Care of fatty and combined face skin

Care of fatty and combined face skin

Fat and combined face skin have many subtleties in care. Keep it in a healthy state is not so easy. However, the presence of proper care is able to deliver the owners of problem skin from many problems and open a whole list of advantages of possession of exactly this type of skin.

Features of types

The phrase “oily skin” sounds not very attractive. In the genes of holders of this type of skin, excessive production of sebum is laid, which will be copied in the ducts of sebaceous glands, without giving oxygen access to the surface, which is why famous black points appear. Actually, the skin can not breathe – the skin is stress, and it begins to panic – glitter. According to the standards of modern fashion, it looks more than unattractive.

Moreover, it leads to the formation of such imperfections as acne, because the skin fat is especially loved by bacteria, which provoke the appearance of rashes.

Song glands of combined (or mixed) leather work or not so actively, like glands oily, or work over measures only in the T-zone. Caring for this type of skin can be complicated by a combination of several types – for example, with glitter, some areas of the skin on a regular basis will be very peeling. What to do first – to mock or moisturize? This question is especially concerned by the holders of combination skin.

Many believe that leather dehydrated and sensitive skin can not be. However, the presence of an excess amount of skin does not indicate that the skin is moistened – it also does not in any way relate to the level of moisture content. Fat skin must be moisturized as high quality as any other.

How to care?

Most of its complex care for these skin types, reduces the selection of sebum, to eliminate black points, sightening the pores and hiding the fatty gloss. It is difficult to care for oily and combined skin rather because it is difficult to pick it up – therefore it is often equal to the problem, but it is not quite so. The main thing is to develop the right phased care system. It is quite possible to make up at home.


In order to bring fatty and combined skin in order, you need to develop a certain care system that it will have to adhere to strictly. First stage – selection of funds in several steps. You can refer to the mass market or pick up professional cosmetics. Also with oily skin, folk remedies and drugs from the pharmacy.

For daily washing, pick up a non-rigid foam, gel or a face soap. It can be Korean funds – they have a lot of high-quality and inexpensive cosmetics, because the Korean skin care system is striking by its care and worn. Pay attention to Holika-Holika, Tony Moly, Misha and Mizon. Good tools can be found in the domestic manufacturers like Compliment, Belita-Vitex, European – Clarins, La Roche-Posay, Kiehls. Single attention is worth a serangee line Librederm for problem and oily skin – there is a gel gel in it, a number of masks and scrub.

Next, select Tonic – Depending on the needs of your skin, it can be moisturizing or matting, hiding pores. Very often, for porous leather, they are used as a “Salicyl Sustail Lotion” tonic from “Stoppot” – this company has a lotion separately for fatty and for combined skin.

Popular also lotion from “Propeller”.

Selection of a good matting cream, which would cover the pores and did not allow excessive lard Surfaces – Case Complex. Perhaps this is the most difficult stage of care. Far few creams are capable of such a feat. Interestingly, often representatives of the mass market in this matter are more success than manufacturers from the luxury sector. So, the “matting face cream” from librederm with a siezin and zinc in the composition will give odds to many funds. On the second place it is safe to put “matting cream primer for a person with extended pores” from “Propeller”.

Since in ducts of sebaceous glands accumulates an excessive amount of fat and dust, it provokes the development of bacteria, which, in turn, cause acne. In order to get rid of themselves from them, periodically skin must be exposed to special, deep cleaning – scrubs, peels and masks. First of all, it is worth reminding that the hydrolyphid balance of oily and combined skin cannot be broken – that is, scrubs with rigid abrasive particles are not suitable. Take a look at scrub from a “clean line” with apricot bones, scrub from Garnier “Pure Skin Active” and “Seracin Face Cream” from Librederm. They all have positive feedback, gently, but effectively interact with the skin and stand quite a bit. Also do not forget about domestic products – for example, a scrub of sugar and fatty sour cream may well replace the purchase.

