Create Makeup in Asian style

Create Makeup in Asian style

Nowadays, almost every girl or woman enjoys various cosmetics. Cosmetics allows you to create beautiful makeups suitable for different styles. Today we will talk about the main features of Asian makeup, as well as how to choose the best cosmetics for him.


Asian makeup are characterized by some of their own features: yellowish skin tone, slightly narrowed eye cut, clearly pronounced cheekbones, bright eyebrows. Besides, Asiatok, if we compare with the European, an unusual form of a century: they are pretty flat, there are no familiar little fold on them.

It is worth noting that the Makeup, made on the moving age, will almost not be visible when closing the eye, so when applying cosmetics should be carefully thought out all reliefs.

How to choose cosmetics?

When creating makeup in an Asian style as a basis, a tonal agent and pigment of yellow shades should be taken, given the fact that the Asian tires are completely lacking pinkish skin subtocks. Terracotta or coral type should be deleted. You can give preference to neutral classic beige color options.

For painting eyebrows and eyelashes, you can use cosmetics only coal-black. Other colors to use it is impossible. Special attention should be paid to the choice of shadows – their tone should be close to skin color. As a supplement, it is permissible to apply a little golden or silver paint.

There are practically no restrictions on the color of lipstick. For Asian makeup for lips, you can take different tones. But the most common options are bright and pale pink colors. Sometimes with a simple lipstick or title on the lips make a light gradient.

As an additional cosmetics for the skin of the face, the bronzer is often taken, but it should be applied a small amount. And also often used and blush. In this case, it is permissible to take options for pinkished tones. But putting them stands carefully, so as not to spoil Makeup.

How to do?

Creating such a makeup goes in several stages.

  • Training. To make european beautiful Makeup in Asian style, first of all it is necessary to prepare the skin of the face. To do this, it is carefully cleaned and moisturized.

  • Application of the base. Pick up a tonal tool that will be on 1 or 2 tones lighter skin color. It is carefully chosen, creating borders. Then, with the help of a consistent, you need to neatly dry the triangle, which is formed by the wing of the nose and the lower century. Means better to apply sponge, but as a thin layer as much as possible.

  • Fundament fixes. After applying a tonal cream and the consilete, the result is fixed using the crumbly powder. In places where the consilet is applied, you should walk with matte shadows. At the same time, they should be in color on 1-2 tones lighter skin.

  • Creating a circuit. For this it is worth working out. Areas under the cheekbones, the wings of the nose, the bottom line, located under the chin, are neatly darkened with the help of a bronze.

  • Registration of eyebrows. For this purpose, a special gray-colored pencil is taken. The form of eyebrows should be either straight or a little curved. At the same time, special attention is paid to the geometry, clarity and severity of contours. Rastune to spend at the end is not recommended.

  • Eye decoration. First you need to make a pronounced eyeliner in the upper eyelid, you can form it using a special liner. Later spend a thin black line in the direction along the ciliary edge. The line must reach the outer corner of the eye. All the gaps between the cilia must be thoroughly cry, after which the linen line is slightly lowered. This technique of applying cosmetics will make the eyes visually narrower and slightly elongated. At the final stage make a thin arrow with the direction up (by 2-3 mm).

If you decide to make makeup in Korean style, then you should consider some important features. So, when applying cosmetics, it is not necessary to make a nasal sculpture. The technique is mainly aimed at increasing the cut.

The skin before applying cosmetics is bleached with a powder and a suitable tone. On the cheeks at the end they apply a bit of the Rumyan, they must have a light pinkish shade.

Beautiful examples

An asian makeup with a pale basis will look unusually. It uses the sculpture of the nose. Eyebrows should be thin, but pronounced with black paint. Thin eyeliner will allow visually creating a small fold in the upper eyelids.

Eyelashes and also better paint in rich black color. Also, you can apply some bright shadows (different shades of pink, orange). At the same time, they must go beyond a bit. Lips can be painted with bright scarlet tint or light coral shine.

Another interesting option will be the MayikaP in Asian style using the bronzer and golden shadows. The base is made pale, a little bronzer is applied to the cheeks and wings of the nose.

With the help of black liquid eyeliner, there are small arrows, the eyelashes are painted with black ink. A little golden shadows are applied to the bottom, and on the upper eyelid, and then all this is a bit.

To separate the lips separately, you can use a bright lipstick or title of light brown color.

Beautifully looks like Makeup in Korean style with light green shadows. The basis makes light beige color. A small number of pink rums are applied on the cheek. After that, the liquid black eyeliner draws the arrow of the middle thickness.

At the top and lower eyelid, golden shadows are first applied, and then on top – light green (sometimes yellow shadows are taken). Then all this neatly decide. Eyebrows are designing black paint, it is better to make them with a little bend. Lips paint gently pink or beige lipstick. If you want to emphasize them slightly, then you can spend the same coloring with a pencil on their contour, but with a darker shade.

How to make perfect arrows for the Asian eyelids, look in the video.

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