Exercises for face and neck at home

Exercises for face and neck at home

Every year, the skin of the face and neck changes: it dries, becomes more draxing, small wrinkles appear. In pursuit of beauty, some of the various expensive drugs, others fall under the knives of specialists. However, it is not necessary to immediately resort to such costly and dangerous methods that carry certain risks. Significantly improve the structure of the skin and tighten it yourself and practically without investments. Exercises for the face – this is almost the only alternative to plastic operations for skin rejuvenation.


There are many different Facebilding courses that can be purchased in the form of video timescript or special copyright courses. Developed approximately in the 2000s the program of the Russian doctor Osinin N. B., engaged in the restoration of the facial muscles and the treatment of the human musculoskeletal system, is considered one of the most efficient. In essence, the program is a complex of exercise and massage for a person who contributes to its suspender and eliminating skin defects that appear with age. This system is based on the principles of theoretical mechanics and biobhydraulics, exercises regulate the tension and relaxation of the muscles of the face and neck.

It’s not just skin suspension by studying facial muscles. This is a whole complex of rejuvenating and healthy programs that awaken and use domestic reserves of the body. The blood circulation is improved, the metabolic processes of the epidermis are accelerated and the withdrawal of harmful substances from the human body, skin cover is regenerated with a greater speed than usual. The author notes that the correct performance of the exercises will not only develop weak muscles, but also remove the hyperton and spasms of those muscles on which an excessive load.

The whole program is based on several principles.

  • The skin itself does not age. For its elasticity and youth responds to a muscular corset, which includes the muscles themselves, as well as nerves, vessels and bones. Negative changes to this corset entail a change in dermis.
  • Wrinkles arise where there is a muscular spasm. A healthy strong muscle must always be in a slight voltage, but when it becomes unnecessary, the skin is compressed and a fold appears. The complex is aimed at removing excessive voltage and return the muscles of the required tone.
  • Healthy muscles are healthy skin. Proper work with the muscles will allow to rejuvenate the face and body. Their tension will pull the skin and strengthen its regeneration, and their relaxation will allow to get rid of edema and blocks.
  • Engineering skin need from youth. All wrinkles and folds begin to be laid in the facial muscles from adolescent age. It is important to detect and remove all the blocks and clips as early as possible, warning, and not removing the wrinkles.

Indications and benefits

Despite the fact that the mechanisms of skin aging have long been studied, many scientists still work on solving this problem.

Aging is due to several factors.

  • This is a stagnation of a liquid that can lead to lymphostase. Breaking circulation leads to skin atony, it becomes dull and flabby. All organism metabolic processes slow down, which, in turn, can even lead to serious illnesses.
  • This is a daily constant stress. In his result, the muscle tissue is growing in volume and frozen in spasms, which leads to stretching and saving skin, the appearance of balls and the second chin.
  • These are fascial traction. Fascia is muscle shells connected into a single system and connecting all muscles into a single complex. A spasmodic portion of one muscle leads to the tension of the entire fascial complex and changes the posture and features.

Thus, preventing and eliminating three of these reasons for the aging of the body, the exercises contribute:

  • Improving blood circulation and blood supply to epidermis+
  • Strengthening the lymphatic outflow+
  • Improving skin structure+
  • Restoration of the facial and clarity of jaw lines+
  • Reducing the staticness of the face and neck muscles+
  • Elimination of wrinkles and increasing the smoothness of the skin+
  • reinforced lifting of soft tissues+
  • improving the work of the Mimic muscles and muscles of the jaw+
  • eliminate balls and second chin.


Despite the scientific approach and greater efficiency of exercises, classes have certain contraindications.

It is impossible to hold manual (and the more vacuum) manipulation in the following cases:

  • Various inflammation and ulcers on the plot that need to massage+
  • Congenital problems with the cervical and lumbar department, osteoporosis+
  • jaw injuries, clavicle or spine, as well as brain injuries+
  • Circulation Systems+
  • Hypertension and vascular disease+
  • Inflammation of the Tropro or Facial Nerva+
  • Various epidermis diseases (warts, eczema, psoriasis)+
  • Serious diseases such as oncology, diabetes or immune system disease+
  • Psychological disorders, dependence.

Even a healthy person, before the start of the course, it is desirable to consult with your attending physician. Exercises will not eliminate defects caused by a certain disease. For example, if the edema is due to any disease, the massage of the elaborate fabrics will only increase the stretching of the skin.

