Features of the extension of silk eyelashes

Features of the extension of silk eyelashes

The main component of the female image is considered an expressive look. Unfortunately, not all ladies have a lush and beautiful cilia. To correct the situation in this case you just need to grow silk eyelashes. This procedure is of great popularity in all fair sex representatives, since it provides an amazing effect and frees from the need to create daily makeup.

What it is?

Silk eyelash extension is a cosmetic extension of hairs, thanks to which they get an additional volume. Artificial cilia slim and lungs, so ideally suitable for girls with any type of natural eyelashes. Unlike standard extension, silk is characterized by a long-term effect and high quality.

The main advantage of this procedure is that the materials used for extension do not cause girls of painful sensations and irritation of the skin of the eyelids.

The basis of silk hairs includes thin Micropoliestra threads, They are similar to natural material in their structure, have elasticity, flexibility and resistant damage, and raising.

As for the color of such eyelashes, it may be different, Modesta basically give preference to classic black, Since using it you can create various images.

You can perform the extension of silk eyelashes only in beauty salons, since this cosmetic procedure requires certain knowledge.

On average, it takes up to 3 hours, it all depends on the skill of a specialist. Artificial eyelashes can be twisted with black ink, but it is optional, since after extension and so it creates a neat outline, which advantageously emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes. The disadvantages of this procedure include High susceptibility of hairs to external factors (they are afraid of excessive touches, applying cosmetics, water entering) and Difficult care.

How to do?

Silk cilia can be built as bundles, so I Pustic. Each of these techniques is distinguished by the complexity of the performance, effect and duration of the procedure. With the pistonous buildup, each artificial hairs are individually attached to the “native” with a special resin.

The beam extension provides for the use of hairs collected into the beam, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of time. The only thing that this technique is less popular, because it does not guarantee long wearing – when the beams are dropped between hairs, large gaps remain.

The process of creating silk cilia takes an average of about 2 hours and looks like.

  1. Initially, the master of the cabin and the client are picking up suitable in color, length and bending hairs, after which they are folded in the desired sequence on the table. The client must then carefully clean the face from makeup, paying special attention to the ages (they are lubricated by the degreasing composition). The preparatory stage of the disinfection of the working tools is completed, it must be done to eliminate the enhancement of infection.
  2. Next, the lower eyelid is neatly sealed by a patch or a protective ribbon, the client closes his eyes, the procedure of extension begins itself. A little glue is squeezed onto a cosmetological tablet, a silk ciliary is taken by one tweezers, its tip is foaming into the adhesive composition, and the second tweezers moves toward the natural eyelashes. The hairs must be combined between themselves so that the silk ciliary is from the edge of the century at a distance of 1 mm. Natural and artificial hairs are compressed by tweezers for a few seconds, after which you can repeat the procedure with other cilias. When the extension on one eye is completed, proceed to another.
  3. The procedure for treating silk with a special fixing means, if necessary, remnants of glue are removed from the ciliation and age.

After 3-4 weeks the cilia will need correction, which in time will take no more than 30 minutes.

It should be noted that eyelashes increated by a beam method will require correction much earlier. It is recommended immediately after dropping 1-2 beams.

How to care?

To preserve the beautiful view of the increasing silk eyelashes and make their wearing longer, It is important to comply with certain rules for the care of them. So, the first days after the extension procedure you can not touch your hands and washed with water. Forbidden also Throw eyes with hands, in the following days it is possible to wash it, but it is necessary to do it carefully, since the glue must completely grab.

It is not recommended to wet silk cilia in sea water or pool. With daily skin care, it is also impossible to use a fatty cream.

Silk eyelashes allow you to make a woman’s eyes open and expressive, but to continue the effect of this beauty, their It is necessary to be corrected periodically, What is one of the mandatory conditions of care. This procedure must be performed Every 3 weeks.

When removing eyelashes, natural hairs requires restoration. To do this, it is recommended to use professional serums and oils, their best to apply for the night.

Review reviews

To date, many ladies choose the extension of silk eyelashes, as they look spectacularly and perfectly suitable for everyday, festive image. Such extension received both positive and negative reviews. Many fair sex representatives have remained unhappy that Silk eyelashes require special care. In case of non-compliance with the rules of their wearing, you can harm the hairs. In addition, the extension procedure can only be performed in beauty salons that Consides considerable financial costs.

There are no equal in the rest of such cilia, They look beautiful. The ladies appreciated and the fact that after the extension there is no need to tinted eyelashes, as they acquire a chic look and volume. The only thing inbetter than the best sharp method of extension, as it provides longer use.

Comparison of silk eyelashes with mink eyelashes is waiting for you in the video below.

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