PRX-T33 peeling: characteristics and application technology

PRX-T33 peeling: characteristics and application technology

Much in the image of a woman depends on the state of her skin. Masking with tonal means of irregularity and flawed, and without resorting to the internal purification of layers of epidermis, it is possible to quite soon notice their inefficiency. PRX-T33 peeling – means to open natural beauty and radiance.


Peeling in the traditional sense is a procedure for exfoliating dead cells. Pass it at home – folk methods and in beauty salons.

Unlike domestic scrubs, specialized products of well-known cosmetic brands affect not only the upper layers of the skin, but also on deeper tissues due to the use of chemical compositions.

Peeling into the skin, ingredients:

  • eliminate her degros and signs of wilting+
  • smoothed wrinkles+
  • Clean and narrow pores+
  • Brighten the pigmentation of various kinds.

It should be noted that in recent times, only a classic TCA peeling conducted by a solution of trichloroacetic acid has such abilities.

    This powerful component in a percentage ratio from 15 to 40% was equally talked and manifted women, because in addition to the excellent rejuvenating effect, it was a long rehabilitation period, a violation of the integrity of the skin, their peeling and redness. The pros interrupted the minuses only partially, and therefore the laboratories thought about improving this procedure.

    Italian manufacturer Wiqomed, engaged in the development of means for aesthetic medicine, became the first to combine several components together, levating all side effects. Thus, the PRX-T33 product created by the company presented a chemical peeling of a new generation with a sufficiently high acid fraction of an acid equal to 33%, a storm effect and a significantly less degree of side effects and contraindications.


    Composition of the healing of the solution It has components, including:

    • PRX-T33+
    • hydrogen peroxide+
    • Koyaic acid.

    You should begin with the first type of acid, because it is PRX-T33 that solves a complex of tasks associated with the remodeling and revolutionation of the dermis. It is effective with its 15% of use, but in this case you can only talk about the surface procedure capable of returning the fatality of the face to the short term. The presence of 33% in PRX-T33 allows you to include a procedure for median or, in other words, to the fact that they are able to peel deeper and straighten even deep wrinkles.

    PRX-T33 is an organic acid, and therefore it is perfectly soluble with water.

    Useful properties of the ingredient:

    • Rejuvenating effect+
    • Cleaning+
    • Elimination of inflammatory processes+
    • narrowing+
    • Regulation of the selection of subcutaneous fat+
    • Impact on accelerated collagen production+
    • Improving blood circulation+
    • Antimicrobial effect+
    • Whitening action.

      Nevertheless, it is worth considering that PRX-T33 is a completely halogenated analogue of acetic acid, and therefore its incorrect application instead of a rejuvenating effect may cause serious burns. In addition, even the correct dosage during use can cause tingling, plugging and even painful sensations with hypersensitive skin.

      Koyaic acid – another important chemical component derived from mushrooms of various types. This substance is often used in creams, lotions and serums for the face, possessing good cosmetic properties. So, the enzyme blocks the production of tyrosine, thereby preventing the formation of melanin affecting various darkening on the skin.

      The result of such reactions is noticeable skin lightening.

      Other advantages of koyaic acid:

      • Rejuvenating effect+
      • Reducing darkening fabrics+
      • discoloration of scars and scars+
      • Bactericidal and antifungal effect that helps in the fight against rash and acne.

        As a rule, in cosmetic products that do not relate to aesthetic medicine, the percentage of koyaic acid in the solution is from 1 to 4. PRX-T33 peeling includes a 5% dose, making a mixture even more rich and efficient. In addition, the substance also performs a soothing role, removing inflammation.

        Low concentration hydrogen peroxide percentage. At the same time enhanced the effect of PRX-T33, it struggles with injury to the epidermis during the procedure. In addition, the peroxide acts as known to everyone disinfecting enzyme.

        Summarizing the foregoing, it is worth noting that the composition of the Italian beauty product is thought out to the smallest detail. Strong concentrations of substances harmoniously get along with each other, exerting an extremely positive effect on the skin.


        PRX-T33 peeling should be carried out strictly under supervision and on the recommendation of the experienced cosmetologist. Only a specialist can soberly assess the need for chemical impact on the skin, as well as, if the patient is desired, choose analogs with another composition.

        The procedure is recommended in different cases.

        • When age-related changes in epidermis tissues, such as flabbiness, minor wrinkles, wilting. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the age limit of this chemical composition does not have, and therefore after consultation with a specialist can be applied and with other skin problems.
        • With the existing scars and scars remaining as a consequence after age rashes on the skin.
        • With an uneven tone of a person with pronounced pigmentation, as well as redness.
        • In the presence of such skin diseases like inflammation of the sebaceous glands.
        • In case of damage to the skin by ultraviolet rays.
        • When dusk a lifeless tone.

        In addition, the procedure is possible to perform in spring and summer, since the all-season solution is soft enough to effect and does not cause pigment spots against the effect of UV rays. Note that today is the only median chemical composition that does not have contraindications for seasonality.