Also the author of Osinin H. B. Does not recommend combining classes and exercises aimed at an increase in muscle mass, since such a tandem can even strengthen the problems.

For what is applied?

The exercise program will improve the complexion of the complexion, reduce the thickness of the subcutaneous fat on the cheeks and chin. She will restore the contour of the face, pulls out the eyelids, make a more open look and will expand the eyes, eliminate wrinkles. In addition, the complex will improve the condition of the neck: the extension and give it a beautiful outline, reduce transverse wrinkles. The main thing is to improve the posture and removal of the voltage of the brachial case. Thus, it is not just facial gymnastics, work is carried out with a shoulder belt, back and cervical department.


The face exercise program includes a large complex, acting on all the muscles of this zone.

Zone forehead

Exercises are designed to reduce and completely remove wrinkles and smooth the skin. But also the complex will help improve sleep: it will be easier to fall asleep and wake up, sleep will be deeper and will allow you to feel more rested. To do this, you need to position the index finger of the leading hand above the eyebrow, leaning it to the skin side. In the temple you need to make a big finger of the same hand, pulling the skin. In general, it looks like a visor formed by one hand.

Another hand starts behind the head and is brings to the skin area located above the first hand. Circular movements leather pulls up towards eyebrows to the edge of the hair, after which the hands are changing, and the whole procedure is repeated for another half of the forehead. And you can also observe the middle part of the frontal lobe. Palm are located on the face in such a way that the maizins in contact with each other in the center of the forehead. Spiral movements of the palm of the palm of the skin in the distance from the bottom up from the center of the forehead to its edges.


Relax your forehead muscles, return the correct position to return the next exercise. One hand is located on the occipital part of the head, and the second put on the forehead. Fabrics of the forehead need to slowly pull up to the hair growth line, while moving the tissue to the neck of the second hand.


To make your eyes wide open, and increase the orbit near the inner corner, it is necessary to stretch the skin a little. To do this, the index and middle fingers of one hand need to form the letter “V” and, by sending a hand with a palm to the eyes, attach them to an external corner of eyebrows and under the outer corner of the eye. The skin obtained by the “fork” is stretched to the side of the eye, and then shifts towards the nose. Another similar exercise can be done by attaching an index finger to the middle of the eyebrows, and big – by the middle of the cheek. The skin is stretched and compressed in different sides, massaged by circular motions. After the end of the stretching you need to open your eyes as much as possible and quickly blink quickly.


In order to raise the corners of the lips, it is necessary to put the index fingers of both hands on them. Thumbs at the same time fall on a jaw arc from two sides of the chin. Easy movements, the fingers are tightened towards each other, relaxing the chin muscles. Exercise can be repeated for each corner of the mouth separately.

Nasolabial triangle

To reduce the nasolabial folds and increasing their lymphatic drainage, the following exercise is perfect. The index finger of one hand is placed on the wing of the nostrils, and the finger of the second hand to the point in which the fold begins. Fingers move in such a way that each of them draw half the eight. This will allow you to relax muscles. After that, the index fingers fall along the nasolabial folds towards the nose and light vibrating movements from the bottom up as if “stroking” the fold. It will make extra water out of the field.

In order to raise the upper lip and the wings of the nose, you need to take the edge of the nostrils with two fingers of one hand, and put the fingers of the other hand from the inner corner of the eye from the same side of the face. The lower fingers shifted to the top and delay for a few seconds in the highest point.

Face oval

To return the elasticity of oval face and smooth the cheeks, you need to do an exercise called “Creek”. It will remove the masks of the jaw muscles and lower it into the correct position. To do this, open the mouth and lower the lower jaw to the neck. The lips are pulled out in such a way as if the letter “O” is pronounced. The palms at the same time are located in the zone of the bottom and upper jaws and pressing the muscle, stretching and smoothing it. Eyes during exercise should be wide open to stretch the skin. Thus, the exercise is performed by those whose age is formed by balls. The same, who with the age of chin “crawling” up, it is necessary to have palms on the cheeks and take them towards hair growth.

All face exercises can be performed both in the sitting position and in the lying position. This is especially convenient when the facial gymnastics is performed immediately after waking up, directly on the bed. The main thing in such exercises is not to overdo it with skin tension, especially around the eyes.


Exercises for the cervical department are fundamental exercises. In order to achieve maximum success in recovering the epidermis and rejuvenation, it is necessary to start a daily complex with them.

