Marine Algae Masks: Features, Properties and Applications

Marine Algae Masks: Features, Properties and Applications

Among the funds offered by cosmetologists, the face mask from seaweed is deservedly popular. It consists of natural components and therefore suitable for any type of skin. This procedure not only refreshes, moisturizes and leads the skin into the tone, it removes swelling, brightens the pigmentation. The face begins to look younger.

Composition and benefit

Natural mask with seaweed seeds produced in China and Thailand. The equipment includes also rose hips. This cosmetic is well whitening the face and moisturizes the skin well. Wonderful properties are explained by the biological composition of laminaria, which is unique. It contains polysaccharides, collagen, vitamins and active trace elements. They possess the properties of regeneration and remove dead cells, pulling up and refreshing the skin.

  • Alginates and alginic acid. When dissolved in water, these substances turn into a gel. He envelops a face covering it with a thin film. The effect of lymphenage takes off swelling, strengthens the skin, leading it to the tone. During moisture toxins, the nutrition smoothes small wrinkles, producing a rejuvenating effect. Remove the mask easily: it is cleaned with a whole web.
  • Collagen. With age in the body, the production of this substance decreases and its arrival is very useful. In the age makeup always turns on a collagen mask.
  • Vitamins and trace elements. Mask from seeds of algae contains many active substances: vitamins B and C, carotenoids and folic acid. It has many plant enzymes and sterols. Algae are famous for the content of iodine, calcium and potassium.

There are also magnesium, iron, phosphorus, chrome and selenium. These trace elements feed the top layer of the skin and rejuvenate it. Moisturizing patches with sea algae help get rid of dark circles under the eyes.


Masks with laminaria are universal and suitable for everyone, regardless of skin type. They nourish and moisturize face. Algae slow down the aging process, cherished foci of inflammation, relieve irritation. Masks increase skin protective functions, preventing acne and dark spots. The main advantages of Thai masks provide:

  • A large amount of vitamin C, natural antioxidant+
  • Large yoda+
  • Holine, soothing irritation and removal+
  • Niacin contributing to a good healthy face+
  • necessary for the skin of potassium and calcium+
  • Supporting blood circulation Iron, providing oxygen cells.

Recipes for home use

The process of cooking a mask is simple, but the mixture is obtained by a liquid and thickened with different additives.

With clay

Lamaria effectively removes dead cells of the epidermis. Delicately affecting the cleansing mask lines the shade of aging skin. Clay (you can take any) mixed with sea cabbage powder and bred herbaceous decoction. Use herbs as desired: a chamber, a lamp or plantain. The mixture is brought to a creamy state. Mask with clay is applied in a lying position so that the mixture does not spread.

The procedure delivers pleasant sensations, pleasure and feeling of peace. After half an hour, the mask was washed off with warm water and apply a day cream on face.

With honey and oil

Mask with algae based on oil and honey highly efficient. For cooking takes 1 teaspoon sea cabbage and natural honey. Add to a mixture of 3 drops of olive oil (can be replaced with linen) and stirred to the state of homogeneity. Low on a flat surface and gently apply a mask. Hold 10 minutes, then wash off warm water.


Being a good thickener, the gelatin is also a source of natural protein – collagen. It is very useful for the skin, but rarely found in animal products. Introducing collagen to the mask, take into account that the hot gelatin loses its useful properties, and in the frozen form it is not mixed with nothing. It is necessary to mix it with sea algae on time when he was heated, but not yet frozen. Take a teaspoon of algae powder and poured warm water. Gelatin is mixed with three tablespoons of pure water or with an extract of healing herbs. Heat it in a water bath until grains. Mixed with sea algae, removed from the fire, give a slightly cool and applied to the skin. Wash off warm water, no cosmetics for washing do not apply.

From brown algae

Mix for a mask from deep-water brown algae is not difficult to buy in the finished form. It is inexpensive, and the result gives a striking. Even customers who do not love to mess around with masks appreciated its action and efficiency. They say that the Thai mask cleans and smoothes the skin of the face, reduces dryness, protects against sunlight, preventing early aging. The skin of the face becomes elastic and smooth, the selection of sebum decreases, inflammation and irritation decrease.

From seeds

Cosmetologists recommend for masks to take ordinary clean water. But its replacement for other liquids enhances the effect and allows you to achieve the desired result. Houses use various juices, milk and apple vinegar. Carrot juice give the face a shade of a light sunshine, at the same time feeding and saturating it with vitamins. Cucumber Juice will save from freckles, cabbage – pulls out the flabby skin, and the potato – remove the swelling.

Milk contains many useful substances, and its use increases the efficiency of skin masks. It becomes clean and elastic. Adding apple vinegar to sea algae, increase the skin tone, wrinkles smoothed, decreases the selection of sebum on oily skin. But vinegar cannot be used for sensitive skin: it can cause irritation.

Application and contraindications

Laminaria was applied for the first time to combat cellulite. She influenced the body well, removing the subcutaneous fat. Subsequently, it began to use and for the skin of the face. Patients leave positive feedback, telling that seaweed helps solve many problems.

  • Elimination of skin irritation and peeling, reduce its dryness. If the matter in the shortage of substances to help restore the top layer, marine algae will come to the rescue.
  • Extended pores on the skin indicates a lack of vitamin E, omega-3, molybdenum and silicon. In marine algae contains polyunsaturated acids and thanks to this, it is eliminated from wrinkles. Masks with them rejuvenate and reduce bags under the eyes.
  • Pigmentation and freckles. In algae a lot of zinc. He whits and leveled the skin.
  • Acne and high fatty skin. Solve the problem capable of magnesium, sulfur and iodine. They are rich in laminarium. To whiten the face and remove the glitter, it is not necessary to spend money on expensive procedures at the cosmetologist: a mask is easy to do at home yourself.
  • Marine algae mask smoothes old scars, not letting them grow. This is evidenced by numerous patient reviews.

Going to take advantage of similar masks, you should know about contraindications. Large iodine in Laminaria causes fears from specialists. They believe that it is necessary to treat the procedure.

A mask should not be used in the presence of foci of inflammation on the face and skin rash, with diseases of the thyroid gland and with allergic reactions to iodine, during pregnancy and feeding the child with breasts. Before trying to solve the problem, it is worth finding out with the help of specialists the reason for its appearance.

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