How many lamination of eyelashes?

How many lamination of eyelashes?

Even in the beauty industry, progress does not stand still. A new type of improvement of your appearance comes to change the extension – lamination of own cilia, which allows you to save time and money, while it helps create a natural well-kept image. Consider how much lamination is kept on the eyelashes.

Resistance effect

With lamination, the eyelashes are monued by a special chemical composition, and after cleaned with keratin of its surplus and, as it were, “pack” curved hairs in a protective film. Optionally, they are painted with special serum and feed on compositions with vitamins, minerals, and sometimes therapeutic preparations based on essential oils of medicinal plants. As a result, well-groomed, elongated keratin, twisted and painted cilia, which look like you yourself put your healthy, dense and long eyelashes.

The result of the procedure lasts from 1 to 3 months. As far as the lamination of eyelashes has a specific person, depends on its physiological features, the skills of the master and quality of work, the subsequent care and compliance with all recommendations.

A person loses a few eyelashes every day – this is his physiological feature. That’s why When laminating, natural growth and eyelash replacement occurs, Moreover, in some cases it happens faster than it was before, due to therapeutic effects and saturation with nutrients, which means that the visual effect of the lamination in time will not be longer than the full cycle of the rustling and replacing new hairs: 100-150 days. And usually enough for 1.5- 3 months.

Lamination removal is not carried out, it is not needed, Also not required and correction in the rustling of hairs – new cilia will give luxury and greater expressiveness.

For the quality and result of this procedure, neither atmospheric phenomena nor water nor high temperatures or steam will be subsequently affected. Therefore, with such well-groomed eyes, you can safely walk into a bath or in a sauna, to visit the pool, sunbathe and swim in the seaside resorts.

The only recommended contraindications to such an influence are pregnancy and feeding baby breasts. This is due to the insufficient study of the influence of hormones on the result of lamination, it can simply be unpredictable, and the chemical composition itself, when conducting this cosmetic procedure, can adversely affect the mother and kid.

When using oral contraceptives or during the menstrual cycle, the hormonal background also changes greatly, which may affect the result of laminating eyelashes.

After lamination specialists Do not recommend using the waterproof eye, Since it requires stronger cosmetic to remove it, and they can damage the keratin layer of laminated eyelashes. For the same reason Not recommended to use to remove makeup tools that include alcohol or acid, use soap and use cosmetic sponge. The usual staining of the eyelashes is allowed the next day.

If you want eyelashes with the effect of staining, it is advisable to apply paint with the lamination procedure itself – this is the so-called Staining lamination.

If you paint eyelashes after the procedure, you can damage the keratin layer and reduce the entire effect of the lamination itself.

What affects the duration of action?

Since lamination is a rather complicated and expensive procedure, it is better to spend it from a good specialist, preferably in the beauty salon. There are sets and paints for homemade lamination. However, herself keratinating, twist and painting to make it difficult, Since certain time you need to be closed with closed eyes, with fixed eyelashes, and prepare the following components it will be problematic. Although learning this procedure does not require special medical knowledge, and two people at home will easily make this procedure at home.

Sure, In the cosmetic salon there is a guarantee of better work. It is done using famous proven preparations and paint, after checking them on an allergen for the client. Cosmetologist may pick up individual consistency parameters and time exposure time. Depending on the wishes of the client, the roller size will be seen for a more natural bend of eyelashes. Will give recommendations before and after the procedure. Will advise when you can do it, how to pre-strengthen eyelashes, how to care for laminated.

The main thing is not to contact with the eyelashes made during the first 24 hours – Do not rub eyes, not touch water, ferry, paint, with a pillow during sleep. It is not recommended to just touch your eyes. From the second day, all these impacts are no longer afraid.

The duration of the curler and coloring also affects the quality of the drugs used. If they are from well-known manufacturers, the effect of their application will hold on and 2 months, and the fake will not last 2 weeks. In this case, it is better to use drugs of famous Swiss brands.

