Differences of dry skin

Differences of dry skin

Every woman knows that skin care is an important daily ritual. To do this, buy lotions, tonic, creams, emulsions and many more cosmetics. But there is one important rule – you need to correctly determine the skin type. Cosmetologists allocate dry, fatty, combined. Each type requires proper care and attention, especially dry, which is distinguished by thinning, high susceptibility to negative impacts, rapid aging.


Cosmetologists allocate several features of dry skin, they can be attributed to the signs of type.

  • Thickness. It is very thin, dry skin is equal to thin skin. These are inseparable characteristics, one without another there is no. Capillaries are visible through the skin, veins. Cooperoz appears on it, from which it is difficult to clean the face.
  • Template to redness, peeling. Due to the fineness of the skin on it, frequent “guests” – red spots, oroging cells. They can appear for many reasons – from adverse weather conditions (heat, cold, strong wind) to improper care, use of harmful food.

  • Reduced elasticity. The epidermis contains little water, due to the lack of moisture, it loses elasticity.
  • High sensitivity. Irriters can become anything – from the pillow to a simple touch.
  • Lack of pronounced, smooth surface.
  • Small susceptibility to skin inflammatory diseases – acne rashes, acne, gumons, black points. These troubles are possible in publity.

  • Fast appearance of chances, wrinkles. First amazed “nasophack”, then – the area around the eyes, then the space near the lips.
  • The presence of pigment spots. Pigmentation is expressed in the form of freckles, brown spots. The distribution area is different, in any case, the detection of any new formations – the reason to contact a specialist.
  • Special care. Must be regular, morning, day and evening. Necessarily inclusion of fatty nutrients.
  • Similarity with the combined type. Many fine sex representatives made a mistake – confused dry skin with combined. These are completely different concepts. Dry type does not have a bold gloss, extended pores, abundance of inflammation.
  • Dry skin can turn into a very dry with a constant feeling of tightness, even when washed.

There are several ways to determine dry skin type.

  1. Press the surface of the skin with a finger. When dry, the imprint will remain a long time. Such a press need to spend on cheeks, forehead, chin to eliminate the combination.
  2. Clean mirror applied to the skin. Dry skin will not leave on the surface of the tracks from the sebaceous glands.

Causes of dryness

There is a number of causes of dry skin.

All of them are complex, some eliminates, others – remain for life.

  • Genetic predisposition. Thanks to modern scientific research, it was possible to establish that people are born with dry skin, this feature is genetically due to. If parents suffered dry, then with an accuracy of 99%, it can be argued that the child will get the same skin. In the adolescence, it will seem fat, susceptible to inflammation, will become vulnerable with age. After 25 years, dryness will manifest itself with a new force, because the production of collagen is slowed down – an element responsible for the strength of connective tissues and their elasticity.
  • Small activity of the sebaceous glands. Glands perform an important function – protective. They participate in the development of hydrolyphids that protect the skin from external influence. Dry skin is deprived of this – she quickly loses moisture and is subject to negative factors.

  • Frequent impact of ultraviolet rays. Cosmetologists negatively respond about the tan, although natural, at least artificial. Sun rays, radiation in solarium reduce skin protective functions, immunity, promote rapid aging. This is fixable – use the cream with a high level of SPF – from 30 to 50, to protect against the sun with broad and hats.
  • Climate. Dry air, strong winds, soaring sun, frost – weather phenomena affecting dry skin. Cosmetics will save from them – Refreshing sprays and nutritional creams.

The above belongs to external reasons, has an objective nature.

To the internal, subjective reasons include several.

  1. Diseases. Health is an important body beauty component. Hormonal disorders, diseases of the thyroid gland, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases affect dryness. In these cases, it is necessary to go through the appropriate treatment.
  2. Incorrect care. Inappropriate cosmetics, washing hot water, peeling abuse, scrubs will cause the onset of serious consequences that even beauticians can eliminate.
  3. Bad habits. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption can be dryness.

Consider the season

Dry skin depending on the season behaves differently – it either becomes still land, or remains in a stable condition. Therefore, the adjustment and change of caring procedures is required.

Seasonality of care – an important rule for maintaining the skin in a healthy state.

  • Spring and summer. Here are three care principles – cleansing, protection, moisturizing. For cleansing, light scrubs and enzymes are used. These funds will have deaf dead cells, stimulate the update of the epidermis, restore the color. Toning the skin is better not containing alcohol. Moisturizing will provide light creams with protection against UV radiation. Cleansing masks and moisturizing. Irritation will remove cooling and moisturizing gels.

  • Autumn. At this time, with light moisturizers, it is better to move to “heavy artillery”, to introduce another principle – food. Dense creams restoring serums that will begin to protect the skin will come to the rescue. Be sure to pay special attention to night care. In a dream, the skin must restore its properties. Beneficial impact will have special night concentrates. Introduce a nutrient mask in a beauty ritual, it will make the skin of a trap and moisturized.
  • Winter. Special care time. Cold air causes peeling, redness, wrinkles appear. Great Skin Load. Easy the state will help the refusal of scrubies. Home Task – Restore Lipid Barrier Protecting Skin. Before entering the street, it is recommended to apply nutritious bold creams.

Rules and methods

Cosmetologists advise adhere to several rules of care.