        The result of the procedure carried out by testimony is visible immediately. However, deciding to achieve a strong result, it is necessary to go through the entire course, designed for 4-6 salon visits, depending on the source status of the skin.

        At the same time, peeling often do not have to do, because the effect of the course of the course of several procedures with a frequency of 7 days is preserved for a period of 6 months, and therefore should not worry about unnecessary chemical effects on the skin.


        Like any chemical preparation, the Italian product rejuvenation has its own strict contraindications. Ignoring them entails negative consequences that can affect not only tissues, but also on health.

        So, the procedure is considered invalid in the following states.

        • The presence of allergic reactions to any of the components. Check for individual intolerance can be carried out after passing blood tests, as well as when applying an elbow.
        • Pregnancy – all components of the solution are slowly absorbed into the blood, but specialized research on the infracy of substances on the placenta was not conducted, and therefore, to avoid danger to the fetus, the procedure should be postponed at a certain time.
        • Breastfeeding – Mother’s milk – a unique product that allows the baby to get the whole complex of beneficial substances in the first months of life. The presence of chemistry in it is unacceptable and dangerous for a little life.
        • Wounds and abrasions – any of the acids in the composition is able to worsen the state of even small damage, driving and increasing them.
        • Colds and other infectious diseases at the acute stage.
        • Herpes and other viral diseases.
        • Rehabilitation period after conducting complex salon procedures, such as biorevitalization or mesotherapy. It is worth remembering that the skin should recover during the day.
        • Reception of drugs that are incompatible using this peeling solution.

          Subjective contraindication is the young age of the patient. As a rule, elastic young skin can recover and get rid of many ailments with more gentle methods.


          The first and key phase of preparation is to check for allergic reactions. You can make it in advance or on the day of the procedure, going to the salon for half an hour earlier.

          Once in the cabin, it is important to go through another important stage – the cleansing of the epidermis. A beautician will be able to spend it using special means from the same line of cosmetic products, which is a solution for peeling, at home it is possible to make ordinary milk or gel.

          If the skin of the face is too fat, after cleaning it is recommended to be degreed. With this task, any antiseptics, such as a chlorhexidine solution, or any other alcohol, are perfectly cope with this task.

          Dry epidermis from such actions may suffer, and therefore it is important to navigate the individual features.

          Such simple actions can be completely prepared by the skin and achieve the highest results from the peeling itself.


          A solution for peeling can be purchased independently, and you can trust professionals and do not worry about the acquisition of fakes and other troubles. One way or another, cosmetologists advise to carry out this event exclusively in the salons, because the proportion of trichloroacetic acid is high, and therefore inept use will inevitably lead to burns or results that do not relevant expectations. It should be noted that some girls are not afraid to make a procedure and at home, however, it only happens after consulting with a beautician.

          Make peeling will help a simple application instruction consisting of several stages.

          • Clear epidermis.
          • Dry skin with napkins to complete dryness.
          • Implement the solution to the first layer of rubbing movements. It is worth remembering that the means should be applied solely in nitrile gloves.
          • Apply a few more layers (on average from 2-5), waiting for complete absorption of the latter.
          • Wash the PRX-T33 cool water.
          • When sensing strong pulp and discomfort to apply a soothing mask.
          • Apply a nutrient moisturizing brand cream.

            As a rule, the procedure itself will be accompanied by a slight tingling of the skin and will take from half an hour to an hour. After removing the remnants of the solution from the skin for 15 minutes it has been observed redness, and after a day – a small peeling. Easily get rid of such side effects, spending the right and timely recovery of the epidermis.


            As mentioned earlier, the PRX-T33 drug does not injure fabrics, however, it thinks them and makes more sensitive to all aggressive factors, be it windy weather or scorching sunny rays.

            Given this trend, it is important to carry out skin care after each session of cosmetic therapy.

            Despite the fact that representatives of the brand talk about the unlimited use and the absence of a rehabilitation period, With noticeable dryness of the face and excessive sensitivity, you should remember a few simple rules.

            • Limit visits to places with high air temperatures, be it a bath, sauna or solarium.
            • Refrain from entering the skin of direct sunlight. Even the all-season regular peeling must be accompanied by good creams to protect thinned fabrics. The degree of protection of the means from destructive ultraviolet rays should be high, and the cream itself or the emulsion has proven from the positive side.
            • The wind and frost are capable of rendering even further, rather than the rays of the Sun, and therefore the protective cream will also be useful in the struggle for beautiful skin.

            • Even gentle chemical peeling fully removes dead cells after the first application, and therefore the further use of scrubies and gels with active solid particles is not only useless, but also harmful. Their use can cause even greater peeling and even damage to the thinner dermis.
            • Limit the use of sharp, salt and fried foods, without provoking the appearance of new irregularities on the skin, acne and gunnings.
            • After the procedure it is necessary to restore not only the outer layer of fabrics, but also the water balance from the inside. Consumption of pure water in sufficient quantities will help to avoid many unpleasant feelings on the skin. In addition, among medical drugs, you can find many options for the rapid restoration of the water-salt balance capable of optimizing the work of the body in a few days.

