All about the bending of the CC eyelashes for extension

All about the bending of the CC eyelashes for extension

There are several types of eyelash extensions, and SS is one of the most popular among them. Extensive hairs look as if they were twisted by forceps. Such an option is perfect for women with hanging eyelids, growing down with cilia, deeply planted with eyes. The image is obtained glamorous.


Bending of extensive eyelashes CC allows you to solve several problems at once. He drastically changes the perception of the eyes and the image in general. This option, lashmeters are chosen due to several reasons, and the main of them are to:

  1. feeling lightness+
  2. Simplicity of fixation+
  3. Putting expressiveness of the eyes.

A fair sex, who chose this bend, should prepare for the fact that The process of extension will be time consuming and will take a lot of time. Beauty salon specialist will need to attach order 100 synthetic hair to each century. In some cases, if natural eyelashes are rare, the number increases.

If you take advantage of 2D-buildings in which 2 synthetic hairs are attached to each cilia, you can get the maximum thickness, significantly increase the volume.

Masters often advise such bend to girls who are blondes from nature, with blond eyelashes that dreams of making them thick. Such bending is suitable for everyday, solemn and business styles – it is universal.


Many weak sex representatives are interested The difference in bends with and ss. Both options are equally popular.

The key feature of the SS is to give the maximum depth. The main task is to make the look sensual and expressive. To achieve the impression of the naturalness of the wizard cover each eyelid of the hundreds of artificial veins. Thanks to 2D buildings, it is possible to increase the thickness 2 times.

It is undesirable to use such a bend on eyelids with leather, prone to fat content, predisposed to conjunctivitis.

SS-linging is in demand among girls who prefer to use their masses with the corresponding effect.

Bending c as close as possible to natural, It has a natural rounding on the tip of the eyelashes. He visually opens a glance, gives him flirt.

If necessary, creating an impression of open eyes to the rescue will be bending SS. This is an excellent solution for ladies with an insufficient volume that constantly uses decorative cosmetics. The process of applying makeup will simplify.

Effects and ways of extension

Eyelash extension 2D is a classic. At the end of the procedure, they are bent to eyebrows, look more attractive compared to straight. This type of bend specialist will suggest if a woman wants to become a winner of fluffy eyelashes. He becomes a find for ladies who do not have an extra free minute in the morning, business lady.

But it is important to know that there are some restrictions for the use of SS-bending, mainly related to age. Otherwise, it is possible to damage the image, to emphasize the imperfection and wrinkles in the field of eye on the skin.

With the bend, the SS is well combined the effects of “chanterelle”, “doll”, “kitty”, “squirrel”.

  • To receive “Laja” The effect of villus of various lengths are positioned in a certain order, as a result, the glance is turned out to be mysterious.
  • “Case” transforms the face of a woman, ideal for those who plan to participate in photo shoots. Long artificial fibers use for extension.
  • “Feline” The look is created by fastening the villi from the middle of the century.
  • “Squirrel” Looks like a “chantech”, but the cilia increases closer to the center.

There is still a discharged option when synthetic hairs are attached to the natural alternation. And “Hollywood” effect with dense and elongated eyelashes over the entire line.

Fractional cilia with bending SS differ thick and length. It is recommended that these parameters (they are defined in millimeters) defined the master. The choice is offered cilia length from 5 to 18 mm.

  1. Vile up to 9 mm are the most fragile, they are increasing to the upper part of the century.
  2. 10-14 mm is a universal version with an ideal length ratio, thickness and mass.
  3. The main purpose of hairs to 18 mm is to appeal expressiveness.

Who fits?

SS Begib is resorted to the creation of images for participation in photo shoots and official events. If the eyelashes bend down, and the outer angle of the eye is omitted – the SS is a great solution. Naturalness is achieved in a complex with a partial volume. Women who have widely planted eyes, the selected bend makes it possible to correct them. Synthetic patches are fixed in the center and by the inner line of the century.

Many women growing eyelashes do not refuse to use carcasses. Experts do not recommend using it, since the washing of cosmetics will increase the risk of damage to artificial hairs.

In addition, cosmetic products provoke irritation on the skin after extension. If you decide to grow eyelashes, stop your cheg SS – it looks truly attractively and fits most.

About how to choose the bend of the eyelashes, look next.

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