Eyelashes and materials for extension I-BEAUTY

Eyelashes and materials for extension I-BEAUTY

Today, the materials of many companies are presented in the market for making eyelashes. Modern materials from the Korean brand I-BEAUTY are used with a wide demand. He has already managed to conquer the hearts of many professional lossekers and their customers with unsurpassed quality of goods, as well as their wide variety.

Benefits and disadvantages of brand products

Before viewing the products of the I-Beauty brand, it is very important to familiarize yourself with its advantages that are of great importance for newbies and practicing eyelash extension masters.

  1. On all products, the brand has a corresponding quality certificate. All materials are completely safe for eyes.
  2. Every year, Mark expands its range of products by adding new items and improved tools that fully comply with fashion trends in the world of eyelash extensions.
  3. The range of brand presents a wide range of high-quality hypoallergenic materials at quite affordable prices.
  4. All materials from the Korean brand are very persistent even in mechanical impacts. This means that extension with these materials will not only be comfortable, but also very wear-resistant.

It should also be noted that Brand I-BEAUTY engaged in laboratory research and controls the quality of its products At all stages of its production. A huge advantage, of course, is that the brand can buy all means for building.

Of the minuses, perhaps, you can note only some complaints from the masters. The manufacturer on packing with eyelashes does not indicate their length. Fibers sometimes turn out to be black and saturated. In addition, the length and thickness of the eyelashes in the package does not always correspond to reality.

Of the minuses, it is also possible to allocate the cost. Materials are quite expensive, so for some beginner masters, the products may be inaccessible.

Types of eyelashes

To date, the range of brand I-BEAUTY offers the following types of eyelashes for building:

  • Black+
  • Brown+
  • Colored.

Wide variety of curves and sizes of eyelashes It is very important, and the brand took care of it.

This is due to the fact that each representative of the beautiful sex is needed an individual approach and its materials that are suitable directly to her eyes when creating one or another effect when increasing.

Eyelashes are available in the following options.

  • WITH. Middle bend fibers, one of the most chassis in the Arsenal of Lashmeiker. Suitable for twisting with such a need.
  • SS, D. Eyelashes of these types have a large and noticeable bending, especially relevant when creating a puppet look. The masters often apply them in front of those ladies who are omitted in the eyelid and the view should be visually adjusted.
  • L, L MIX. Fibers of this type of lushmeackers most often glued ladies who wear glasses, hairs are suitable for deeply planted eyes, from which attention should be distracted.
  • J. Practically straight cilia, requiring additional curling with forceps.
  • M, M MIX. Bending of this type allows you to create a beautiful transition from natural cilia to artificial fibers. Such a type is relevant for those ladies who have been well twisted with eyelashes well, and there are problems with the hound century or deeply planted with eyes.
  • B. In the eyelashes of this variety, not too noticeable bending, they are very similar to natural hairs.

Artificial fiber brand implements sets of 6, 12 or 20 bands. Eyelashes for building a brand also offers the following options.

  • Premium. These fibers are produced from very light material, suitable for ladies with the most sensitive skin in the eye area. When gluing and subsequent toe, they are not deformed and do not spoil when mechanical exposure.
  • Rapid. Fit for extension by beams. With their help you can create 3D-volume and open-colored. Thickness of hairs of this line – from 0.07 to 0.3 mm, and length – from 8 to 10 mm.

As for color eyelashes, the brand offers them in the widest selection of shades. Can Find Red, Green, Yellow, Golden, Bordeed, White, Blue and Other Eyelashes. They are particularly relevant today when creating the original ommerational effect in the eyes.

Colored eyelashes, as well as black, are available in a large variety of bends, differ in the thickness and length.

Other materials

The assortment of the Korean brand also includes related materials for the extension procedure and all the necessary consumables:

  • Glues for eyelash extension+
  • Primimers+
  • Degreasers+
  • Propyers+
  • Tweezers for extension+
  • Additional materials, including means for removing makeup from eyes and hypoallergenic sprays+
  • Work gloves, masks.

Experts are always recommended when the eyelash extension procedure uses materials from one manufacturer. This guarantees not only confidence in its work, but also obtaining a high result in the end.

Adhesive glue is available in several options.

  • I-BEAUTY SUPER PLUS (Golden Cover). Elastic, only for professionals, socks time – up to 7 weeks.
  • I-BEAUTY ULTIMATE BOND (orange lid). Has a black color, characterized by small evaporation.
  • I-BEAUTY ULTRA SUPER (green lid). Coupling after 1-2 seconds, socks time – up to 5-6 weeks.
  • I-BEAUTY ULTRA BONDING (red lid). Great for beginners.
  • I-BEAUTY ULTRA CLEAR (White Cover). Transparent quick-capable composition.

Eyelash socks time for each glue Miscellaneous. All products have a fairly economical consumption.

Do not confuse primers with degrees. Both those and those products are available in the brand assortment. The difference is that primers prepare the skin to apply glue, but do not replace the degreaser. Although there are exceptions, so it is very important to look at the characteristics of the funds, their properties and purpose.

Primer helps to get an improved artificial fiber hitch with natural eyelashes. We recommend paying attention to the primer spray I-BEAUTY EYELASH PRIMER SPRAY, which will easily remove all pollution on the eyelashes and eyelids before the extension procedure.

Propyers From the range of the brand, not only will extend the period of eyelashes, but also make them brighter, and also protect them from burnout. Available in the assortment of the Korean brand and Removers, which are designed to withdraw artificial eyelashes. They can be gel, liquid and cream.

Here the master must independently choose the composition he my own.

Tips for choosing

BRAND I-BEAUTY offers excellent products at reasonable prices. Choose from a huge variety of eyelashes and related products can be difficult at first glance, but even a novice master should be understood that in his arsenal there should be as many fibers of different bends, length and colors.

Eyelashes from the range of brand should be bought from hypoallergenic lines, Since they will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. In addition to belt cilia, it is recommended to immediately acquire bundles and stovery. They can all come in handy in work. Advanced masters will eventually know what kind of fibers are less and what more, and only then will be able to acquire materials in optimal quantities.

At the initial stage, it is not worth noticeing.

In addition to eyelashes, Master We need tweezers, consumables in the form of masks and gloves, antiseptic, glue and primer. When choosing glue, it is very important to pay attention to its characteristics. For example, Ultra Super glue will dry very quickly, which is not particularly useful for newbies in eyelash extension, but the glue Ultra Bonding is frozen slowly and smoothly. All the options for adhesives are completely safe for the health of the client and the master, and most importantly – they do not have a sharp smell.

Primers are selected on consistency and convenience when applying. Someone loves sprays, and someone liquid options. Suffers and Removers should also choose from their characteristics and properties.

In any case, the first time you have to test products and it is possible that something will have to replace with time.


Most of the I-BEAUTY product responses are positive. Masters most often converge in the opinion that the brand products really have excellent quality and made of proven raw materials. Many lossekers are very satisfied with adhesives that do not have a sharp smell. This is a big plus not only for the client, but also for a master who does not inhale chemical pairs.

In addition, consumers Pleases a wide range of Korean brand, everything can be found in it at once that can come in handy in the work. Of the negative moments, experts note the lack of numbering on eyelash ribbons, choose fibers sometimes need blind.

Video review I-BEAUTY glue for eyelash extensions you can watch in the video below.

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