Rear-side surface

To lengthen the neck, improving blood circulation and reduce pain in osteochondrosis, you must do the exercise called “Hanger”. To do this, it is necessary to freely reduce the head down, without pressing the chin to chest. Leaving the head down, you need to raise your shoulders up and linger in such a position for about 30 seconds. After which you can return to the original position, lifting your head.

The second exercise that allows you to work the neck muscles, are the following set of actions. Hands are put on the lower back, one shoulder rises, the blade is given back. The head turns in the opposite direction from the shoulder, while the chin should gradually rise. In this position, you need to stay for 30 seconds, and then return to the original, lowering the shoulder, but leaving my hands on the lower back. After three repetitions shoulder changes.

Front-side surface

To reduce the transverse wrinkles and eliminate the second chin, you need to do the exercise “Frame” daily. Hands rise and bended in the elbows, palm covers elbows, forming a kind of frame above the head. The head leans down, and the shoulders stretch up, straightening the spine. After that, one hand is placed on the chest, and the second under the chin and the neck slightly pulls through the breeding of hands in different directions.

Neck alignment against the spine

Advanced neck is often found in people conducting a lot of time or working at the computer. Because of this, the pain appears in the shoulders, the face changes. In order to align the neck, you must regularly perform the following actions. Hands are fighting behind the back and shrink in the castle, the neck pulls forward without inclination of the head. In this position you need to stay for 30 seconds. After that, you need to reverse: Catch your hands to the castle in front of the body, and take it back.

Removing the clamp with side and rear surface

To remove muscle clips and lengthen the neck, you need to lift one shoulder and tilt my head to it, stretching the neck on the other to another, after which I will measure in such a post at least 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise for the other side of the neck. Stretching and compression of the back surface muscles is carried out in a similar way, only shoulders rise and fall at the same time.


In order to straighten the spine and reveal the chest, you can make many different exercises. One of them is the exercise “Sail”, which will not just reveal the chest, but will stretch the muscles of the hands and strengthen the lymphatic. To do this, get up in the doorway, putting the palms on the shoals, after which, without tearing off the palms, make a wide step forward. In this position you need to hold out at least 30 seconds, after which reset the voltage, having rugged the back to the outside and lowering the head.

The second exercise for the back is the so-called zero gravity. It will extend the spine and relax all the clips of the spinal muscles. It is best to perform it on the phytball, but it is possible without it. First you need to go forward, as if hugging a big round ball (or actually hugging it), and linger in such a position at least half a minute. After that, it is necessary to rush in the same way in the opposite direction and also linger in this position.

The third exercise for empty reference is called “Active Standing”. You need to get up in such a way that the feet are located exactly under the shoulders, the tailbone was directed to the floor, and the buttocks were slightly tense. The entire body must be a straight line from the top of the top to the top heels. In order to exercise, you need to smoothly reach the head of the head up, opening up the chest and reducing the blades ago. Lenzy in this posture need much longer than in other exercises, namely from 3 to 5 minutes. And you can perform such an exercise at any time of the day, being at work, standing in the store queue or during the subway trip.

Special roller exercises, which will help remove back pain, reduce swelling and even promotes weight loss. It is best for this ready-made juniper roller acquired in a specialized store, or made by your own hands. Roller must be put on the floor and lie on it in such a way that the roller was strictly under the navel area. Extracted legs are connected by the maizins, the hands are elongated above their heads and also touch each other Misinians. In this position, it is necessary to stay at least a couple of minutes by adding for 20-30 seconds the exercise for every second day. Thus, it is possible to bring the execution time to 10-15 minutes, which will benefit from both the spine and many internal organs.

Breathing during the exercise should be slow and deep, inhale is made with a nose, and the exhalation of mouth.

Main exercises

The full base rate includes more than 40 different exercises affecting facial, cervical and spinal muscles and ligaments. The principle of their implementation is similar to some principles of execution of Asan Yoga – you need to take any position in space, feel the tension or relaxation of certain muscles and linger in this position for a while.

You can list some basic movements on which most others are built:

  • Shoulder Hand, Hands, Shock+
  • head slopes, housing+
  • Muscle stretching with action+
  • Tensile muscles with hands+
  • Pressing muscles by action+
  • Slap muscles with hands+
  • massage.

In addition, massage is divided into vacuum and sculptural.

