Face care subtlety after 20 years

Face care subtlety after 20 years

By virtue of age-related changes in the skin in certain age periods, special care for skin care is needed. Already after 20 years, many girls notice that the state of the face is worsening, the first signs of age-related changes are observed. But far from everyone knows what to do to prevent and eliminate these phenomena. This article will examine in detail the main processes occurring in the skin of the person in the period from 20 to 30 years, as well as methods for controlling and preventing them.


For young skin, the owner of which is a little more than 20 years old, is characterized by elasticity. Also, in most cases, there is enough moisture in the face. In some cases, hormonal instability during a period of up to 25 years old can occur, but no longer in such quantities as in the adolescence. Nevertheless, it is at this age that it is better to start to carry out complex skin care and carefully plan the necessary procedures for the future.

At the age of 25, the processes in the body are changed and, as a result, the skin of the face begins to lose the precious moisture. Therefore, the feeling of depth, wrinkles and general deterioration of the state appears.

Remember that this process does not happen instantly, so even if you do not observe visible changes, it does not mean that they no longer began to occur.

As a rule, between the ages of 25 and to 30, the hormonal background comes to normal and acne practically do not appear in most women.

Closer to 30 years, the process of moisture loss also continues, and in the absence of proper care, it also increases. Also begins to appear more wrinkles, which requires a concentration of attention to the fight against them.

However, if you see deviation from this pattern, you need to contact a dermatologist as soon as possible.


For each age period there are certain rules whose observance allows you to extend the youth of the skin of the face and significantly improve its appearance.

From 20 to 30 years it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  • Do not overload the face with cosmetics. The abundance of decorative funds, in addition, which will pollute the pores, will also make you older. Long wearing cosmetics can provoke premature aging processes, especially if you use poor-quality cosmetics and not rinse it overnight.
  • It is impossible to squeeze acne. This process is fraught with infection and the appearance of even greater inflammatory processes. Also on the spot of acne may remain scars and scars.

  • Try to exclude Fast Food from the diet, since acute and oily food has a negative effect on the condition of the skin. Fit correctly, try to eat more fruits and vegetables rich in various vitamins.
  • Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Non-sleeping can also provoke premature aging, impairs the overall condition of the skin of the face, reducing its tone. Also we can use a special mask to sleep, especially if you like to sleep on your stomach.
  • Protect your face from exposure to sunlight. Be sure to buy special creams, having calculated the required Filter SPF.

After 25 years, you need to adhere to the following skin care rules:

  • Please note whether it has changed its type, spend the test for its definition. After hormonal changes, the person can acquire increased dryness or vice versa – fat.
  • Also for this age should be decided with cosmetics, especially with cream. It is better to achieve 25 years to use specific cream throughout at least a year. If you often change the means, then the side effects that worsen the condition of the dermis are not excluded.
  • It is also worth picking up a cream for the eye around the eye, given the presence of all the necessary vitamins in it. Note that Vitamin E, flower origin and phytoestrogens are present in the composition.

  • The use of a night cream is introduced into the list of facial care procedures. It should be applied immediately before bedtime by a quarter of an hour, then his surplus is removed.
  • The use of serum will also be the new procedure.

The above rules are calculated for the age period from 25 to 27-28 years, depending on the individual characteristics of the body. To properly care for the skin at 28-29 years, it is important to take into account additional nuances associated with the appearance of wrinkles.

So that at any age procedures have been effective, pay attention to the state of your health, check the level of hormones, consult periodically at the dermatologist and beautician.

At different times of the year

Girls should be remembered that at different times of the year there are various external factors on the skin of the face, especially from weather and the environment. After 20 years and even earlier should be protected from such impacts.

Summer the sun is very active, the excessive hitting of UV rays on the skin can depend it and provoke premature aging. To protect your face from such an impact, it is recommended to use special sunscreens with a SPF factor. Its indicator can be different – from 15 to 40, the specific figure shows the time during which the cream will protect the face under the outdoor. If without protection, the effects of the rays is safe for 25 minutes, then the digit of the SPF shows how many times this minimum increases.

So choose cream based on the duration of staying on the street. Remember that it is necessary to apply it on the face not only when you go to the beach, but when you just leave the house in sunny weather.

In addition to the cream, additionally protect the skin around the eyes, using sunglasses with the optimal darkening for you, do not neglect the head removers.

In the summer, it is also better to refrain from the peeling procedure, because it was during this period of the year the ultraviolet rays affect the most intensive, reducing the effectiveness of the procedure.

In winter, the sun comes to replace other impact – the wind. Cold wind gusts are significantly dried by the skin of the face, so it is necessary for additional moisturies. Use moisturizing creams not only while at home, but before going out. Also give up intensive scraping and drink more water.

In the autumn and spring season, when the skin, like the whole organism, often suffers from avitaminosis, you need to introduce the use of serums. They are applied a couple of times a day under night or day cream and penetrate deep layers of dermis. These seasons are most favorable for peeling, because the sun is not so aggressive, and there is no strong wind, as in the winter season of the year.


To care for the skin of the face correctly, it is necessary to use an integrated approach, which consists of three stages: cleansing, toning procedures, as well as humidification of the skin. The only principles are based on all of them, but the procedures itself are different for different age periods.