It must be remembered that the use of scrub during rashes is not the best idea, Since it can disseminate bacteria by unexposed persons, only aggravating the situation. In this case, you will use clay masks – they can also be done at home or buy. In order to make such a mask on their own, you will need to buy a clay – green, white or black, they are best suited for these skin types, as well as essential and base oils – they will strengthen the action of clay, and also make a mask fragrant smelling. These can be any citrus, rosemary oil, tea tree, Ylang-Ilanga. From the basic – grape bone, almond, jojoba, avocado.

It will be necessary to take non-metallic dishes, put there about two tablespoons of clay, add water to the consistency of thick sour cream and a couple of drops of oils – basic slightly more, about 5-7 than the essential – they are 2-3. Such a mask is stirred with fingers (it is better that the clay does not in contact with the metal) and are applied with them or brush on face. Mask is withstanding about 15-20 minutes – contrary to the problem, it should not completely dry, as it also damages the top layer of the skin.

If you wish, splash the mask periodically water.

From shop clay masks Good effect give disposable masks from Compliment, “Blue cleansing face mask on cornflower water” from “Grandmothers Agafia”, masks in barrels from “phyto-cosmetics”. In addition to clay masks, a good impact on black dots and fat brilliars have masks films. They have gel consistency and come to complete drying on the face. When you are removed, the masks form a film, which remains pollution from the pores, damaged skin particles. It is believed that the films soothe inflammation, clean the pores and give the skin elasticity. Pay attention to the Mask-film from Green Mama “Calendula and Roshovnik”, Compliment “Mask-film against irritation, acne and black dots” and “Salicyl Mask-film” from StopProblem.

Also on the purity of the skin, peelings, including piling rods, have a good impact. Due to the content of the cellulose in them, these peels in contact with the skin form katips, balls that tighten the dirt from the pores and burdens of skin. These peelings are applied to dry skin. It is believed that after the rolling the skin breathes. They also, without exception, very carefully belong to the upper layer of the skin, reinfeit regeneration and accelerate cellular exchange. The best option is to use them before applying a clay mask.

For the age-related skin of these types, the “placental” peeling-rollers from “Lan Secrets“, And for the young -” fruit “from the same company. Pay attention to the rolling of Korean manufacturers containing lemon extract (Secret Key – Lemon Sparkling Peeling Gel), green tea (Deoproce – Green Tea Peeling Vegetal) or Apple (Mizon – Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel). By the way, it was the Koreans initially invented the rods. After deep purification, apply a moisturizer to the skin – cream or oil. Also a bundle “Washing + peeling + mask + matting cream” can be used before going out in the summer when you need to stop the appearance of oily shine.


Summer for greens of fatty or combined skin, perhaps the most difficult period of the year. With skin, which produces excessive amounts of skin, excessive amounts of sun and stuffy weather can play a dick joke. Some women do not glisten more common from being in the sun, but such units. For the most purpose they have to do in every way to avoid the radiance. An excellent means can be matting napkins – they can be ordered via the Internet or found in major cosmetics networks. They will help to remove the glitter already appeared, however, will not eliminate the root cause and can sang makeup.

This is a pure “decorative” agent.

In order to delay the appearance of shine for a long time, you can make a clay mask before exit. It will help to prolong the freshness of the skin for several hours exactly, since it will clean the pores and removes the surplus of the skin in the ducts of sebaceous glands, free. After clay, use ice cubes or tonic to close. Next – Light Matting Cream. If you do not want to paint, then for the summer it will be enough. However, if you want to unfold or on your skin there are imperfections you want to hide, use powder or a loose tone depending on skin problem.

Of course, it is not recommended to use summer decorative cosmetics for skin – But if we are talking about your comfort, then why not pick up good matting cosmetics, which will not be felt on the skin? Pay special attention to the light fluid with the medium hiding capacity of Catrice – HD Liquid Coverage Foundation and Pudhru from Bourjois – Healthy Balance. By the way, everything is slightly lightering with powder than with a tonal cream – you can choose almost any summer time.

