Fish fat for skin: efficiency and rules of application

Fish fat for skin: efficiency and rules of application

With age, to withstand the age flaws of the skin is becoming more difficult. However, it is really easier to care for him than this is the manufacturers of expensive cosmetics. Such budgetary funds as fishe fat are perfectly coped with this.

Natural preparation and its composition

Fish oil – oil substance with liquid consistency, having peculiar flavoring and olfactory properties. It has important components for the human body. Made from liver fatty varieties of fish.

The benefits of this natural component are known in cosmetology for a long time. Fish fat are used as the main or additional component. Most often it can be found in the cosmetics for aging skin care.

Fishe fat contains several component skin beauty.

  • Vitamin A. Increases skin resistance to aggressive environmental factors. After all, the skin of the first faces malicious flora, so the increase in its protective function is very important for problem skin with eels and glasses. With regular use, the number of acne and acne is significantly reduced. Vitamin is very important for bold typewriters, because it is able to control the work of the sebaceous glands and has an anti-inflammatory property.
  • Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol). Important not only for bones, cartilage and teeth, but also for skin. It is an important component involved in cellular division of the epidermis. Protects the skin from harmful solar radiation, speeds up the process of wound healing on the skin. Thanks to Ergocalciferol, the outer layer of the epidermis is rather updated, which guarantees a beautiful and healthy skin color.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids. In the human body, they only come from outside. Their deficit badly affects skin health. Control the work of the immune system, suppress allergic symptoms, have anti-inflammatory effect. Prevent the skin and wrinkle of the skin around the eyes. Beneficial effect on blood flow in the skin, improving her air exchange.

In pharmacies, fish oil is sold in capsules, which is not very convenient for folk recipes. If there is no possibility to purchase bottled fat in specialized phytolats, and pre-crushed capsules.

It is worth remembering that the use of the product as a biologically active additive is several times improved by the outer effect of the substance and protects the internal organs from age-related changes. However, as before the reception of any medical drug, it is necessary to study all contraindications and side effects indicated in the instructions for use, and make sure that there is no allergy to the drug.


Masks prepared on the basis of omega-3, with constant and systematic use give a great result. After several procedures, you can see the following effects:

  • Deep moisturizing of the skin. Disappear and peeling.
  • Disappearance of acne, redness and inflammation, pigmentation.
  • Preventing small wrinkles. Deep become less visible.
  • Collagen Omega-3 Great for sensitive skin around the eyes.
  • Leather saturated with all necessary vitamins is restored faster.
  • Tightness and elasticity of skin.

Manufacturers of many cosmetic products, knowing the unique properties of fish oil, add it to its cosmetics. However, to make an effective tool for skin with fish oil without much difficulty at home, spending quite a bit of finance. Fat can be used both alone and with additional ingredients, such as dairy products, essential oils, lemon, greens and different clays. The benefits of nutrient and moisturizers fat quality is priceless for aging skin. Very young girls can also use Omega-3. This will help prevent other imperceptible age-related changes and disadvantages such as acne and acne.

Terms of Use

Fishe fat in cosmetology gathered a lot of positive feedback. It is used in its pure form – the substance is applied with a thin layer on the skin, not rubbing, withstands at least twenty minutes. And in the completion of the procedure neatly washed off with warm water, avoiding substances in the eyes.

Fish fat for the skin of the face caused by night gives the maximum result. Rises common skin tone, wrinkles will be accepted.

Particularly careful with this means it is worth being women with fine sensitive skin. At the first uncomfortable sensations at the point of applying, it is necessary to immediately wash off.


Face-based masks based on fish oil. The benefits of each individual and depends on the additional ingredients added to the composition.

