Bunch of eyelashes

Bunch of eyelashes

Make a look more expressive and bright with the help of extensive eyelashes. Cosmetic procedure can be carried out in different ways. Many ladies choose extensions with beams. About this method we will talk in today’s article.

Pros and cons

Recently, the extension of the eyelashes has become a popular procedure to which many women are addressed. In demand became Bucket technology. With the right execution, fashion show is obtained bright, expressive and attractive.

This procedure, like any other, has strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start with the first.

  1. Technique is relatively simple. Often extension of this type make at home without using a professional tool.
  2. With this method of extension appears Ability to independently adjust the volume and length of hairs Thanks to the addition of additional beams. The girl can easily transform and change the usual image literally during the day.
  3. With the help of beams you can form an interesting, dramatic image. Such solutions will be win-win for the scene. In this one of the main differences in this technique compared to the pistonization. The latter usually looks more natural and suits not only for some events, but also for the office.
  4. Bucket extension is distinguished Democratic value. A set of beams depending on the brand can do in the amount of from 100 to 700 rubles. This cost can afford almost every woman, especially if you consider the fact that the beams are often manufactured by reusable. Traditional extension is always much more expensive.
  5. When removing the beam increment, costs are also minimal. When there is a need for this, the girl gently removes the bundles. With the same extension of the composite type, you have to visit the masters.
  6. Puchow extension practically does not harm his own eyelashes, If you choose a high-quality glue composition.

Now consider the shortcomings of beam buildup.

  • Little effect. Porenny extension can successfully hold on to one and a half months. The bunny technique will enjoy a spectacular look just a couple of weeks.
  • Some girls celebrate that wearing bundles turns out to be less convenient, rather than separately extensive cilia.
  • In most cases, beams Look unnatural, And if at least one of them will break down, it will immediately be noticeable.


Beam extension divided into different types. Get acquainted with each of them.


With this technology, the hairs glued in such a way that together represent a peculiar part of the arrangement of the century with cilia. The finished hair is glued with this method create an effect close to the poremade. This is one of the reasons why many ladies turn to this technique.


In this method Several cilias are connected at one point, which is called a nodule. It is for this small plot that the glue composition is subsequently applied and glued to their hairs.

How to glue?

Beam extension must be carried out correctly. Many ladies are engaged in this cosmetic procedure at home.

To prevent errors, you should learn all the intricacies of this technology.

Tools and materials

Before the start of transforming work is required Need a billet for all necessary materials and tools. This should be done in advance so that no one is distracted during the procedure.

Supports such materials:

  • Bundles of eyelashes+
  • Quality glue solution+
  • Patches (silicone substrates for the age)+
  • cotton tampons+
  • Vegetable little.

Need suitable hand tools, For example, plastic tweezers. In addition, it is important to choose for all stages of work comfortable spot. Near should be big mirror, in which all your actions will be visible. Necessarily in the working area should be good lighting. If it is too little, it can lead to the fact that the result of the procedure you will not like.

All flaws are clearly noticeable only in the light.


It is impossible to neglect the preparatory stages before the start of the procedure. It is important to properly prepare the tool that you will use. Tweezers, without which it is not to do during the beam buildup, it is worth it to be located next to a special table together with adhesive solution. Choose a suitable mirror with a magnifying effect.

It must be perfectly clean, otherwise you risk not to notice some defects and flaws in it.

Eyes will need to wash warm water with soap, and then gently wipe with a special leaving tonic. This preparatory stage is needed in order to degrease the surface of the eyelid. Then the adhesion of beams with adhesive composition will be more durable and reliable.

Necessary Protect eyelids from glue. To do this will need Place on this place special patches or silicone / paper napkins. After that, you can proceed directly to the extension procedure with beams.

The main stage

Need to take a bunch of eyelashes. The glue composition is applied to his tip, and then Hairfronts apply to their own eyelashes.

Applying a beam, you need to hold it for some time. It is worth using a special plastic tweezers or a wooden stick. These actions will be necessary so that the glue managed to frost, and the bundles were well fixed in their place.

Also, at the expense of such manipulations, it is possible to set a specific direction, the vector of extensive cilias, so that the look of fashionista remains open.


Completing the independent buildup of beam eyelashes, the home master should be ensured that all bundles are well paste. If anything does not suit something, you will need very carefully to remove and cross the veins, the fixation of which seemed not the highest quality.

To do this take a cotton swab, dip it in vegetable oil And just a few seconds to attach to a weakly glued beam. After that, the beam will be pulled very easily and just. Will resort to re-degreasing and you can build a cilia again.

At the very end of the procedure, the procedure follows the index and thumbs carefully press 2 rows of eyelashes to each other. After that, the gluing of the beams can be considered completed.

