Microdermabrasion: features and procedure

Microdermabrasion: features and procedure

Any woman dreams as long as possible time to look young and as attractive as possible. But sooner or later, age aesthetic changes will still let you know about yourself. Modern cosmetology will allow you to remove these unpleasant phenomena, it will help to give the face with a silky smoothness, and the female skin is the necessary elasticity. The most progressive beauty salons can offer their patients a new service called microdermabrasion.

What it is?

Microdermabrasion (microscopic grinding) or simply peeling a person is one of the most soft and most important – painless methods of high-quality deliverance from expressing epidermis and maximum stimulating its subsequent recovery. In other words, microdermabrasion is an enhanced skin cleansing procedure on the face or other parts of the body using mechanical exposure.

In the salons of this kind of manipulation, using a special apparatus, from its nozzle under a certain level of pressure there is a jet of air and abrasive particles. Most often in their roles are crystals of aluminum, magnesium, bicarbonate or sodium chloride. When exposed to these substances on the epidermis, its complete cleaning from dead cells occurs.

Microscopic crystals remove dead cells and gently grind the face, making it more even and smooth. Just one session – and close to immediately notice the excellent color of your face and its smoothness. And if you go through a course of 4-6 procedures, you can easily obtain both external and internal visible effect of rejuvenation.

For the first time, this procedure was conducted by cosmetologists from France, so it is often called “Paris Peeling”.

After the full course of peeling in the patient, the following changes will be noticeable:

  • The complexion will improve significantly+
  • Pigment stains will disappear from the surface of the epidermis+
  • There will be no scars, scars+
  • Faces will become tightened.

Intensive mechanical impact will accelerate the bloodstream, because of which the body will begin to quickly produce such components as collagen and elastin. The advantages of this procedure are obvious. This is a rather gentle non-functioning technique of fast rejuvenation, which comes to almost all categories of patients and practically does not have contraindications.

Among the advantages of this technique, cosmetologists-specialists and patients allocate the following points:

  • The procedure can be carried out to those who are contraindicated chemical peeling+
  • Universality of the procedure+
  • short recovery period+
  • Canceled results – visible face lift and aligning its relief+
  • Minimum possible complications+
  • No pain+
  • Increased efficiency+
  • All cosmetic flaws are cleaned without skin injury.

    If very substantial damage to the epidermis is completely removed, then due to the accelerated update process, these problems will be visually minor.

    More inventors prefers to choose services for rejuvenation without surgery. Microdermabrasion results are very often compared with successful plastic operations. The procedure can be applied to patients at any age. Even too sensitive skin, having a tendency to allergies, can safely transfer this grinding.

    Already a couple of hours after mechanical manipulations, the patient returns to the usual way of life. Neither redness nor the swelling will not be the consequences of this type of peeling.

    There are several varieties of microdermabrasion.

    1. Crystal peeling. It can be found more often than other types, because it is more in demand. As an abrasive for nozzles of the device here, particles of aluminum crumbs.
    2. “Diamond” grinding. Expensive and for this reason – the most effective of the available varieties of microdermabrasion. Diamond nozzles will most carefully clean the skin of the face, gently protecting the epidermis from injury. By the way, only diamond peeling can be used without concerns to apply for hand processing, the whole neck and area. The method of 100% helps to get rid of visible stretch marks for a long time and removes any pigment spots from the surface of the epidermis.
    3. Oxygen variety. In addition to the abrasive in the form of diamond and aluminum crumbs, the flow of oxygen, which goes under huge pressure, is chosen for skin grinding. Soft and uniform impact will help get an excellent result and much reduce the chances of the appearance of different complications.


    Microdermabrasion and for very young girls, and for ladies aged becomes salvation in such cases as:

    • Previously fading skin+
    • Availability of stretch marks+
    • wrinkles+
    • acne and their consequences+
    • Windbreaking skin.

      Since the procedure does not damage the skin, it can be considered safe for patients. The person is considered to be the most frequently used area of ​​the effect of microdermabrasia, but with this technique you can cleanse any part of your body without fears with such a need. The skin will become smoother to the touch even after carrying out only 1 session, and after that it will better absorb moisturizing and protective creams and various oils.

      Most often, microdermabrasion is chosen by persons over 12 years old and remains relevant up to 65 years. These age limits are purely conditional. Simply, people over 65 have an increased risk of manifestation of bruises and wounds on the skin after such a peeling, and children under the age of 12 can undergo a procedure under the supervision of a dermatologist.

      However, many experts advise earlier than 18 years old for such cleaning methods not to be carried away.

      Indications for cleaning are considered:

      • Photostying epidermis+
      • The appearance of thin wrinkles+
      • Age rash+
      • acne (acne)+
      • Availability of acne scars+
      • Faceful face color+
      • Strongly extended pores+
      • Relief skin+
      • Lack of collagen and elastin.

        The doctor should evaluate the condition of the patient’s skin, learn about all chronic diseases, and also ask what result the patient wants to get in the end. Only by collected all this information, the specialist will be able to recommend the required number of sessions. Usually grabs 5-8 procedures.

        Duration of one session – 20-35 minutes. The procedure passes without pain, but if the patient has increased sensitivity, he will be able to discuss the pain relief with a specialist before peeling.


        This kind of procedure is best not to produce:

        • If you are taking aspirin or other medications that dilute blood+
        • If you take “Isotretinoin” or took it throughout the year+
        • With burns in the healing stage+
        • if there is skin diseases+
        • High sensitivity of the epidermis to aluminum components+
        • Herpes or other inflammation+
        • Great degree of pigmentation+
        • Non-public scars and wounds+
        • Diabetes of any type.