Do not forget about the timely sunscreen care and about a separate line of means for solarium. Yes, ultraviolet dry pimples and relieves inflammation, but with regular “application”, it leads to the thickening of the top layer of the skin – it is rebuilt, because the pores are deepened, and it begins to allocate even more skin balan. This is another reason to choose a light matting tonal tool for the summer with SPF.

In the fall and in the spring your skin can face pimples, lack of vitamins and sunnySveta. Therefore, in order to avoid peeling and speed up regeneration, it is recommended to take specialized vitamins or fish oil. As a care for this time, look a good mask – you can use and clay for cleaning pores, and tissue for moisturizing, and gel or cream for deeper nutrition.

Autumn-winter period is also a great time in order to try anti-acid funds, such as peelings or creams. Fruit acids – an excellent agent for oily and combined skin, which can reduce the production of skin salts, cure acne and post-acne. In the solar time, the means cannot be used, as they are phototoxic and when interacting with the Sun can provoke the appearance of pigment spots.

Like any other skin type, fatty or combined in winter needs special nutrition and moisture.

Sharp winds, cold and snow affect both it, making more sensitive, prone to allergies and peelings. The presence of peeling together with a fat brilliance makes care a little more problematic, so you do not need to allow them to appear. To do this, use two or three times a week in the evening the nutritious cream suitable for this skin type.

Oils are widely used as an alternative. It will suit avocado oil, almonds, jojoba or grape bones, to which you can add a couple of drops of citrus essential oils, as well as rosemary or tea tree oil. Do not forget about the masks – if the clay is perfectly suitable in summer, as it has chic matting properties, then in winter, pay attention to various fabric, gel or cream masks. Aloe vera or oxygen masks should be especially good.

Age approach

Fortunately for the owners of oily and combined skin, their wrinkles will be formed later than the representatives of other types. This leather is growing slower, preserves elasticity longer. Leather and 35, and in 40 with proper care it will look more lively, noble, healthy without unnecessary effort. After 20 years, it is recommended to slowly begin to introduce to use leaving with hyaluronic acid or mucin snail. Similarly, you will kill two hares at once.

First, both components are good humidifiers, they also accelerate the regeneration and metabolic processes passing in the skin, which contributes to the cleansing of the skin and healing pimples. Secondly, they are able to delay the appearance of small wrinkles. You can use them after 25 years, when the means are more serious – with collagen or stem cells may appear in your departure. Funds from Vichy, Kiehl’s and Skinceuticals, as well as a number of Korean funds, are able to help care of oily ages.


When leaving fat and combined skin need to know some subtleties and recommendations of specialists.

  • In addition to careful skin care, the owners of oily and combined skin should be especially closely monitoring its nutrition. Products such as chips, chocolate, roasted, salty, sharp, as well as alcohol and soda provoke the selection of sebum in large volumes, they can also cause allergic acne and rashes. Include more citrus, nuts, buttercant products in your diet – they accelerate the metabolism, contribute to the removal of toxins and allergens from the stomach.

Also drink in large quantities water and green tea.

  • Many girls mention that Tonic does not use because he dries the skin and makes the pores more noticeable, because of him, the tonal base lies badly. This does not mean that tonic needs to be excluded from daily care. It needs to be replaced – it is simply not suitable for your skin type. For starters, try to “tame” it – use after washing on dry skin, on wet, during the day or overnight.

  • Returning to the topic of dehydrated fatty or combined skin. In no case should not wash it daily, as it is called, “to a screen” – you will remove the skin fat, but the hormones, we produce it, will remain and will work with a double force, because you independently subjected them to stress. Moreover, damage to the upper layer of the skin leads to a response – the formation of acne. That is why it is important after washing to use cream. If it does not work normally, do not unwind yourself and your skin and choose another. It can be done independently – from mineral water with lemon or infusion of herbs (nettle, daisy or oak bark).
  • In no case do not leave cosmetics on the face overnight. For the whole day in the pores, dust accumulated, skin fat, if the particles of the tone cream or powder are added to them, then the troubles in the form of acne and black dots do not. No matter how tired, find the strength to wash with your usual washbasin and apply a tonic to close. Your skin will tell you thanks for this.