  • Vacuum facial fitness – It is muscle massage with vacuum jars of small. For him, a set of three cans is needed, the smallest of which is needed to study small zones (skin around the eyes, lips) + medium in size of the jar needed for massage of the nose and temporal shares + large bank is needed for studying large muscles cheering, forehead and chin. Such a massage will strengthen blood circulation, increase the production of natural collagen and smoothes mimic wrinkles.
  • Sculptured facial fitness – It is muscle massage with hands. During the classes, those muscles are strained and relaxed, which are practically not involved in ordinary life, which allows the skin to get more nutrition and oxygen, will strengthen it and reduce visible defects.

You can stay in one method of massage, but to achieve the best result it is recommended to combine or alternate vacuum and sculptural massage. At the same time, it is necessary either to distinguish it in zones or in time, you should not start the second immediately after the first.

How to perform?

The exercise system was designed in such a way that anyone can do it independently at home.

There are several rules that should be familiar with before starting to engage in this method.

  • 30 seconds. This rule states that any compressed or stretched muscle (or muscle group) must be kept in a state of tone at least 30 seconds, otherwise the necessary effect will not be obtained.
  • Crick. Almost all exercises suggest slow, but strong stretching of certain muscle groups. It is necessary in order to restore their original length, which they lost at the expense of spasm. Since the main pressure is made not to the muscle tissue itself, but on its shell (fascia), it is necessary to carry out all manipulations rather neatly.
  • Pretension. The pretension is the tension of the tissues in the oncoming direction or the opposite to him. It is performed before a plurality of basic exercises and is done until the moment until the muscle exposure is fully relaxed.
  • Load. Do not put pressure on the fascia too much. Almost no exercise requires the application effort, moreover, in some exercises, they are even harmful. Especially thoroughly need to dose the load, performing facial massage in the eye, lips and sinuses of the nose.
  • Fixation. At the end of some exercises, it is necessary to fix the stretched muscle with your fingers or hands for some time. Usually enough to do enough from 3 to 5 seconds.

This will allow the muscles to begin to get used to the right position and size.

The sequence of any exercise itself should look like this.

  • The face is cleared by cosmetics, from the top of the body removed tight clothing and underwear.
  • Palm is heated by friction and are applied to those sites that will be exposed to.
  • After the skin burned slightly from the warm palms, you can start manipulations, moving away from light touch to strong stretching.
  • First worked with the neck and back, then face. The first forehead is processed, then the cheeks and after all the chin.
  • Vacuum massage begins with the largest jar, moving as far as it is done to the smallest.
  • After massage, the skin need to warm up with rascal palms and make it cool for several minutes before applying makeup or wear clothes. And you can also additionally rehabilitate the skin with a nutrient cream or mask.


Almost all doctors of different specializations approve and consider the effective method of octinist, since this technique is built on medical research and principles of the human body. On various Internet resources you can find many enthusiastic reviews from women and men of different ages. Many noted that after a couple of months of exercise, the faces became much clearer, the second chin decreased significantly or disappeared at all, and the nasolabial folds were not so deep. Ladies describe the improvement of the posture, the elongation of the neck and even the loss of several unnecessary kilograms. In many forums, lay out photos before and after the results.

Such impressive results can only be achieved by regular 1-1.5 hour sessions. Therefore, those who performed the exercises irregularly, most often left negative feedback on the network, saying that the technique is useless and very road. However, there is a category of people who received painful sensations during class. It says either an improper exercise, or about any contraindications that they ignored or did not know.

With certain diseases, the exercise complex will not only do not help, but may worsen the state of a person, so it is necessary to consult with the attending physician, before purchasing a course and start studying.

The program is very rarely conducted in the salons, because it was designed for individual use. On the shelves of bookstores and in the network you can see books like n. Osinin and many of its followers who released their author’s courses based on this complex of exercises.

The best feedback nevertheless collected the first books of the author:

  • “Fitness for face”+
  • “Resurrection of a person, or ordinary miracle”.

The first describes the principles of the technique, gives basic exercises and recommendations for their implementation. Tells about how to return and save lost youth of the skin and the health of the muscular corset. The second book deeperly immerses the reader for the causes of deformation and aging of the skin, describing the processes occurring at the same time. Many satisfied buyers advise both books to acquire, because this set of exercises is a real find for those who want to preserve health and beauty for many years.

More about the exercises you will learn from the following video.

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