  • Honey from wrinkle. Omega-3 is taken, liquid honey and water in the ratio of 1: 1: 1. Ingredients are mixed to a cashaty consistency. The resulting mass is distributed over the skin. After 15 minutes, the mask wash off warm water. At the end of the procedure, it is recommended to wash cool water to raise tone. After several procedures, the complexion of the face is improved and inflammation disappear.
  • Souring anti-aging acne mask. Sour cream and fat are mixed in the same proportions on one teaspoon. The mixer is whipped chicken yolk with sour cream and fish fat. All components are pre-left in the room for several hours so that they become the temperature, like air indoors. Applied on the skin of the face and neck for 30 minutes. Washed off with a warm chamomile decoction. Acne mask returns skin elasticity, stretching small wrinkles.
  • With whitening effect. Fish fat is mixed with cream and lemon (can be replaced with parsley) in a ratio of 1: 1: 1, applied to the face and is withstanding for 15-20 minutes. Washed off a homemade water with cool water or herbal decrains. Mask brightening freckles and pigmentation, deeply pitted lower skin layers.

  • Mask “Restoration”. Fish fat, lemon juice, sour cream and cottage cheese are connected in the same proportions, adhering to one to one ratio. The mixture is applied to the skin of the face for fifteen minutes. After the time is washed off. Lemon juice can be replaced with parsley. Such a composition effectively restores the tone of the tired epidermis.
  • Rejuvenating. Fish oil is added to two teaspoons of algae of laminaria until the mixture becomes a pussy. Mixed ingredients are distributed on face and neck for half an hour. To wash off the composition it is recommended to use green tea or chamomile decoction. With systematic use, the skin is noticeably rejuvenated.
  • Tightering. Fish fat is squeezed out of four capsules and mixed with calendula’s tincture in the amount of fifteen drops. The clay is added to the resulting liquid to the consistency of the fatty sour cream. Mask is applied to face for fifteen minutes. The first few minutes the composition can pinch a little. Restores skin and has a lifting effect.
  • Refreshing. Starch and fat Mix in a 1: 1 ratio. Add a drop of ginger essential oil. Before applying a home agent, the skin of the face is sparkled in advance. The composition is applied on massage lines for a whole hour. Washed off warm water. Mask helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation, gives the skin of the face fresh look.

  • For skin around eyes with parsley. Several branches of greenery are crushed and mixed with fat. In the solution wactive discs that are kept on the eyelids for half an hour. Tools perfectly nourishes the skin around the eyes.
  • Moisturizing.Chilled quail egg is whipped with a mixer to thick foam. The contents of five capsules of fish oil and a tablespoon of sour cream are added. The mixture is applied in several stages. Each layer must dry well. Mask fills the desired volume of vitamins, moisturizing and feeding the skin.
  • Restoring elasticity. Mixed one teaspoon of honey and fat. A few drops of beloved essential oil is added. A cooked mixture is applied to the steamed skin. It is advisable to apply it to a special cosmetic sponge. For flushing, a brushing decoction is perfect. In its absence, you can take any other herbic decoction or warm water.

General recommendations

The apparent effect will not appear from one and only application. Fish fat need to be used by the course up to a month, while no more than two times a week. After such masks do not need to apply cream.

It is necessary to check the presence of allergies to the components components. For this you can apply a little means on the elbow.

Do not forget to follow the shelf life of fish fat and the correctness of its storage.

The ingredients mentioned in the recipe are not randomly. Need to be observed to not harm skin.


Positive feedback confirm that many girls are experimenting with fish fat at home. Many celebrate the stalk effect from the use of pure omega-3. From him the skin begins to shine health, becomes velvet and elastic. Literally in two weeks the dryness disappears. When applied fat for the night, small inflammations calm down, and redness becomes not as noticeable. Wrinkles are becoming less visible, but not fully smoothed. The effect of fish oil based on fish oil is more than satisfied.

But in the reviews they write about one shortcoming – this is a terrible smell, which is simply unrealistic to get used and which is quite racks.

It is recommended to take parallel and fishe fat inside. So faster will notice the result. In addition, this fat is very useful for health.

How to use fish oil from wrinkles on the face, look in the following video.

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