How long the eyelashes are increasing?

How long the eyelashes are increasing?

Eyelash extension has recently become very popular. Due to it, it is possible to stand out from the crowd and focus on the attention of others. However, those who are just getting acquainted with this procedure, are interested in how much eyelashes are increasing. From the material of this article you will learn how much the session lasts why time is different, and is it possible to cut it without losing the quality of work.

What it is?

Eyelash extensions implies gluing artificial hairs on natural practically at the very reason. Do it on the growth line, not assigate mucous membrane and sticking over the natural hair out one or more synthetic collected into the beam.

Execution technologies are different, which allows to achieve different effects.

Hairfronts are characterized by thickness, long and color. In addition, they differ in effect. Separate varieties provide for the presence of rhines, others will simply color. In other cases, the master shakes both short and long eyelashes. Also increasing Material is distinguished by the form of bending.

The average time of extension

The time of building artificial eyelashes varies in view of several factors. The procedure itself requires not only perpetuity and accuracy, but also professionalism. Besides, The duration of the session is influenced by the type of work. For example, full extension takes longer than partial.

Much depends on the master itself, his experience, qualifications and attitudes towards work. High-quality extension perform at least two hours. However, everywhere there are nuances. For example, a slight increase in cilia in a professional can take from 60 to 80 minutes. Classic extension option will last about 2 hours.

If a different effect is needed, the time of procedure can increase significantly. This is due to the execution technology. For example, when classic, 1 artificial is glued to one of his eyelashes. If 2D extension is performed, 2 hairs will have to be glued to native hair.

It will take longer, because the probability of gluing in this case increases. Neat work will require disappear of each cilia, to the base of which will have to glue the V-shaped beam. Such an effect can be sparse, classic and complete. In general, this extension can take from 2 to 2.5 hours.

When you need a greater volume or 3D, the procedure can delay for 3 hours. In this case, each natural eyelash is glued 3 synthetic. And they are collected in the bundle and may differ long. Than them more and the more dense location, the longer the master works.

Hollywood effect will require at least 4 hours of work. In addition, there are other techniques for which more time.

With the maximum work, the work of the master is especially painstaking. It is necessary to raise the scales of natural eyelashes, glue the material so that it does not cause discomfort when wearing.

Correction, which is carried out in 2-3 weeks from the moment of extension, can take different times. The duration of the session affects the amount of work. If your eyelashes are updated too intensively, the correction will take at least 1.5 hours. When adjusting the classic buildup goes less time.

As for newbies, they work slower professionals. On average, time to build up at a novice lashmeter takes 30-60 minutes more than that of the pro. At the same time, the self-respecting master will immediately warn the client about the procedure time. If she is told about that she will take less than an hour, it is worth thinking. Hold on the eyelashes made in this salon for a long time will not.

What affects the speed of the procedure?

The speed of extension can be different. It depends on different factors. Key of them are professionalism, conscientiousness and masters experience. A good specialist works without a rush. He worked out every eyelashes, not allowing the formation of glue lumps, due to which extensive material is loss.

Unfair masters in favor of clients offering express extension. At the same time, they declare that the procedure lasts no more than 40 minutes. However, the quality of work suffers from this. Such specialists have enough time to prepare natural eyelashes, their degreasing, proper removal of the Remurver and gluing synthetic hairs.

Few people know that under the express service means minimal stagnation of greasy thickness.

Increase them faster than with the usual technique, this procedure does not take much time. However, it is impossible to call a qualitative job. You can encounter the fact that after a few days, natural eyelashes will begin to fall out together with extensive, leaving unlucky proposals.

When expressing increments, do not avoid gluke. In an attempt to save time, the master is in a hurry, because of what the eyelashes glued together. This is not only not eestore, but is the reason for tingling. When performing such an extension, more glue. In addition, there are not enough time to dry, increasing incomplete. At the same time often use cheap materials harmful to eyes.

Is it possible to reduce time?

Reduced time for conducting a procedure without loss of quality can only a professional specialist with extensive experience. At the same time, the savings of time is not so significant. To at least speed up the process of extension, lashmeters optimize the workplace and space, learn to put your hand and fingers correctly, keep tweezers.

Someone passes at high-speed extension courses, adopting experience in professional coaches. Others define a permanent place for each material and tools. This allows you to bring the process to automatism. These purposes are bought by special organizers with departments for pallet, materials, patches, jars.