In a period of up to 25 years, it should be used to clean the foam, as well as special gels, if you are the owner of the skin with increased fatness. At the same time, these funds must be applied regularly, and desirable twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If your skin is prone to dryness, select the cleansing agents with a cream or oil texture. Avoid using soap, which in most cases tightens the face and sometimes even leads to peeling. The most optimal for young girls to carry out the procedure in two stages.

First you need to completely get rid of the face from cosmetics, especially if you actively use tonal and sunscreen. This will help you hydrophilic oil. It is applied to face massage movements and neatly wash off warm water, without splashing her face. In the process of flushing, the tool acquires a frothy texture and removes traces of makeup completely.

In the second stage, it is necessary to wash the face with the use of foam, gel or soap with cream texture. A couple of times a week, in addition to the foaming agents, it is also possible to use compositions with abrasive particles, exfoliating all dead cells and contributing to additional cleaning. The most common products for these purposes are scrubs. Holders of a fatty skin type, it is recommended to pay attention to the presence in their compositions of acids, additionally help to eliminate acne and other flaws. But it is not recommended to get rid of burned particles with a peeling of young girls, because their skin is quite capable of restoring themselves after scrubbing.

Young ladies are often neglecting such an important stage as toning, Although it allows you to moisten and restore the balance of skin after cleansing procedures. After using scrub, skin is experiencing a special stress, especially if it is sensitive. Various tonic not containing alcohol, which are applied using a cotton disk, restore balance in cells, and also remove redness.

It is also recommended to draw attention to the fact that there are universal facilities. Their use is able to replace the two-stage process.

Even if, aged 20 to 25 years, the skin can look quite healthy and elastic, it does not mean to neglect the humidification procedures. They are applied to the face of a cream, which not only supports the balance of moisture, but also supplies the skin of the necessary nutrients with the necessary nutrients. It is very important to take into account the skin type, because depending on it moisturizing may be easy or intense.

For dry type it is better to choose such creams that make the necessary moisture as much as possible, will remove the peeling and give elasticity. For combined leather, formulations with an average texture. Outdoor of oily cover should be able to choose from light texture tools that have an additional glitter elimination feature. If you have a problem type of skin, use cream with caution, and better pick up an individually suitable for you, consulting with a specialist.

In the period older than 25 years, it is recommended to completely abandon the use of soap for washing. In addition to the gels for washing and scrubies suitable for the type of your skin, you can also try the peeling procedure. Its most effectively can be carried out in beauty salons, while special formulations of deep action are applied to the face and then removed along with dead skin cells. Makeup after 25 years is removed with the help of means delicately affecting various sections of the face, especially on the skin around the eyes.

Toning needs to be done with special lotions or tonic. They also should not be alcohol. It is desirable that the funds are based on the extract of healing herbs.

Special attention is paid to moisturizing procedures. It is important to select such creams that take into account the age-related skin changes and enrich it with all the necessary substances. After 25 years, the funds should include vitamins P, A, C, E, which contribute to the decrease in age-related signs and are excellent antioxidants. It is also worth paying attention to the acids contained in creams.

For the area around the eyes, it is worth purchasing a separate cream, because after 25 years it is important to pay special attention to this particular section of the face. Mimic wrinkles are becoming noticeable, and ordinary cream does not allow them to smooth, as well as eliminate swelling and bruises as it can make a cream for the area around the eyes. You need to use it a couple of times a day immediately after cleansing procedures.

It is recommended to choose products with floral or fruit acids, because they also contribute to the smoothing of wrinkles.


Many ladies prefer to independently engage in tone, rejuvenation and skin moisturizing procedures at home. There is a lot of recipes for this case that allow girls over 20 years old to care for the skin of the face with their own hands. The most effective are masks for all skin types.

Egg yolk and rosehip mask. For her cooking, a tablespoon of rosehip must be pouring a glass of boiling water in a thermos and leave for a couple of hours. Next, mix 1 teaspoon of profiled infusion with a yolk of one chicken egg, a half teaspoon of honey, as well as vitamins A and E, taken in the amount of 10 drops. For 20 minutes the resulting composition must be applied to the skin of the face, and then remove with cool water.

Also nutrient is a potato mask. It is necessary to make puree from one potato, mixing it with warm milk and 1 h. L. butter. The consistency of the mixture should be the most homogeneous. It is applied to the purified face for 10 minutes and wash off water room temperature. This procedure helps to saturate the skin with nutritional elements.

Very simple recipe for cleaning and nutritional of oatmeal, spilled boiling water. A couple of tablespoons need to fill 3/4 glasses of boiling water, leave for 10 hours. After time expires, the mixture is applied to clean skin by a quarter of an hour. After it is washed off warm water.


So that the facial care treatments are successful, consider the advice of cosmetologists:

  • Before buying cosmetics of a particular firm, carefully examine reviews about it. There is a likelihood of producing products.
  • Do not get fond of the procedure of contrasting. It may negatively affect the state of the vessels.

  • Not excess procedure will be a face massage. It is widely used in the field of professional cosmetology, it can also be made independently. Regular massage contributes to additional smoothing skin.
  • Get rid of bad habits. Alcohol and smoking are saturated with additional toxins, having a negative impact on it.

So, any girl needs to begin to take care of their face. If you execute these procedures sets, visit the beautician and follow their health yourself, then you can minimize the age-related skin changes after 20 years.

About the basic principles of face skin care. See in the video below.

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