How to extend the lamination effect?

So that all this beauty stayed for a long time, and the result of staining and curling was pleased with you, it is necessary to comply with simple recommendations.

  1. The first contact with water should be no earlier than a day. That is, on the first day you can not wash, take a bath, visit the baths and saunas.
  2. Preferably on the first day do not stand at the slab, To couples when cooking dishes did not affect your eyes.
  3. In the first day, do not sleep face in the pillow, so as not to spoil the bend of the eyelashes. After you can sleep in any position, it will no longer affect the appearance of eyelashes.
  4. The first 24 hours are desirable, in general, do not touch the eyelashes with your hands, do not rub eyes not to remove keratin layer.
  5. Do not tint the eyes of waterproof ink – it is better to use the usual. But it is better to use the usual ink as soon as possible.
  6. Do not go to bed with painted eyelashes.
  7. To remove makeup to use gentle preparations, without alcohol and acids.
  8. In the diet use Vitamins and special biographic supplies To strengthen and hair growth.
  9. With any discomfort during the procedure, with allergies to the compositions of drugs – Eye eyelashes. Then there will be no complaints that the effect of lamination turned out to be briefly.

The transition from curled keratin of eyelashes to their usual mind is smoothly and imperceptibly: they do not fall out and do not look brittle.

And to give them saturated color, you can use Special mascara – it is on a gel basis. Eyelashes are not dried and long look well-kept and painted.

To care for already curly eyelashes, you can use a variety of vegetable oils. The main rule here is the same – to begin to apply them only 24 hours after keratin curling. Oil helps strengthen the care of eyelashes and save the lamination effect. It is necessary to apply a small amount of oil, without having lost eyelashes, as it contributes to more rapid falling. You can apply as a brush for eyelashes, and with your fingers, trying not to pull the skin of the eyelids and not pulling the cilia.

In order for eyelashes to maintain their spectacular look as long as possible, experienced cosmetologists provide additional recommendations:

  1. It is advisable not to sleep on the stomach face in a pillow, better on the back or on my side+
  2. At the very beginning, abandon physical exertion, since the sweat can get to the newly made cilia and damage the keratin coating+
  3. To improve eyelashes, lamination can be carried out after removing buildup.

How often should the procedure?

You can repeat this cosmetic procedure in 1-2 months, that is, not more than 3-4 times a year, which is very profitable, since the procedure is not yet cheap. If the master invites more frequent keratin correction, then it is worth thinking about the competence and skill of this professional.

The impact frequency depends on the state of the hairs. If the hair is strong, healthy, then lamination is not scary to repeat 1 time in 2 months. If the hairs of eyelashes are weakened, easily break, quickly fall out – then the procedure is carried out 1 time in 4 weeks.

In the intervals between laminations, it is desirable to strengthen the eyelashes with drugs, vitamin complexes, oils, such as a rayan or castor. Especially this concerns the eyelashes of thin, weakened. And then re-lamination will be available in a month and a half.

Review reviews

According to the reviews of those who have already tried this procedure on themselves, one can judge that the costs of time and money are the results obtained. The woman acquires a well-groomed look and an expressive look for a long time, she doesn’t need to curl eyelashes every day, painting his eyes, and at the same time it looks natural and respectable.

Due to the natural effect, this type of eyelashes uses both men. In beauty salons there is a special procedure – male lamination of eyelashes.

Need to understand that All negative feedback on this procedure is based on non-compliance with the recommendations of specialists and the improper selection of the procedure itself. It must be remembered that lamination can not give additional volumes and lengths with short and rare eyelashes, broken at the ends. Lamination is care for eyelashes during their curling and staining, so it is suitable for people with medium-sized liners and length, To effectively emphasize the eyes, look out, make it more expressive. An experienced certified master will tell you how you better emphasize your beauty – whether to choose you to build up, biowaway or laminating eyelashes.

On how to extend the lamination of the eyelashes, see the following video.

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