How many extensive eyelashes are kept and how to increase socks?

How many extensive eyelashes are kept and how to increase socks?

Every representative of beautiful sex dreams of possessing beautiful, long and thick eyelashes. Some women were fortunate enough to get this feature from nature. Other have to contact the beauty salons behind the extension procedure. And only after receiving the desired effect, a woman has questions about the duration of wearing artificial eyelashes.

What depends on the sentence of socks?

The duration of the effect of the volume after the extension of the eyelashes is entirely dependent on several interconnected factors with each other. A huge role in the process itself plays Professionalism of Lesheker. In second place is factor Quality Materials. In this case, it is not only about the material of the eyelashes, but also about the adhesive composition. The next factor affecting the duration of carrying artificial eyelashes is Method of extension. For example, for weak bulbs it is not recommended to use a beam method. The most acceptable will be the poress.

In addition, the term of wearing artificial eyelashes is influenced by the right care. Even minimal errors can lead to unpleasant consequences, namely to coming and falling.

In addition to the main factors affecting the duration of the wearing artificial eyelashes, there are a number of additional nuances.

  • Human physiology. Each person has certain features of the body. Sometimes there is a rejection of artificial hairs.

  • Hiking in places with high temperature, such as a bath or sauna. Unfortunately, couples negatively reflected on the life of artificial eyelashes. At the same time, not only the structure of artificial hairs, but also the glue composition.

  • Cosmetical tools. To proper skin care, it is necessary to choose funds with a minimum amount of oils and fats. When applying cosmetics is extremely important not to affect the eye area.

  • Causes of individual character. In this case, we are talking about the use of drugs containing hormones, involuntary selection of tears, eye irritations.

  • Correction. After each cosmetology procedure after a certain period of time, it is necessary to correct artificial beauty.


The hairs used for the extension procedure are made of synthetics. No materials of animal origin – they are able to cause an allergic reaction. But, unfortunately, not all representatives of the beautiful sex are familiar with this feature, because of what they refuse to increase the procedure, fearing that the hairs will not fit and harm. Especially since the name of synthetic eyelashes has animal echoes.

In fact, the name of artificial cilia characterizes the thickness of hairs and their external characteristics. For example, conventional silk eyelashes in diameter make up 0.2 mm. Diameter “Mink” – 0.15 mm. Cilia with the name “Sable” differ in the maximum subtlety, their diameter is 0.1 mm. Mink eyelashes are endowed with a rich color and have an unusual brilliance. Celiac cilia are characterized by hard texture, but at the light of sofites complement the view of the charming glitter.

Leshekers recommend Casual cilia for solemn events, but for everyday wearing they are extremely uncomfortable.

Separate attention should be paid to the fixing composition. In the process of extension of eyelashes, 2 types of glue are used, namely liquid glue and glue-resin. The glue mass based on the resin dries quite a long time, so that the master has the ability to correct the random error. With liquid glue everything is much more difficult. It dries instantly, respectively, to make any changes impossible.

Beautiful sexes should not worry if they see on the table with a lashmyaker black or white glue. After drying it will become transparent.

In addition, the adhesive composition is divided by component characteristics.

  • Glue-resin. This type of adhesive composition is distinguished by water resistance, ease of use and ability to increase the duration of eyelashes socks. Its only drawback is allergenicity.

  • Latex glue. He fits the eyelashes well, but, unfortunately, for a long time. Sometimes able to cause an allergic reaction.

  • Silicone glue. Resistant and hypoallergenic composition suitable exclusively for bundled buildup.

  • Rubber glue. Available in different color shades. Artificial cilia fixes firmly. Extremely rarely causes an allergic reaction.

Quality of work Master

Once in the beauty salon, a woman has to entrust her appearance to an unknown master. And every time the representative of beautiful sex with trepidation and fear in the soul expect a final result. One thing when it comes to a haircut, and quite another – such a dear procedure as eyelash extension.

The lack of professionalism in the Lesheker leads to the fact that artificial hairs are badly held in front of the eyes. Master with minimal experience in the process of applying adhesive composition may incorrectly isolate hairs, which is why artificial cilias glued with relatives.

The most unpleasant when the client’s negligence has inflammation of damaged skin areas.


The corresponding care will allow to extend the period of wearing extensive eyelashes. And after their removal, native hairs will not require additional recovery. Professional lashmeters advise their customers to adhere to several rules for the care of extensive beauty.

If you observe all the instructions, it will be achieved to achieve the duration of the effect of artificial volume:

  • When washing, it is not recommended to use cold or hot water+
  • It is undesirable to apply gels or foams+
  • Cannot be used to wip the face of a towel from static materials+
  • For combing eyelashes you need to use a special brush+
  • To remove makeup it is best to use cotton woven discs moistened in micellar water+
  • When removing cosmetics, in no case can not affect the growth line of eyelashes+
  • For centuries, water-based cosmetics should be purchased.

In addition to the basic rules for the care of extensive eyelashes, lashmeters give several useful tips on the application of cosmetics:

  • To create arrows to use liners+
  • It is impossible to use fatty shadows on an oil basis+
  • should not use waterproof cosmetics.

Individual characteristics

In addition to the main factors affecting the duration of wearing extensive eyelashes, the individual features of the body play an important role. Extremely rare, but still meets the intolerance to certain components used in the procedure. An allergic reaction to glue may occur.