Subsequent care

Even those bundles who were pasted by a professional master may soon fall out. Moreover, some ladies complain that bundles fall out and collapse. To extend their socks, you should not forget about the subsequent after building.

  1. Desirable as you can less to touch eyelashes. Do not rub eyes. Get rid of this habit if you want to have beautiful and lush cilia.
  2. Wash care neat And also carefully remove the makeup. Movements should be light, waving. Active friction will not need.
  3. Try Do not sleep like a pillow.
  4. Smaller use mascara for eyelashes. Extensive cilia and without it look beautiful enough. Of course, no one forbids the use of mascara, but it is enough to apply only one layer and not too thick. Ideally, from her at all for some time it makes sense to refuse.
  5. Make sure that the treated surfaces did not get fat cream. If a woman enjoys a leaving cream for the lower eyelids, then with a random hit on the eyelary zone, it is necessary to remove the fatty.
  6. Maximum Accuracy should be shown to those girls who use contact lenses (ordinary or color – no matter). Remove and wear them is required very carefully without making sharp movements.
  7. It is not recommended to visit a bath or sauna. High temperatures may adversely affect the glue mixture. In such settings, bundles can disappear.

How much do they hold out?

Qualitatively performed bundled extension can stay from 2 to 3 weeks subject to proper care. During this time, of course, some bundles can fall out. In this case, you can resort to additional correction.

How to quickly take off?

Many ladies are interested in how without excess harm and temporary losses to remove extensive beams of eyelashes. For this, there are simple but effective ways.

You can use Qualitative means for removing makeup. The composition should be oil-based. Such a solution easily softens the glue layer, on which the beams of eyelashes are fixed. After that, they will need to be carefully drawn, ranging from an external angle.

If you decide to resort to this method, it should be noted that the use of oil based on an oil base can harm your extensive beams so much that in the consequence they will no longer be able to use.

If you want to stick cilia again, it is worth looking for a suitable agent, in which the oil is absent.

Examples before and after

Correctly conducted procedure for beam extension of eyelashes can bring amazing results. Consider some successful examples.

  • The look will be more expressive if Decorate your eyes with twisted beams with elongation closer to outer corner.

  • A large number of lush and long beams, accomed on a sparse scheme, can make a female image very spectacular and sexy. True, a similar solution must be implemented as much as possible and professionally, otherwise it will look too unnatural.

  • If your own eyelashes are too short and not the most voluminous, the beam buildup can be an excellent solution. Volumetric and fluffy hair, glued throughout the length of the upper eyelid, will surely give the look a special chic.

Review reviews

Bailed extension technology enjoys rabid popularity. Today, many young ladies resort to this cosmetic procedure, so you can find a lot of different reviews on the Internet. Among them are found both enthusiastic and disappointed.

First, consider what Positive aspects in such an extension allocated modern fashionable.

  1. Girls really attracted what Beautiful and bulk cilia obtained upon completion of the procedure.
  2. Similar buildup does not require much free time and is held quickly that it could not not please many ladies, especially those employed.
  3. Girls wishing reach the effect of “doll” view left satisfied with beam buildings.
  4. Pleased fashion and the fact that during the procedure they did not experience painful sensations or strong discomfort.
  5. According to Modnitz, with the help of a bundled increment to them I managed to emphasize the look.
  6. On beam extension no need to spend a lot. This is one of the most affordable transformation methods, so many economical ladies are chosen, which are not regretted.
  7. Girls were satisfied with the fact that with such an increase cilia seem not only longer, but also fluffy, voluminous and attract a lot of attention.

There were many ladies, which this cosmetic procedure disappointed. We’ll figure it out what the reasons for this opinion are.

  • Many girls noticed that after the bundled extension Their own eyelashes are much falling out. This problem takes place, but in the event that the extension was carried out incorrectly, low-quality glue was used.
  • Ladies were grieved too short effect After a bundled extension. In most cases, the girls wore such beauty about 2 weeks, and some fashionable cilia began to crumble the very day after the procedure.
  • In the sock of the bunches of the eyelashes, many girls seemed very uncomfortable. According to Modnitz, because of this, they experienced quite strong discomfort, they wanted to quickly remove the glued material.
  • Found among the ladies and those who absolutely did not like the appearance achieved with the help of bundled extension. Baryshni notes that after that The look seems completely unnatural, and sometimes ridiculous.
  • Girls Do not like “cheap” species, which often creates glued beams. In addition, if at least one bundle is dug, you have to re-resort to the formation of a beautiful “painting in front of the eyes”, otherwise the external image will be spoiled. This feature strongly disassembled representatives of the fine floor.

About how easy and quickly paste beam eyelashes, look in the following video.

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