How to care for problem skin?

How to care for problem skin?

Conscientious daily care for problematic or fatty skin is the key to the beauty and purity of the face. To date, a lot of recommendations have accumulated on how to care for the skin with acne. However, most people did not find an answer to their question. Consider the problem of acne and care for oily skin in more detail.


Problem skin, as a rule, visually the impression of lifelessness and narrowness. The condition of the skin reflects the disorders inside the body or incorrectly selected cosmetics.

Oily skin has several characteristic features that are a feature of this type:

  • Availability of medium or large number of acne, comedones, pimples or acne+
  • Tuskness face+
  • Excessive seal (sem)+
  • Extended pores in the T-zone and on the cheeks+
  • The use of alcohol-containing means leads to peeling.

Circumstances affecting the emergence and development of acne on the face, many. They can be systematized on the external effect on the skin and the internal processes occurring inside the body.

So, there are several factors to external circumstances.

  • The aggressiveness of water from the tap used for washing. As a rule, the flow crane supplies the treated with a chlorine water that dries the skin, forcing it to produce natural protection in the form of sebum in a very large amount.
  • Incorrectly selected cosmetics provokes irritation and painful rashes.
  • Trying to align the tone of the face with the help of dense decorative cosmetics, a peculiar mask is formed, clogging and preventing the skin “breathe”.
  • The use of cosmetics with an expired shelf life is not strongly recommended. However, many still sin. But do not forget that during the use of cosmetics, the tube accumulates many harmful microorganisms, which may be the source of acne on your face.
  • Irregular bed linen change, constant touch of unclean hands with face. Particles of dust, dirt or fat instantly find themselves on your face, scoring pores.

Processes flowing inside the body and affecting the condition of the skin include a number of reasons.

  • Lack of hormonal balance. Most often acne arises in adolescence when the body is rebuilt on a new mode. Problems with thyroid gland and taking medications containing hormones, can excrete abundant snare rashes even in an adult.
  • Eating harmful food. Many know about adverse effects on the state of the skin and on the body in general of harmful products. However, deny yourself the pleasure of eating a plate of chips or fill a fatty mayonnaise salad can not. So, products from which should be abandoned, significantly affect the health of the epidermis. And all the favorite sugar is an excellent nutrient medium for the occurrence and growth of bacteria.
  • The use of antibiotics is often the cause of temporary rashes. This is due to the fact that in the composition of antibiotics there are substances that destroy the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, you should not panic as soon as the intestine microflora will be restored, all unpleasant consequences of drug intake will disappear.

Consider the season

Talking on the issue of care for fat and problem skin, it is necessary to take into account the changing seasons and their effect on the skin. Many note that in the summer, the skin produces a large amount of sebum, while winter makes the skin dry and strut. It is necessary to moisturize the skin regularly, regardless of the season. But in the summer period it should be as much as possible. Light creams are suitable for problem and oily skin, in which there is a tea tree. It is a natural antiseptic that perfectly moisturizes the skin in the summer, while removing inflammation and even drying the pimples. Another excellent component is Aloe Vera, favorably affecting the state of oily skin.

In winter, the main areas in skin care are toning that helps narrow the pores and nutrition, restoring the natural level of skin acidity and saturating it with useful vitamins.

Choose cosmetics

Choosing a caring tool for your skin, it is recommended to carefully read the label. There may be a suggestion tip, which will help you choose a suitable agent.

As a rule, the conditional designations immediately rush and written in English.

  • Clear – designation that prompts the consumer that the remedy is aimed at cleansing the skin.
  • Purity – as in the first case, the tool contributes to the soft cleansing of the skin.
  • Comodex – a means with this designation indicates that there are comedones in the composition.
  • ACNE – Cleansing means for people with a pronounced acne disease.
  • PROBLEM SKIN – often funds with this designation exit the whole line of drugs. As a rule, it is a tonic, gel and foam for problematic teenage skin.
  • IRRITATION – a tool that is aimed at reducing skin irritation.
  • Inflamation – means guaranteeing full disposal from inflammation on the skin.

Quality of cosmetics for oily skin is caused by several factors: removal of irritation, getting rid of acne and small pimples, the return of the skin into the original healthy appearance. The composition of the caring cosmetics must contain exclusively natural ingredients, such as bodiagas, sulfur, herbal decoction or extract.

Having preferred any cosmetic ruler, pay attention to the manufacturer. The brand engaged in the issuance of means to combat dermatological problems should have a flawless reputation and be in good account in consumers. Separately, it is worth mentioning the presence of a license that can confirm that the brand has conducted testing of funds and has the right to sell its products to people with skin disease. To date, pick up a product for care specifically for your skin is quite simple. The range is extremely diverse and wide. Depending on your financial capabilities, you can choose yourself a remedy in the suite segment or mass market.