  • Instead of scraping or using peeling, you can carry out a cleansing massage with gel, foam or soap for washing. To do this, they must be applied to wet skin (best – in the shower) and with your fingers or silicone sponge to massage for one or two minutes, paying special attention to the T-zone and cheeks with advanced pores.
  • Avoid cosmetics with alcohol in the composition. Once again – the fatty skin does not need to be dried, it will only lead to the enhanced work of sebaceous glands. It needs to be holly and cherished and carefully moistened, and ethyl alcohol does the exact opposite. Alcohol lotions or tinctures can be caught off individual rashes, but in no case should not be applied to everything.

There are tonic or chlorhexidine to do this, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.

  • Mechanical cleaning of oily and combined skin – the question is controversial. On the one hand, squeezing acne and black dots can lead to the spread of infection, skin sensitivity. It will also necessarily be traces from your fingers or nails. On the other hand, if there are not all black points after the peeling and masks, and white heads appeared on the acne, then you can remove them manually. To do this, skin must be displeps – in the shower, in a bath or under a towel, tilting your head to a hot water saucepan. After the procedure, the skin must be taken from decorative means, you can apply a tonic, moisturizing mask or cream.
  • Excellent helpers for oily skin – pharmacy. Together with clay and the right wash, they are indispensable when eliminating acne and traces from them. Funds that do not have contraindications and free access will also help. This is chlorhexidine, syntomic acid ointment, zinc ointment, calendula tincture for point use, various salicylic lotions.

Memo for every day

Grease skin requires special care, the main thing in which is correctly selected funds and regularity.

Get used to doing the following every day.

  • Wash. It can be gel, wash foam or face soap. The latter should be specialized – not economic, not childish, not for the body. Look at the sulfur, boring soap and soap with green tea or white clay. Several soap can be used several times a week. Because of the activity of sebaceous glands, it is also recommended to start a separate face towel, which would only be used by you. Alternatively, you can take disposable towels.
  • Use tonic. When the skin gets dry after washing, it is recommended to use the tonic – it will help close the pores and fully awaken the skin after sleep. Depending on the “subtype” of your skin and its problems, the tonic must be moisturizing or matting. Sometimes instead of tonic uses ice cubes – if only your skin is not thin and not particularly sensitive.

  • Use cream or makeup database. It is not so important, do you make makeup, we recommend that you look at specialized bazes for pore, reduce greens or renewing makeup resistance. Good light cream with similar features can be used instead of a base. These funds work perfectly and without subsequent application of tone or powder, as they give the fatty skin well-kept species.
  • Pay attention to the locks for makeup, if you still apply it.

After a hard working day, I just want to just fall on the bed and fall asleep – but your skin will not forgive you.

Therefore, take yourself in hand and look into a memo on evening care for fatty or combined skin.

  • The first stage goes cleansing. Traditionally, it is divided into two stages: removal of makeup and washing. Even if today you have come home without cosmetics, walk along the face of micellar water or milk to remove makeup, you can still – they will remove dust and dirt. If you are painted, you just need to do it. Next – washbasin. It may be the same as in the morning, you can replace it. The main thing is to suitable the features and needs of the skin.
  • Next – toning. Stage is completely identical to the morning.
  • Moisturizing or nutrition. As a rule, various creams or oils are used for this. In the case of problem skin, the moisturizing cream is applied on top of therapeutic or, if therapeutic does not provide for this, not applied in general.

        Care of oily and combined skin is a difficult matter requiring careful selection of funds and regularity. But health and beauty are worth.

        Additionally, how to care for fat skin see the following video.

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