How time is the lamination of eyelashes?

How time is the lamination of eyelashes?

The current replacement of eyelash extension procedure has recently been lamination. During the coating of hairs keratin protective sheath, an increase in the volume of eyelashes, which gives the eyes a brighter and expressive look. At the same time, there is no need to visit the cosmetologist for the purpose of staining the cilia, since lamination creates the effect of painted eyelashes. This procedure can be performed in the cabin, and at home, as it goes not too much time. In this article we learn about basic requirements when conducting such an operation.

Duration of the procedure

To find out how long the lamination of the eyelashes is performed, you should figure out what the procedure itself is.

Lamination is made as follows. First, a special tool is applied to the hairs that strengthens them, visually lengthens, makes more dense and voluminous. To give the desired shade, you can use a color pigment suitable by type and color to the eyes. To fix and give the shape, often use special tongs.

To avoid components from entering the skin under the eye, install special lining or cotton disks (when performing the house procedure).

The duration of performance depends on some nuances. In salon conditions, such an operation will last from 45 to 60 minutes depending on the material selected, the method of execution and professionalism of the specialist.

At home, lamination of eyelashes in time lasts about 1.5 hours, and in some cases the procedure can take 2-3 hours.

What affects the time of work?

The duration of time spent during lamination of the eyelashes in each individual case is not the same and can differ significantly. Next, consider the indicators that affect the time interval when performing such a procedure.

  • Professionalism Masters. Holding extensive experience, the specialist will quickly hold a cosmetic procedure, since in greater extent skill affects the speed of execution.
  • The degree of quality of the materials used. The use of high-class brush for applying the necessary tool in order to degrease or other necessary action is of great importance when conducting the procedure. This will help more rapid overlapping of the substance, thereby shortening the process.
  • Properties of the main substance. This includes the speed of its impact that affects the overall quality indicator.
  • Literacy of the procedure. Fast work performed does not always provide the required result. To achieve the desired effect, you should withstand the time-based time. Very important point is the care of the operation. In some cases, uniform painting of hairs will require longer work.
  • Individual user performance. With high parameters of the length and density of the eyelashes, the application of the substance will take a longer time.

The duration of the procedure may increase with a preliminary test of sensitivity test, which will help avoid an allergic reaction to the tool used.

How to speed up the process?

To the lamination process passed with minimal use of time, you need:

  • have experience+
  • apply ready-made composition for applying+
  • Use quality material+
  • Conduct lamination in salon conditions.

Tips and recommendations

Before deciding to laminating eyelashes, it should be studied and listen to the advice and recommendations of knowledgeable specialists. Consider basic requirements when conducting the procedure described.

  • In order to avoid an unwanted allergic reaction On centuries, you must first conduct a test test for the susceptibility of the body to the composition used.
  • To achieve the desired result It is necessary to pay attention to the nutrition of the hair tissues with the corresponding vitamins. Therefore, it will require the use of keratin and other means to improve not only the appearance, but also the health of the fabrics, the processing of which is currently being carried out.
  • A longer preservation of the appearance of eyelashes depends on the state of hairs, initial volume and health. And also on the duration of action is the effect of color (on dark cilia substances are held longer).
  • It is necessary to consider that eyelashes can not be laminated during pregnancy From the very conception and up to the fullesting of the child, because the hormonal background of women is changing.
  • Although the components of the composition are safe, It is advisable to prevent their eyes getting into, Since it can cause discomfort of burning sensations.
  • After the procedure performed, special care is not required, but to maintain normal conditions and natural beauty It is desirable to use strengthening agents.
  • The choice of material for lamination is made Depending on the required finished result, components that are part of the substance and product prices.
  • To achieve the desired result should be seamless Suitable in length and volume of natural eyelashes On the centuries curlers for lining hairs.
  • In the first day after the procedure It is strictly forbidden to rub eyes, as the hairs are in the mercier. After the day, the cilia is missing themselves.
  • Each segment of the operation takes an average of 10 minutes. To enjoy the applied composition, a break from 10 to 20 minutes between the stages.
  • After the work performed during the day follows Avoid getting water into the eyes. Otherwise the result will be reduced to zero.
  • The procedure performed at home using gelatin will serve a smaller term than using keratin. However, regular use of gelatin contributes to nutrition and custody strengthening.
  • Lamination will not make hairs longer than they are, therefore With short eyelashes, make a choice in favor of extension.
  • To perform lamination, a suitable tool will be required. The best option will be the purchase of a finished set, which should be enough for 5-10 procedures. It has all the necessary accessories.
  • It is not recommended to conduct a similar event in inflammatory diseases of the eyes and an allergic reaction (except gelatin). If there are any damage to hairs, before the procedure must be treated.

Important is the question of the term of preserving lamination. This indicator affects the color, the speed of the growth of the cilia, the health of the body, the original density of the hairs and the quality of the material used. The validity period of components on average is 1.5-2 months, minimum 3-4 weeks.

Having read the main rules for holding lamination of the eyelashes, the necessary material for this, contraindications and other nuances, any girl can decide on the appropriate option.

More information about laminating eyelashes, see the following video.

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