        Possible side results of microdermabrasion:

        • Absadina after unsuccessful peeling+
        • Redness of the epidermis+
        • Increased sensitivity of the epidermis (and to UV rays also)+
        • The appearance of sprockets from vessels+
        • Significant bruises+
        • Too aggressive microdermabrasion leads sometimes to the manifestation of inflammation on the skin.

        Choose equipment

        Removing the removal layer of the epidermis is made not only by a powerful jet of air, in which there are particles of abrasives. Today you can find instruments with nozzles that have on the surface of the face of synthetic diamonds. A specialist conducts such a nozzle on a problem site, thereby simply grinding its surface, and the suction vacuum sucks extended particles of the skin.

        The main plus methodology is that it is most safe for use in the eye and lips of a person, because the abrasive particles are not used here, which in imperative circulation may injure these areas on the face.

        Choosing a device for the implementation of diamond or other peeling at home, you need to carefully read the reviews of other users.

        Technology implementation

        Before you go on this kind of procedure, first need to prepare your skin for it. To do this, it is necessary to clean it. Cosmetologist before a session will clean up your epidermis using a special lotion. If cleansing is performed correctly, grinding will be the most efficient.

        The specialist must be mandatory to marker those areas of the skin that will be grinding. Mandatory step to prepare for the procedure is anesthesia – local anesthesia. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account, for what purpose will peeling. If you just need to remove coarse skin, it is enough easy anesthesia. If the impact should be serious, the general anesthesia will have to be applied.

        After anesthesia on the selected sections of the face for 30 minutes a bubble with ice. It is necessary to narrow the vessels and compact the cover of the epidermis.

        The second step is grinding itself. This is a process at which the removal of the top of the epithelium consists of dead cells, with the help of a special device. Dead cells are beginning to be removed and absorbed by vacuum in the same moment or first removed, and then absorbed. The impact force of the device will depend on the existing problems you want to get rid of.

        If blood appears on the skin, the specialist removes it with a wool tampon. The maximum time of one session is about 30 minutes. After the end of the peeling, special serums, creams, masks apply. They are necessary in order to calm and protect the skin from adverse environmental factors.

        My microdermabrasia is possible to spend and at home. This will require special creams. The second method is the combination of a special cream with the device for the implementation of microdermabrasion at home. Here the most important thing is to clearly comply with all measures for your own security.

        The method in which the device is not at all needed, assumes that a special means will be applied to the skin, which includes aluminum oxide. The face is actively massaged using this fund, and then it is simply washed away. After the procedure, serum is applied to the face.

        Creams are not so expensive, but they will have to constantly buy and, of course, should not seriously expect that they will work stronger than the real grinding in the cabin. Professional peeling devices are expensive, but do not require a large number of materials for the procedure.

        Paste of soda and water for grinding is considered the simplest analogue of this popular procedure. You need to take 1 tablespoon of soda and 1-2 teaspoons of ordinary water. You can add 1-2 drops of any essential oil, such as green tea or lavender. Mix everything to the state of liquid paste, dial it on your fingers and mild movements.

        The procedure must continue 3-5 minutes, after which the paste is washed off with warm water. After home peeling, apply a toner to bring the pH of your skin to the desired level. Next to the skin is applied by a moisturizing cream with high protection from sun rays.


        There are some rules to be performed at the end of the diamond cleaning procedure.

        • It is forbidden to be under the rays of the Sun for 3 weeks.
        • It is best to use cosmetics for some time, in which there is an acid or alcohol. The skin can react to them unpredictably, since its surface layer has not yet heal. Although grinding and is called painless, but still the skin after it is not protected. And this means that extremely aggressive elements can lead to its irritation.
        • It is forbidden to actively engage in different sports, as the abundant sweat and hot shower also often lead to irritation. After the peeling procedure, it is best to use moisturizing fatty.

        Most people after the implementation of such peeling quietly return to their usual life. Decorative cosmetics and light creams can usually be used immediately after the procedure. Numerous studies have proven that microdermabrasion is even temporarily, but can facilitate the ingress of various substances through the skin due to its increased permeability.

        In order to moisten the skin after microdermabrasion qualitatively, you can use the creams and serums that have hyaluronic acid in their composition. Care for the skin after grinding you need very carefully.

        Recommendations and reviews

        The total number of sessions that will be needed for the maximum effect directly depends on those flaws that you need to get rid of. If you only need to give fresh face, and skin – elasticity or remove small defects, for example, mimic wrinkles, enough 4-6, and sometimes only 2 visits to the cosmetologist. In cases where your problems are much more serious, for example, deep wrinkles that are well visible on the face, it is better to visit 10 or 12 sessions and only after receiving the desired result it will be possible to stop.

        To keep the effect from peeling as long as possible and prevent the subsequent wilting of the epidermis, It is necessary to carry out a course of skin grinding approximately 1 time in 10-12 weeks. If you are going to visit the beauty salon with other purposes, but at the same time you want to make microdermabrasia, it is best to immediately ask the cosmetologist, is it possible to combine this technique with other procedures for improving skin condition.

        Today there are many specific methods for solving serious and not very skin problems, however, do not forget that they need to be consulted by a specialist to whom you can point out the key features of your body and tell about all previously obtained cosmetology procedures.

        Microdermabrasion has mostly positive feedback from customers of beauty salons. They call this skin cleaning method one of the safest. But if you become using a conventional dermabrazia, laser grinding of the epidermis, peeling, then the risks to get skin injuries is much higher than when choosing this procedure.

        About the features of the procedure of microdermabrasion, see the following video.

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