  • Determining needs. It depends on which cosmetics and procedures will be used. The main feature of the dry type is the lack of lipids. It is filled with creams that feed and strengthen the lipid barrier. Cream textures are suitable, in the heat – gel-cream, the base of the composition – oil, lipids. These substances stimulate proteins synthesis responsible for the strength of the horn layer.
  • Enhance protective properties. Rule is relevant in winter, when cold winds and frosts weaken the immunity of the skin, and in summer due to high solar activity.
  • Using soft cleansing agents. Washing hot water and frequent cleansing should be avoided. Optimal option – a little warm boiled water, micellar water and cleaning agents based on natural oils cocoa, coconut.

  • Moderate moisturizing. Scientific research came to the conclusion that there is often a lot of moisture in dry skin. The feeling of dryness and strollery after applying cream appear due to impairment of hydrolyphid balance. When buying moisturizing funds, attention should be paid to the composition in which fatty acids, milk proteins. They will keep moisture, restore protective functions.
  • Cleaning. Dry skin needs exfoliating and deep cleaning procedures. Due to its subtlety and tenderness, cream funds based on vegetable oils are selected.

  • Nutrition from the inside. Dehydrated, sensitive skin needed feeding food, such as nuts, beans, fish fatty varieties, fatty cottage cheese at least 9%.
  • Combining salon and home care. It will help maintain the skin in good condition, quickly eliminate the problems arising.
  • Following a specific care algorithm. Three stage of care stands out. Morning includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing. During the day, thermal water, moisturizing hassles and sprays. In the evening, makeup is removed, the skin is cleaned, the nutrient cream is applied.

Choose a tool

Properly selected remedy – Half of success in maintaining dry skin health.

The general recommendations for choosing cosmetics include several nuances.

  • Dry type helpers – Milk, gels, foams with oil, fats, hydrophilic oils, wash and make-up creams. They gently clean the skin without causing redness and irritation. But also good folk recipes – decoction of chamomile, mint, aloe, calendula, birch sheet. These ingredients are sold in a pharmacy, their cooking and use is characterized by simplicity – brew leaves with boiling water for 15 minutes, cool and wipe the skin. And you can also independently make a spray – pour a decoction into a bottle with a spray gun and splash during the day.
  • Vaseline and Cererse – unwanted components of funds, they will create a film on the face that interferes with independently cells to synthesize lipids.
  • Scrub should be with soft particles, hard granules will damage the skin, leaving after themselves irritation and micro-damage.

  • Fully excluded funds with fruit acids. They will drag the skin even more. The effects of acids are allowed only after the consultation of the cosmetologist and as part of professional procedures.
  • In priority – products with ceramides, free unsaturated fatty acids, collagen. They will help to restore the lipid barrier, protect against external influences, give elasticity.

Whatever the adherents of inexpensive, domestic cosmetics, still it will not have due effect on the skin. It is better to pay attention to the leaf class, for example, perfectly with skin problems Credit Payot, Clarins, Cliniqe. They have a fairly high cost, but all funds are broken on the ruler aimed at combating certain skin problems.

Optimum skin treatment option – pharmaceutical brands. These include La Roche-Posay, Avene, Vichy.

Step by step guide

Cosmetologists are united in opinion – to preserve beauty and skin health, you need to work out the habit of daily care. This is a useful habit, to observe it is easy, it includes several simple steps.

First and fundamental – cleansing. Must be held twice a day – in the morning after waking up and in the evening. Clean skin is better absorbed useful substances and microelements contained in the care of cosmetics. In addition to shopping facilities, cosmetologists advise to wash off the procurest or kefir. These products are perfectly refreshing, restore the protective barrier.

Second step – meals. At home it is important to comply with nutritional dosage.

Determine, the remedy is suitable or not, easily – if after using the cream there is dryness and depths, this cosmetics need to be changed to another.

Now it’s time protection. Creams or protective in the cold time, or with a UV filter will save from draining.

Fourth Step – Evening Care. Be sure to clean the skin from makeup, toning and use night creams.

Last Step – Weekly Masks. Now in stores sold disposable masks, they are comfortable and will not require a lot of time and effort for use.

Tips and recommendations

Dry skin is no less problematic than fatty with advanced pores.

To avoid difficulties, cosmetologists recommend sticking to uncomplicated tips.

  • Observe drinking mode during the day. For each there is its own value of water consumption, it depends on many – age, growth, masses, other physiological features. But there is a general figure that will help fill the cells of moisture – at least two liters per day. Lack of water will lead to dehydration.
  • Select decorative cosmetics depending on type and needs.
  • Do not touch the face with dirty hands. Dry skin susceptible to microbes.
  • Reduce visiting baths, saunas, solaries, pools. Water and steam wash the nutrients, to fill which later hard.
  • Experiment less with new means. Constancy – Pledge of beautiful skin.

  • Exclude products with alcohol, acids, give preference to leaving cosmetics with oils, retinol, collagen.
  • Wash with micellar water or boiled, try to eliminate the effects of water from under the crane.
  • Refuse to use professional brands at home.
  • Use in the apartment humidifiers.
  • Establish a diet. Include more fiber, foods enriched with fatty acids.
  • If possible, visit cosmetology salons for professional care procedures. Especially dry type biorevitalization, mesotherapy, medical massage.

How to properly care for dry skin, look in the following video.

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