            According to manufacturers and cosmetologists, the epidermis after this therapy will be ready for new salon procedures after 8 hours. However, all sensations and reactions should be voiced by a specialist who, if necessary, helps you adjust the further plan and actions of action to achieve rejuvenation and beauty.


            PRX-T33 causes considerable interest in both doctors-cosmetologists and potential patients. According to specialists in the field of beauty, it is not worth to expect miracles from the procedure, because this peeling is more the therapy for which the regularity is important.

            Also, the masters are happy to share some secrets of storage products and alternative use methods.

            So, open and closed bottles It is important to keep at an optimal temperature from +4 to +6 degrees, that is, in the refrigerator. For several days at room temperature, the contents of the vial will also not spoil, however, remembering the high cost of the Italian product, it is not worth saving. The main sign of the non-impurity of the product becomes its darkening and precipitation in the form of flakes.

            We will analyze several recommendations on alternative use.

            • Use the solution not only for the area of ​​the face, but also in the zone of stretch marks on the stomach, pigmentation on the hands, the leather of the abdomen after delivery.
            • Apply a solution at home with a cotton wand strictly on the scar or scar for the night without flushing. Customer reviews at the same time indicate amazing results after 1-2 weeks of daily use.
            • With tight leather with a high degree of rooted layer after therapy, wash off from the skin not to the end, fixing the remnants with protective cream. The remaining solution is poured only after 8-10 hours, allowing one session to get rid of the large layer of dead cells.
            • Economic use lies in the night use of a means of 1 ml. The drug is rubbed into the purified epidermis and is fixed with the nutritional cream. In the morning the remnants need to be washed.
            • Use the drug for intimate lightening and rejuvenation zone anus. Customers with this application there is an increase in the sensitivity of erogenous zones.

            It must be remembered that such methods are only experimental methods developed by several cosmetologists, and sometimes consumers. Their safety, and even more reasonableness is not proven, and therefore applying them as a guide to action is very risky.

            Some cosmetologists are carried out with a PRX-T33 solution and salon procedures with a mesarolera. It allows you to penetrate the layers of the epidermis much faster and obtain the effective effect.

            This method can be used only on the started stages of the aging of the epidermis.

            The algorithm of action with the help of a mesoroller is more complicated, because the skin is damaged, and therefore needs good disinfection.


            • Cleansing dermis+
            • Application of anesthetic cream for up to 20 minutes+
            • To enhance the effect, you can use the conventional food film to which the epidermis must be covered+
            • re-cleansing the dermis from the residues of the anesthetics+
            • Skin drying with napkins+
            • Application of the first layer of solution+
            • High-quality teaching with a mesaroller+
            • Applying subsequent layers – It is worth remembering that when blood appears, specialists are limited to two layers+
            • Washing in sterile napkins using saline+
            • The resulting skin wipe with antiseptics, for example, chlorhexidine or “betadine”+
            • The use of a nutritional cream from the same brand as PRX-T33 therapy.

            The use of a solution in such a key is no longer so secure and is distinguished by increased skin irritation after the procedure. However, it is compared with laser rejuvenation. Nevertheless, professionals advise to expect good, but still real results, and therefore the skin of a woman at the age of 40 will not be able to look just like a 20-year-old girl.

            In addition to reviews of cosmetologists, you can find positive and neutral customer opinions. Recommendations about the procedure here are difficult to allocate, because the overwhelming part of women decided to hold this responsible event in the cabin. However, the subsequent care and rules for applying cosmetics girls are divided with enthusiasm.

              So, women after peeling observe some tingling of the skin, dryness that the most manifests itself on 2-4 days. During this period, users do not advise to mask the remaining irregularities with a powder that will allocate thinned skin. Tonal creams and base creams with moisturizing components – the perfect start of makeup. However, you can do without them, because, as a rule, the next day the epidermis is quite restored and loses the side effect in the form of redness.

              Separately girls advise correctly configured on the procedure. Despite the fact that manufacturers declare it as painless, intensive rubbing of the chemical composition and further adhesion of gloves to the skin is not the most pleasant feeling. It is rubbing that provokes that the most redness of the skin, however, wanting to get a good result, you need to suffer.

              Some women after therapy use painkillers in the area around the eye.

              Recommend women to pay attention to the cost of products. On average, depending on the city, about 5,000 rubles will have to pay for a single procedure. Under the condition of 4-7 procedures, and sometimes 12 for the course during the launched states of the epidermis, the amount exits significant. In addition, after six months, sessions will need to repeat. For many, this state of affairs becomes an obstacle to the procedure and choice of more inexpensive means, but requiring rehabilitation.

              The number of positive feedback exceeds the number of neutral. Definitely negative opinions are absent at all. However, women with noticeable problems of the epidermis are recommended to undergo a classic TCA or other peeling with rehabilitation without leaving the house for several days, but felt subsequently explicitly and quick results for a small amount of applications.

              About how PRX-T33-peeling do, look in the following video.

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