You can choose a professional or budget option. Good reviews of the cosmetologist has a Korean caring cream.


In order to minimize rash and irritation on your face, It is recommended to follow certain rules.

  • As a cleansing means, use a specialized tonic, gel or foam. In no case do not wash your face with soap.
  • Water used for washing should not be more than thirty-five degrees. High water temperature contributes to the expansion of pores, in connection with which there is an excessive generation of sebum and redness appear.
  • Get rid of the habit of intensively rub your face with a towel. Make blusting movements, wiping face after washing.
  • Excessive contact with water adversely affects the skin, in connection with which the face is only in the morning and in the evening.

  • Emptying acne at home is strictly not recommended. There is a huge risk of infection. Help with this process will help you in any cosmetic salon. With the help of the master and special sterile tools, you will remove the acne, while without such consequences, as the occurrence of the scar and infection.
  • Preferably once every seven days resort to help specially designed for oily skin scrub.
  • Regularly make a mask and apply protective cream or lotion.
  • Minimize the amount of decorative cosmetics on the face.
  • Before washing, thoroughly wash your hands, only after that, proceed to skin care.

It is very important to choose the right cream for sensitive or combined skin.

In a teenage girl and girls after 25 years old, she is often dehydrated.


In leather care, one of the fundamental rules is a sequence. Namely: cleansing, toning, moisturizing. Consider stages every process in more detail.

Cleansing is the first and important step for oily skin. Problem skin needs a soft daily cleansing that will not additionally injury the epidermis. With this task, a natural gel or tender foam will perfectly cope. Thanks to the means, the skin will be cleaned of excessive sebum, it will reduce its production, make a face more matte. Acidic cream more aggressive.

No less important stage is toning. As a rule, many women and girls ignore this stage, moving immediately to applying cream. And it is rooted wrong. The fact is that the previously used foam or gel helped clean the skin, but broke the natural level of skin acidity. In order to normalize the former level, it is recommended to use a tonic suitable for your skin type. Performing two tasks at once, the tonic removes the dirt remnants with which the foam or gel gel did not cope, and restores the pH of the skin. Toning is an important step that prepares the skin to apply the cream. Pay attention to cleansing agents and tonic from one cosmetic line. In most cases, such products are well combined with each other, providing comprehensive skin care.

The final stage in caring for problem skin is moisturizing. It is the opinion that oily skin does not need additional moisture with the help of a cream, since it herself allocates a large amount of fat. It is worth noting that this is a delusion. The fact is that even fatty and problem skin needs a light moisturizing cream. Regular use of alcohol-containing products aimed at getting rid of acne and gloss in the T-zone, strongly dried skin. It provokes the epidermis to produce as much sebum as possible, in order to moisten the skin with her usual way. Give preference to a light moisturizing cream or lotion. Refuse oil for face or nutritional, they can score pores.

An additional event that promotes skin cleansing may become peeling. It is recommended to hold it no more than two times a week, it is desirable before going to sleep so that the epidermis manage to recover. Thanks to the peeling, you can eliminate tightly emerged pollution in the pores. Wash the facilities to peeling a boiled water temperature.


We bring to your attention a few useful tips, following which will help minimize rashes on your face. First of all, take care of the epidermis from the influence of the Sun. Do not abuse solarium. Despite the fact that the tan visually makes acne less noticeable, but in reality only aggravates inflammation. To top it all, most of the means intended for the care of problem skin increase the sensitivity of the skin to the ultraviolet rays. In this regard, there is a high risk of advent of pigment specks.

Pay attention to masks containing white clay, which is also called Kaolin. It is an excellent absorbent, pulling the dirt from even the deepest pores, and minimizes the production of sebum. Tea tree oil, lavender, chamomile, sage and calendula are your “allies” in the fight against acne and irritation.

Of course, one thing applying the mask will not replace full-fledged treatment, but to dry inflammation, narrow the pores, align the skin tone mask capable.

When using decorative cosmetics, give up the Rumyan. The fact is that it is this product that most often contains in the composition of oil, which clogs the pores. You can replace them with dry shadows of the shade you need. During problematic and fatty skin, it is also recommended to abandon dense tones, instead of using a consiletor or a masking pencil. Instead of compact Poll, give preference to crumbly. Responsibly treat the selection of cosmetics. Take care of cosmetic lines sold in pharmacies. As a rule, such cosmetics contains a small amount of zinc. It does not allow pore closure, having a slight drying effect.

Read more about how to properly care for problem skin, you will learn from the following video.

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