing different oils or alcohol, also reduces the duration of “life” of artificial cilia.
  • If in the process of increasing / correction procedure, low-quality materials were used, then you should not wait for the eyelashes for a long time.
  • Saving on professionalism and experiment Lashmeiker also often leaves sideways.
  • Sleep face in a pillow promotes the clogging of artificial hairs and their fallout. Try to sleep on your back or on my side.
  • Frequent touch to eyes, handkerchief, glackere glasses lead to deformation of extensive eyelashes, their twisting and falling out. The same thing happens when the water jet direction is directly in the face in the process of washing.

As executed?

Correction procedure is carried out without complete removal of artificial hairs: Delete only abstract items that significantly saves time and money. However, this method is suitable only if 50% and more extensive cilia are preserved and no more than 2-3 weeks have passed since the extension / previous correction.

Stages of the procedure:

  • Eyelashes are calculated, Lashmeaker highlights among their masses those that will soon disappear+
  • Each hairs (or beam) is processed by a special tool solvent glue+
  • Eyelashes are degreasing+
  • All extensive hairs, fixed on very grown natural eyelashes are removed+
  • New elements are glued to vacation places+
  • In the same way, there is an extension on the eyelashes that were not used last time (were powdered, weak).

Many girls prefer to complete eyelash in every correction. It includes the removal of the old material and extension of the new. Refrigeration has a number of advantages over the correction:

  • You can go to it less often – once every 1.5-2 months, whereas they go to the correction every 3-4 weeks+
  • Refrigerant is hygienic, since the remnants of the old glue are removed together with artificial cilias together with dust, skin parties, sebum, residues of decorative cosmetics.

However, there are advantages and correction:

  • it is cheaper, it takes much less time+
  • It is possible to choose eyelashes identical in appearance and structure already available.

How to correctly adjust the cilia (by partial removal or complete reconciliation) – each decides itself by assessing the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Subsequent care

Everything that happens after the extension of the eyelashes is somehow affected by the term of their wearing. Therefore, there are certain rules for the care that must be observed. So, first week after the procedure, you need to adhere to such recommendations.

  • It is strictly forbidden to wet extensive hairs before the day after the extension / correction. During this period, a hitch of artificial material with natural, dries glue. After this time, you can solve the eyelashes with water, slightly flush the face with a lounge (or with a short pile) with a towel, carefully combing them with a special silicone brush, twisting on the reverse side.
  • Do not touch eyelashes with your hands. Even on clean fingers there is a skin fat, which adversely affects the adhesive, dissolving it. In addition, the mechanical exposure artificial hairs twisted, lose the position specified by the master, and eventually fall off.
  • The first week after building / correction is taboo to visit the bath, sauna, solarium. Do not also make steam baths for the face.
  • Get to sleep by bolding off face in a pillow.
  • If you made an extension / eyelash correction and left for the sea, Remember: You can safely swim and sunbathe, but here is scuba diving, diving are not recommended.
  • If in your plumbing is too chlorinated water, You will have to wash boiled.
  • To care for skin in the orbital zone Choose light fluids and serums that do not contain in the composition of oils.
  • If you like decorative cosmetics, refrain from its application at least in the first 4 days after building / correction.

How to care for:

  • For washing, it is preferable to use soap for children or a special micellar foam+
  • wiping your face with a towel, only slightly wash the eyelashes, do not try your eyes+
  • Daily in the morning and evening, calculate the hairs, screwing them down and giving them a prime+
  • Decorative cosmetics with eyes remove with a sponium or cotton sticks, mixing them with micellar water+
  • Care funds put on the skin no later than a couple of hours before the deposit.

Tips for specialists

The increase in the interval between visits to the lushmeiker depends on the quality of everyday care of extensive eyelashes. The professionals were formulated by several recommendations, adhering to which you can delay the correction / reconciliation procedure:

  • Be sure to remove all the decorative cosmetics before bedtime, both from the eye and the face as a whole+
  • Do not use waterproof mascara+
  • Carefully read the composition of any cosmetics, watch there there is no alcohol, oils+
  • For feeding the roots of natural eyelashes, periodically make a row on the eyelids using chamomile beam, black tea, calendula, nettle+
  • If you decide to remove artificial material and give the cilia to relax, it’s time to engage in their strengthening: to apply the whole length of therapeutic oil – castor, ray, olive, coconut, almond, grape bones.

Remember the following: extensive hairs can not be continuously wearing a few years in a row, you need to pause and remove them. If your natural eyelashes are thin and weak from nature, make intervals every 3-6 months, if strong – at least once a year.

More information about how to make eyelashes correction, you will learn from the following video.

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