Cracking Eyelash Extension

Cracking Eyelash Extension

In order to obtain an ideal eye makeup, the effect of which will persist for a long time, many girls resort to eyelash extensions. Similar technology is simple, painless, such a service offers almost every beauty salon. But in some cases, the glued eyelashes differ greatly in color, form or length from natural. In this case, they look unnatural and attract unnecessary attention of foreign.

Cosmetologists in the salons usually own several techniques of eyelash extension. The decision on the choice of one or another method remains behind the client, the specialist can only suggest the advantages of this or that technology. If the decision to build up is accepted, but there are concerns for an unnatal kind of cilia after the procedure, it should be resorted to The method of the rarefied effect of extension.


The cutting effect of eyelash extension is called still “rays”. Such a method gives the eyes an additional expressiveness, while maintaining a natural look.

The essence of the sparse increase lies in the fact that artificial hairs are attached not to each cilia, but only to some with a certain set interval.

This method is very similar to the classics, but with the achievement of more. In addition, an approximate view of the cilia, increated in this way, is also achieved due to the different length of the attached hairs.

If we compare the method in question with other techniques, You can highlightA number of advantages of the first:

  • Maximum preservation of naturalness+
  • Maximum density and eyelashes+
  • Ability to use in everyday make-up+
  • Suitable for any age category+
  • Saving a long effect from the procedure.

All these advantages make such an increase in the most popular among all ways to increase the volume and length of eyelashes.

Who fits?

Due to the fact that the natural view of the eyelashes is most stored precisely when the method of rarefied increases, then such a way Suitable women and girls of any age.

If you pay attention to the original type of eyelash, then the technique especially Suitable for the owners of thin and short cilia.

Also, very light eyelashes will look good, enlarged in this way. Only in this case should the shade of artificial afford should be selected, the most appropriate eyelashes color.

Eliminate such a method Increased volume stands if their eyelashes are weakened or prone to fragility, since the number of artificial strands attached to the method is quite large. Extensive eyelashes can create an additional load and pressure on already thinned hairs, which will aggravate the situation.

What materials are used?

Conduct Establishment procedure should only qualified specialist in an equipped room. All materials used in the process must be appropriate, have certificates of conformity and acquire official suppliers.

Inquiry on the qualification of the master, as well as the quality of the raw materials used when increasing the raw materials before the procedure.

When building eyelashes, materials and tools will be used:

  • Artificial Eyelashes Long 8.10 and 12 mm+
  • Antibacterial gel or spray+
  • degreasing tonic+
  • Adhesive base+
  • tweezers+
  • Glue Dilution Capacity.

Everything Materials must be in individual packages. To open her master should be immediately before the start of the procedureIn the presence of the client.

Tools that will be used in the process must be pure and pre-treated with ultraviolet rays.

    And immediately before increasing the master should wipe them with further disinfection mortar.

    Extension technology

    Before starting work The master should evaluate the thickness, color, bending eyelashes. Based on the source data, artificial strands are selected. They must approach all parameters to natural eyelashes.

    After the material for extension is selected, the master must clean the eyelids and hairs from excess skin fat. It is necessary to do this for the best attachment to the skin of artificial hairs. Natural eyelashes are not the same length.

    The technology of rarefied extension implies that the master must choose an artificial eyelashes, as suitable in length to the natural.

    Next, the master must adhere to a specific scheme of action.

    1. Discuss with the customer the necessary density of eyelashes. From this will depend on the interval with which artificial eyelashes will be placed.
    2. Choose stronger eyelashes and with a special tweezers and adhesive composition to attach an artificial hair with a length of 12 mm next to them. Most often, long artificial cilias have every 6 natural hairs. Stick long strands about the middle of the century, not reaching the inner corner of the eye.
    3. Then proceed to attaching artificial hairs of medium length, equal to 10 mm. Attach such eyelashes follows between strands whose length is 12 mm. Finish gluitive artificial medium length needed, not reaching 2-3 mm before the inner corner.
    4. The shortest artificial hairs of 8 mm long are attached. They must be located all over the entire growth line of eyelashes in the upper eyelids.

    To The effect of extension was the most close to the natural, The master must be dipped every eyelashes in glue exactly half its length. And the line of attachment of artificial cilia should be as smooth. Also, the key to beautiful eyelashes after all manipulations will be the lack of glued artificial hairs with natural.

    In addition, the master can offer to use cilia of different thickness. Such manipulation is negotiated with each client individually.

    Also, with similar buildup, it is possible to allocate longer artificial eyelashes in other color. It is important here to take into account the relevance of such makeup in everyday life or at work.

      It is worth noting that The method of rarefied extension is achieved by the purgue gluing artificial hairs. Unlike techniques, which suggest gluing whole bunches of artificial cilia, consideredThe method is time-consuming and painstaking,Therefore requires significant time costs.

      Of course, the exact time depends on the experience and qualifications of the master. But even if the work will be performed by a professional, it will take it at least 2 hours.

      Subsequent care

      Even if, with the procedure of extension, all the rules were observed, to spoil the achieved effect may be incorrect.

      As a rule, how to care for extensive eyelashes should tell the master after the end of the procedure.

      1. Within 48 hours after the procedure, it is impossible to expose the eyelashes of precipitation, the scorching sun or low temperatures. Since the adhesive composition finally hardens only after this time, a premature test of unfavorable conditions can reduce its resistance, and the correction of eyelashes will be required significantly earlier than the deadline.
      2. Apply decorative cosmetics and using other means you can not earlier than 2 hours after the completion of the procedure, as the glue will finally dry only after this time.
      3. Holders of oily skin on the face should be maintained by its neutral balance throughout the entire period of carrying artificial eyelashes, as the skin fat is able to squeeze the adhesive composition from the skin.
      4. Avoid washing the eye with soap, shampoo or other, unpredictable cosmetics.
      5. Do not make friction with your eyes with cotton disks, sponge or other devices for demacia. Remove cosmetics worth only gentle means by massaging movements.
      6. Avoid the use of cosmetics based on alcohol or oil, since the components included in them may adversely affect the strength of the adhesive composition used by increasing.
      7. Do not try to delete artificial eyelashes. Unprofessional actions can not only harm natural eyelashes, but also to hurt. In some cases, irritation of the mucous membrane may begin, and when entering infection – and inflammatory process. The master will help to remove unnecessary strands quickly and painlessly.
      8. Period to perform correction. In time, the procedure performed will help to avoid the untidy species associated with the dumping part of the artificial strand.

        Application of a rarefied effect when building eyelashes make a look more expressive. Natural view of such eyelashes will help every day look flawlessly. And the long-term effect achieved will help reduce the time for daily makeup. Save the initial view and bending created by the method of rarefied buildup, you can, complying with all the requirements listed, and also fulfilling the correction procedure.

        Eyelash extension process with a rarefied effect See next video.

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