Buying additional tweezers. They may need when there is no time to purify the main tweezers from excess glue.

In addition, the main tool in the course of work begins to capture the hairs worse. Its shift will reduce the time and continue to work without losing the quality and durability of the clutch.

Professionals determine the interaction time with each client. This time is developing not only from the main process. Need to limit the greeting time, write preferences, given the past experience. Knowing individual features, you can prepare the necessary materials in advance so as not to spend too much time.

In order not to take a break during the work, you need to immediately offer a client to visit the toilet, put a smartphone for a silent mode. Excellent if part of the work executes the administrator. He can compile a contract, introduce the client with the nuances of the work, its duration will prepare a reminder for care.

It is important to exclude all distracting factors. In addition to the phone, you need to turn off the TV and work silently, so as not to be distracted and not to lose speed. If the visitor of the salon loves to talk, you can buy a helium mask for lips, together build up with a useful cosmetic procedure.

It is necessary to control movements and accelerate when performing intermediate stages. You can save time for gluing patches. No need to spend precious seconds on eyelashes and their constant combing. All this can be done upon completion of the session. Save time when building it, if you can admire less on your work and less frequently check for gluing eyelashes.

It is important to get rid of the parasite movements such as checking the transitions with a mirror and a long cleansing of the used tweezers. This should not be spent the time of the master.

You can reduce time and choosing the right glue. This material is not at all universal, it has a different clutch time. The drug with slow collapsing slows down the process of extension, and therefore it passes longer. The more experience of the master, the faster it goes to the material with a fast coupling (1-2 seconds).

Tips and recommendations

The duration of the session is different. However, specialists have techniques that will help make work faster and without loss of quality. For example, clients can be thick from nature eyelashes. If so, then in some cases You can skip work with fluttering hair. It is recommended to do this if it does not suffer the final volume and the gaps are not visible.

Need to work, increasing the eyelashes at once on two eyes. Simultaneous extension of this type gives the perfect symmetrical result. At the same time, it is necessary to work with two tweezers (straight and curved). First, they are engaged in complex areas, choosing a convenient process sequence.

Some lashmeters in the process of work have to get rid of natural slowness and long formation of beams. The whole procedure should be divided into temporary segments. Professionals put the clock in the office to keep track of how much time it takes every step of increasing.

Internal account contributes to acceleration of working time. For example, preparation that includes pillows, cleaning and marking, in time should not exceed 10 minutes. Work with inner corners – 20. You can spend 10 minutes to spend on the middle of the century – no more than 40. Check takes 10 minutes. This result is considered ideal for classical buildup.

You can accelerate when applying a degreaser and primer, laying a beam and search for a natural hair. However, in the formation of a beam, a hurry is extremely undesirable. With magnificent gluing in the classic method, up to 120 artificial hairs are spent. For the fixation of each of them should not leave for more than 30 seconds.

At the same time, it is necessary to glue the incremental material not to Pushkov, but to mature and long eyelashes. If you ignore this rule, natural hairless hair broke under the weight of artificial. In the course of the work it is important to repel from the peculiarities of natural eyelashes. For example, the so-called puppet extension takes a lot of time, but it does not suit the owners of thin and weakened eyelashes.

With Japanese technology, extension takes at least two hours. In such work, artificial hair can be attached through 3-5 natural cilia. This effect is considered incomplete and spends less time. If you need a larger volume, the master is working for 100 hairs.

Among other factors that affect the duration of the procedure can be noted Features of the structure of the eyes, tear, twitching muscles or reaction to the used drug for extension. During work, this can be a distracting moment that will require a break.

Besides, This type of natural eyelashes is important. If they are thick and strong, gluing artificial material easier and faster. With weak hairs will have to tinker much longer. Even more difficult, the work of the master will be the work of the Master if it performs an increase in practically fallen and broken eyelashes. Large volume and special effect in this case will not work, however, a rarefied option or classic will be quite possible.

As for the removal of the material, on average, this session takes approximately half an hour. Do it through special softeners. They are applied to the places of gluing extensive eyelashes and after a few minutes they take off. Modern preparations save time and dissolve glue literally in 5-6 minutes.

Independent removal at home takes a lot of time, it is harmful and can cause full loss of natural eyelashes.

About how long the eyelashes extension last time, look in the following video.

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