Before making buildings, it is necessary to carry out a small analysis that determines the presence of allergies. In certain cases, you will need to consult an experienced doctor.

Professional lashmeters know that there are a number of contraindications in which it is prohibited to carry out the extension procedure:

  • bronchial asthma+
  • pregnancy+
  • diabetes+
  • psoriasis+
  • syphilis+
  • tuberculosis+
  • oncological diseases+
  • Viral infection.

How long they hold on average?

To date, 3 main methods of eyelash extension are developed:

  • Whole overhead+
  • Poam method+
  • Purgatory extension.

At the same time, one-piece false eyelashes can be glued independently, without resorting to the campaign to the beauty salon, but the beam and the piston method requires the direct participation of the Master.

With proper care, artificial eyelashes are used for about 2 months. And after 2-4 weeks, after the expiration date, the hairs starts to depart.

To extend the standard service, it is necessary to visit Lesheker monthly to conduct a correctional work.

The beam method of extension can not be called durable. Enough it for a few days. Accordingly, the beam extension is made only for serious events.

Today, experienced cosmetologists lead regular disputes regarding the duration of the time of wearing extensive eyelashes. Actually It all depends on the fastening material and the individual characteristics of the body client. One women enough to make a correction 1 time in 2 months. Others go to the master every 2-3 weeks.

There is an opinion that the duration of wearing extensive eyelashes affects the bending of hairs. To understand how correct is this statement, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the existing types of buildup. Each of them has its own characteristics and serves a certain period of time.

For example, Classic extension. His maximum socks time is 2 months. And with due care, the extension is preserved until the full renewal of native eyelashes.

2D extension technique allows you to create an expressive look. This increases the load on natural eyelashes due to the length and thickness of artificial hairs. In the implementation of appropriate care 2D extension will last 1 month. The main thing is to wash the warm water and abandon the use of bold creams.

The variety of Hollywood extension and 3D variation belong to the festive options. They are not suitable for constant wearing, as they keep short. These techniques provide for the fixation of 3 artificial hairs that create a large load on native eyelashes. Because of this load itself, breaking framing. BUT Duration of socks is usually 3 weeks.

How to save eyelashes longer?

After receiving the desired volume effect, each representative of the beautiful sex wishes as long as possible to admire the resulting beauty. However, without compliance with the relevant care, it is not possible to rely on long term socks of extensive eyelashes.

    Leshmeakers after the extension procedure provide their clients with several important advice, allowing to preserve artificial volume for a long time.

    • It is necessary to wean yourself from the habit of rubbing eyes. Otherwise, similar movements of hands, you can pull out the extensive hairs together with native eyelashes.
    • You can not sleep on the stomach. With such a position, the face turns out to be covered in the pillow, respectively, on the eyelashes occurs, their form is lost, the strength of the fastening is lost, and they fall out.
    • Categorically It is forbidden to conduct an eyelashes.
    • After extension of eyelashes It is necessary to refrain from bathing in the sea and diving under the water without special glasses. Water in the sea is salted, and the salt share, as is known, negatively reflects on the adhesive composition.
    • Ladies who have made an eyelash extension, should refuse to mask.
    • Eye eyelashes should only be removed from the Master. Otherwise, even native eyelashes can be escaped. And sometimes the bulbs of native hairs suffer.
    • Important take care daily for artificial beauty.

    It is worth noting that women wearing glasses are better not to carry out the procedure of extension. First, long artificial hair rests in the glass, because of what they lose the form. Secondly, the woman herself is discomfort from contact with eyelashes with glasses.

    And the most important thing is that immediately after the procedure, each lady will be able to check the quality of the master. The client in the presence of a lashmaker should comb the glued hairs. Thus, it will be possible to identify errors that are easy to adjust.

    What can not do?

    Every representative of the beautiful floor knows that before going to a beauty salon on a particular procedure, it is necessary to undergo a certain preparation. This also applies to eyelash extension procedures. To begin with, you need to consult a doctor to make sure there is no medical contraindications. For example, involuntary tears and a burning sensation are signs of illness. And if you make extension, there may be serious complications. Besides, You should familiarize yourself with several important nuances:

    • before the eyelash extension procedure should not paint eyes+
    • need to decide in advance with the desired effect of extension+
    • Women wearing contact lenses, before the procedure you need to remove them.

    It is worth considering and a memo in which it is indicated, which cannot be done immediately after the procedure for eyelash extension.

    • It is strictly forbidden to cry. Women are thin, and any trouble is very close to heart. In order not to cause tears, try to look at the world through pink glasses and take everything only from a positive point of view.
    • In the first day after the extension should not be washed And in general, have any contact with moisture.

    There is also a specific list of recommendations, which cannot be done by the owners of extensive eyelashes, who wish to extend the period of wearing artificial hairs.

    • It is not recommended to visit the bath or sauna for 3 days after the extension procedure. This term is enough to completely dry the adhesive composition. Otherwise, the eyelashes will disappear.
    • Categorically It is forbidden to use cosmetic products on an oil basis. Any fat composition elements are destroying effect on glue.
    • Woman who has made eyelashes, It is necessary to forget about curling tweezers.
    • For combing cilia needs Use a special brush.
    • Between extension procedures need to take a break. One enough 6 months, others need rest in 1 year.

    To reduce the negative impact of external factors on artificial hairs, you can buy in the beauty salon where the extension was made, or the lashmeter itself a special protective agent.

    How to extend the time of socks of extensive eyelashes, learn in the following video.

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