All about eyelashes 8D

All about eyelashes 8D

Eyelash extensions are a cosmetic procedure that is very popular for no first year. Several of its directions and species, one recently appeared from which is 8D. About what is such a procedure, which subtleties have, and what result it is possible to achieve with its help, we will tell in this article.

Pros and cons

Effect of extensive eyelashes 8D is A peculiar novelty. This technology has some nuances in their fulfillment, and only experienced and qualified masters can cope with it correctly.

The main advantages of such buildings are quite a lot.

  • During the procedure itself Artificial cilia are used, Made of practically weightless threads. This allows you to save the result for a long time – up to 3.5 months.
  • For temporary, more precisely, short-term extension Such a procedure is also perfect.
  • 8d Eyelashes will become an excellent solution of makeup for any solemn event.
  • Apply any other cosmetics on the eyes after the procedure can also be. But this is not necessary – the eyelashes themselves act as the main makeup of the eye.
  • After such a procedure Permitted after a day to use and creams, and lotions of skin care lotions.
  • Most of the eyelashes themselves increase, and the look becomes more expressive.
  • If the girl has very rare cilia from nature, or they have different lengths, such extension will make it easy to disguise this drawback.

However, despite such a wide list of advantages, the extension of the eyelashes 8D has its very significant disadvantages.

  • Durable procedure. Standard extension for this technology takes about 3-4 hours.
  • Significant weighting of the century. When performing the procedure, 8 artificial hair fonts are fixed at once. As a result, the eyelid itself weighs 8 times harder than the usual. Many girls are getting used to it for a long time, and their gaze as a result almost all the time hear.
  • After removing the extensive eyelashes, their hairs look, indeed, a pity – they are thin, brittle, can start falling out. On the complete restoration of natural eyelashes will take at least less than a month, subject to regular use of caring tools.

There is another significant minus – the eyelashes themselves and the overall look look too unfulstly, which immediately rushes into the eyes, and sometimes it looks very repulsive.

Therefore, it is important to choose, indeed, an experienced master who can not only fulfill the entire procedure correctly, but also help choose the appropriate type of its execution.

Types and forms

Under the form of extension of eyelashes on technology 8D, it is necessary to understand the shape of the bending of the hairs themselves. It may be as follows:

  • B – Fully natural bending+
  • C – In this case, the cili’s tips are slightly raised upwards, which allows you to slightly open the eyes, making them more expressive+
  • CC – reinforced bending, which is more pronounced than in the previous version+
  • D – The effect of puppet eyelashes, is used with bundled buildup+
  • L – the strongest bend option, in which the cilia in the external corners of the eye are twisted stronger from the very base.

Types of building – this is an accommodation option along the entire length of the century.

It is the species that determines exactly how the eyes will look after the procedure, and helps if necessary, adjust their shape.

Several types of extension using 8D technology.

  • Lysius Vozp – one of the most popular techniques. It involves the extension of the longest cilia on the outside of the century, and shorter – internal. Moreover, such a transition along the length is very smooth, which allows you to create a beautiful and mounted look with the chick.

  • BELICH EFFECT very similar to the previous option. However, the difference between hairs on the outer and inner sides of the century is more obvious – there is no smooth transition along the length.

  • Uniform extension implies the use of only artificial cilias of the same length. If the work is performed by an experienced master, the result looks very natural.

  • Use of hairs of different lengths – Multi-caliber extension – allows you to create a fluffy eye effect in a very velvet framing. Beautiful, but it is immediately clear that he is unattended.

  • With puppet increment Also used hairs of the same height, but choose only the longest of them. A look in this case after completing the work looks particularly expressive.

Choose the form and type of extension using 8D technology is better not independently, but together with the master. This will give the opportunity to choose the best option that will not only arrange the client, but also look as beautiful as possible and natural.

How is the extension occurs?

Before starting work, the Master must prepare all the necessary tools and materials, Wash your hands thoroughly and put on sterile disposable gloves.

The client’s face is completely cleaned from the remnants of cream and cosmetics. Even if there is no makeup on the face, you still need to wipe the skin with a special tonic. Especially in the eye.

Taking a special patch, the master puts it to the eyelids of the client, the most tightly pressing him to the ridge place. Then makes marks on it, which in the future will indicate the places of fastening of beams of extensive eyelashes.

Tweezers get prepared hair and dip the lower edge into the glue, and then pressed to the place of growth of native cilias: 1 beam – on 1 hair.

The remnants of the adhesive must be immediately removed by a special napkin. After completion of the eyelids, it is cleaned of glue residues, the cilia is combed with a brush, correcting their shape.

How long to hold?

Wizards for extension suggest that the maximum duration of socks of such cilias according to 8D technology is just over 3 months. However, they themselves do not advise wearing their more than one and a half months. Too big load in the eyelid.

Moreover, it is considered absolutely normal if 3 weeks after the cilia procedure will begin to fall out.


It is necessary to care for extensive eyelashes 8D as well as for any other:

  • Do not wet them for the first 3 hours after the procedure+
  • Do not visit during the first days of saunas and pools+
  • refrain+
  • Do not use fatty eye creams+
  • After any contact with water, carefully derived cilia with a special brush.

8D cilia is bright and catchy, but such an extension option is better suited for special cases, and not for everyday socks.

About how to choose the length of eyelashes when building up, you can find out below.

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