All about fixers for extensive eyelashes

All about fixers for extensive eyelashes

Many girls seeking to look spectacularly, stop their choice on such a procedure as eyelash extension. Thanks to her, you can get elegant eyelashes that can never be achieved by the use of carcasses. The minus the extension will be the fact that the eyelashes do not hold for a long time – only 3 weeks, and sometimes less, then the planned correction is required.

To stretch the term socks a bit, experts advise apply a fixer.

What it is?

The fixer for extensive eyelashes is one of the cosmetology innovations. It is a means in the form of a gel that is used to secure the result of extension.

If we talk about application, you can mark two types of funds available today: Professional and home.

  • Professional Proposals are used only by Lashmeters. Conducting extension, the master inflicts a fixer to the clutch area of ​​natural and artificial eyelashes. This serves as a kind of insurance in case, if adhesive for some reason does not grab.
  • Homework Proposals are designed for personal use. Such means to secure the girl are applied by their own at home to extend the sense of socks of artificial hairs.

Why need?

It is worth saying that not every wizard uses a fixer in his work, considering this excessive time. And in vain, because, according to the observations of specialists, additionally fixed eyelashes are rushed longer and look better.

Let’s see what advantages promises the use of this fund.

  • Polymerization and protection of water glue. After the procedure, the wizard always tells the clients not to water the face at least a few hours. But what to do, if on the street + 40 ° C and pursues a unbearable desire to wash? That is why many ladies ignore the recommendations of the masters. But if you apply the latch on the eyelashes, the glue will be reliably protected and do not have to think about the effects of washing.
  • The presence of vitamins and nutrients. In a good fixer will always be nutrients that will help to saturate the skin and eyelashes, which will definitely affect their appearance. In addition, during the holidays from the extension of the eyelashes will be recovered faster.
  • Mini-correction. Sometimes it happens that the eyelashes holds on an honest word, and is about to disappear. But before the correction is still far away, and I also do not want to lose a beautiful look. The fixer will help the cilia in place, not injuring natural hairs.


We have already considered fixers for extensive eyelashes on the type of application (domestic and professional), but these classification are not limited to. All tools are still distinguished by texture.

  • Varnish. Similar funds are intended for use in beauty salons. With their help, the wizard enshrines extensive eyelashes, providing their long sock. Varnish secrets are valid for a week and if you need to extend the effect, you will have to visit the masters every 7 days.
  • Gel. Such fixers are also used only by professionals. They are applied to the root of the eyelashes, this agent is valid less – a maximum of 5 days. It is intended only for glue quality high quality. It is not necessary to apply it.
  • Nourishing. These are very light seafronts for domestic use. They are applied to the whole eyelashes – from the root to the tip. The composition not only feeds the hairs and saturates it with vitamins, but also fixes the eyelashes, creating a spectacular line.

In addition, fixers are two colors: Transparent and black. The first option is more popular. With it, you can create a more natural image, it is more vitamin, rather than the composition intended for a chic bow. But black products will help create a deep and heartfelt look.

They are suitable for 3D eyelashes and more, emphasize the “puppet” extension, create a lining effect.

Rating funds

Proposals for extensive eyelashes are produced in large quantities, the main thing is to choose a really high-quality product. Let’s see what professional lossekers speak this.


Manufacturer country of this product – Korea, which is famous for high-quality cosmetics and regular innovations. Fixers from the brand are saturated with hairs, penetrating deep into the skin. They provide beautiful and natural shine.

And if the tool causes a master, then you can delay the correction of at least a week.


This is another Korean fixer, aimed at fully protecting eyelashes from exposure to adverse weather conditions. It blocks moisture and wind exposure, but allows the skin to breathe.

It is necessary to apply it once every 14 days.


This product also belongs to Korean manufacturers. Professional product that is used in beauty salons. The composition is collagen and herbs.

Applied to the entire eyelashes of the whole, prolongs the term socks for 7 days.


Closes our rating of the best funds Russian IRISK fixer. It can be used in the cabin, and at home. Initially, the wizard enshrines the result, so that the eyelashes are securely connected with glue and acquire the desired view. Then 2-3 times a week you can apply a home to keep the shine and beautiful bending of hairs.

You can delay the correction for 10 days.

Tips for choosing

The correct selection of the fixer should be based At several points.

  • Shape of brushes. Thin brushes are designed for professional use in salons. Products similar to a carcass brush are suitable for homemade.
  • Shelf life. This indicator must be taken into account, otherwise, at best, the drug does not work, and at worst – you have to go to the doctor with irritation and edema of the cornea.
  • Packaging integrity. A tube with a fixer in no way can be opened before use, since the shelf life can change and guess when the package was discovered, it will be impossible.
  • Normal smell. The lock has a thin fragrance or does not smell like anything. If a sharp smell hit the nose, it is better to refrain from buying.
  • Colour. As already known, there are transparent and black fixers, choose the one that meets your goals and expected results.
  • Brand. To date, the launchers for eyelashes produce many firms, but it is better to stay on proven brands. If lipstick, for example, can sometimes buy from an unknown manufacturer, then with the eyes it is better not to joke.

How to use?

The first time the fixer will apply the Lashmeaker himself, carefully distributing it. The effect is enough for a while, so further you will apply the nutritional clamps themselves after 7-10 days after extension. The person will need to rinse with warm water, and then wait until the cilia is dried. Next, they need to comb on a special brush or comb and can be attached to applying a fixer.

Apply a means very easy. Since all nutrient fixers have the same brush as in a carcass, movements should be the same as when painting eyelashes. Move from the base of the hairs to its tip, all movements should be light. The tips can also be slightly twisted, for this they should make smooth circular motions. Remember that any retainer will wash off after the first wash, because such funds have a water base.

However, it is impossible to get used daily: on the package each manufacturer writes how often it is necessary to apply.

About why need a fixer for extensive eyelashes and how to use it, learn below.

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