How to wash with extensive eyelashes?

How to wash with extensive eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions – a popular cosmetic procedure that girls and women choose different ages. Due to the fact that artificial hairs or strands are attached to natural eyelashes, the look becomes expressive, brighter and more attractive. Also, with the help of extension, you can visually change the size of the eye and adjust their shape.

Beautiful sexers who first have encountered this procedure, often wondering how to care for their eyes after building. Separate attention deserves the question of how to wash and artificial eyelashes, so as not to damage them and natural hairs. Specialists from the sphere of cosmetology claim that the first unpleasant sensations may appear on the second day after the procedure. therefore It is important to provide special and careful care in the first few days.

Features of glue

Artificial hairs are attached to natural eyelashes with special adhesive compositions. Specialists use tools safe for delicate skin and eyes. If an overdue glue or a low-quality composition was used, even with careful leaving, the extensive strands will not hold on to the place and will very quickly dug. The use of such a product is also fraught with the appearance of irritation and other unpleasant symptoms. If the procedure was carried out correctly, and the master is confident as the materials used, the following recommendations should be followed.

  • Watering the eyelashes the next morning after building it is impossible. Therefore, it will not be fully wrapped. Some experts advise not to wet eyes two days. Moisture getting into artificial eyelashes is to ensure that the adhesive composition begins to dissolve.
  • To make the procedure more comfortable, many masters prefer to use compositions with long drying time. Glue fully solidifies 24-48 hours, depending on the composition. The tool is better seized, if they do not touch artificial eyelashes at all and do not affect them in any other way. Washing recommended clean or boiled water, avoiding areas around the eyes and eyelids.
  • It is impossible to use fatty cosmetics. These include creams, lotions and other drugs. They cannot be used both in the first days after the procedure and during the whole period of wearing.
  • If you are going to wash your head, take a bathroom or shower a day or two after extension, you should be as accurate as possible. Watch that water and foam do not hit the eyes and eyelashes.
  • Also experts recommend to do without makeup for several days. It is allowed to apply only the basics for makeup, tonal creams, powders, as well as lip cosmetics (tints, lipstick, shine).

Performing simple and understandable tips will retain the effect of the procedure for the longest time and will save natural eyelashes with whole and healthy.

External influence

To provide any, even a minor mechanical impact on extensive eyelashes is fraught with serious consequences. If you do a careless and sharp movement, you can lose not only synthetic hairs, but also snatch your native eyelashes with the root. The following manipulations are considered dangerous.

  • The most common mistake – now eyes. Even with severe unpleasant sensations, it is impossible to do this. Such actions may not only spoil eyelashes, but also cause redness and irritation due to hitting glue. To cope with the unpleasant feelings, it is better to close your eyes and carefully lose the eyelid, without touching the eyelashes.
  • Sleeping face in a pillow strictly prohibited. It is best to fall asleep on the back or on the side, if you are sure that you will not swear during sleep. Otherwise, the eyelashes will be climbed and fell.

After 2 days after increasing, care for artificial eyelashes does not end. It is necessary to follow certain rules every day so that the effect of the procedure pleased every day and did not cause discomfort.

Features of daily washing

Daily water procedures are the basis of care. Wash with extensive eyelashes in such a way that this process does not spoil the external effect. Consider the basic rules of care at home and how to wash it out, so as not to damage the eyelashes. When the adhesive composition fully hardened, the main thing is not to provoke its dissolution. Even the usual wash can be caused by sweeping extensive eyelashes. Also necessary Gently shoot cosmetics and conduct other daily procedures, given the presence of artificial hairs.


Wash face better warm water. This will help more efficiently get rid of dust particles, skin fat and other contaminants. To clean your eyes, just a few times rinse the face. Water gently wakes up small dirt particles stuck between eyelashes. Special attention of the region of the eyelid is not paid.

Outlies of sensitive skin are recommended to use purified water.

With funds

To remove makeup, as well as additional cleaning of the skin of the face, special cosmetics are used. Professional cosmetologists allow the use of lotions, foams, gels and other compositions, but only if they do not affect the eyes. Step-by-step wash with the use of a cosmetic drug passes so.

  • To begin with, the face is carefully rinsed with water.
  • The necessary number of composition is applied to the palm.
  • Liquid is confused or foamed if necessary.
  • The composition is carefully applied to the face and handle the skin of the face, without touching the eyelids and zones around the eyes.
  • After cleaning the composition you need to wash off with water.

The skin around the eyelid can be wiped with a cotton wand, impregnated with a purification tonic based on water or brave.


After extension it is necessary to abandon the usual wiping after washing. With the advent of artificial eyelashes follows Especially gently wash the face. It is better to use moisture to remove moisture Soft and gentle material towel. Pleasant to the touch material is also better suitable for girls with sensitive skin.

Es anyway can not be rubbed, it is enough just to light them with a towel, gently pressing him to face. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated. Some girls use dense paper napkins or towels, removing moisture with their help in the eye area.

How to remove Makeup?

Most girls and women apply makeup every day. Even after the procedure for building artificial eyelashes, it remains the need to use decorative cosmetics. So that synthetic hairs longer lasted on natural eyelashes, it is necessary to get rid of cosmetics correctly and carefully.

The need to paint the eyelashes after the extension completely disappears. Artificial hairs have rich color, volume, pomp and expressive length. Even the highest quality and expensive mascara will not compare with such an effect. Little eyelashes tinted only before correction or repeated buildup, when part of artificial hairs have already disappeared. In addition to extensive hairs, other decorative cosmetics are used:

  • shadow+
  • Podrovka+
  • Foundation+
  • Pooh+
  • Small sparkles.

When removing decorative cosmetics in the sensitive zone around the eyes, you need to be as neat as possible and attentive. Should be abandoned by the compositions with the fatty texture. It is recommended to use micellar water that effectively remove makeup, and also refreshes the skin. When cleaning, wipe the skin is better with cotton wipes. Eye corners are often cleaned with cotton chopsticks, moistened in the demacious composition. Do not forget that it is impossible to rub too much.

After extension of eyelashes, cosmetologists are advised to move from fatty compositions on water-based cosmetics. This concerns not only makeup disposal compositions, but also care cosmetics. The modern market offers a wide selection of compounds that effectively clean the skin from makeup, and also tone, refresh and nourished it. You can find a means for sensitive skin suitable for daily use.

Makeup on the rest of the person can be riveted in the same way as before. One difference – water should not fall back and eyelashes.

Many girls and women use special brushes to remove makeups impregnated with special composition. This is a convenient and fast cleaning method, but it is not suitable for removing makeup from the eye.

Regular home treatments

Even with artificial eyelashes, you can carry out the familiar skin care procedures (peeling, masks, moisturizing skin and other). In this case, it is necessary to pay special attention to the composition of cosmetics. From oil-based drugs better refuse. Using masks, Cosmetologists recommend to make a choice in favor of fabric options. They are very convenient to use and no need to rinse the skin after use. Liquid compositions when applying and removing can get on the eyelashes.

After complete drying, you can safely take the bathroom and shower, avoiding water from entering. Cannot direct water jets on face. Also on glue and synthetic hairs have a negative effect on high temperatures and increased humidity. For this reason, girls with artificial eyelashes It is not desirable to visit saunas, hammams and baths.

Adhering to the above recommendations, you will save the attractive effect of extension for the longest time. Also necessary Periodically carry out correction. If there is a desire to completely get rid of extensive eyelashes, It is strongly not recommended to shoot them. So you can hurt natural hairs.

About how to wash out with extensive eyelashes, see the following video.

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