Secrets of the care of the face of Japanese women

Secrets of the care of the face of Japanese women

Japanese skin condition is customary to be referenced in many countries of the world. Indeed, women from the country of the rising sun always look much younger than their years. But this is not related to some kind of magic or genetic features. The thing is that Japanese knows special secrets of beauty that help them achieve the perfect appearance of the skin. And today we will reveal them to you.


The main differences between Japanese care of the face from European are methodologicalness, duration and multi-stage. In addition, daily cosmetic procedures require the use of many different leaving. In this case, all methods of care are quite universal, and therefore, each person will fit. Only provided that it is ready to regularly fulfill the necessary procedures and nothing to miss. After all, it will only work out to achieve a really noticeable and sustainable result.

Consider in more detail all stages that include Japanese care, as well as list their features.

Removal Makeup

Japanese ladies do not neglect cosmetics. On the contrary, many women in Japan make a sophisticated makeup daily and lack the skin to bring their appearance to the European ideal. Most funds sold in Japanese stores are distinguished by a very high quality composition. For example, instead of heavy tonal funds, Japanese women apply modern VV and CC creams with the latest formula, which allows not only to achieve the desired decorative effect, but also cares for the skin, making it more beautiful.

In addition, in such funds, quite high levels of SPF are usually present – sun protection factor. It also significantly affects the state of the epidermis, because everyone knows that excessive ultraviolet irradiation harms human skin, premature aging provokes.

Of course, all this cosmetics must be thoroughly rinse at the end of the day. And for these purposes, Japanese beauties use a hydrophilic oil that quickly and effectively copes even with persistent make-up. Means are applied to a cotton disk or immediately to face. Then the massaging movements are washed off all cosmetics, and with it and other contaminants accumulated per day. If necessary, the procedure is repeated again.

Also some Japanese women use special oil-based products for demacia. Here the main thing is to remember that before applying such a means it is necessary to warm up in the palms.


This stage is particularly important. It is necessary to get off the most carefully all the pollution from the skin to maintain it in good condition. For the washing of Japanese, they use efficient, but soft gels, foams and mousses intended for daily use. But they apply these funds not by hand.

To begin with, they are carefully foaming with a special mesh or sponge. Then they make a thick foam onto the whole face and neck and massagels on massage lines. It is important to completely remove the skin.

Tip: Before starting to wash the face, wash your hands thoroughly. Also do not forget that it is best after washing to wash your face with paper, not tissue towels. So you protect the skin from microbes.

Moisturizing and nutrition

As a rule, many women of Japan use serum suitable for skin type, not cream. If your skin is dry, it is necessary intensive nutrition and moisturizing. For fatty and combined skin, serum is suitable, which includes components regulating the work of the sebaceous glands.

Serum is applied to the face, neck and area of ​​decollete, pre-trusheys product between palms.

Also, women of Japan do not forget about skin care around the eyes. After all, Mimic wrinkles begin to appear very early. Specially selected light cream must be applied with neat movements, slightly pressed the pillows of the fingers. You can not stretch the skin, it will bring more harm than good. Skin care around the eyes should be a daily ritual of beauty for every girl.

Tip: It is best to apply a cream for the eyelid with the help of a ring of a ring finger, because so the pressure on the skin will be minimal. Also do not forget about the rejuvenating cream, if you are more than 25 years old.

Timely prevention will help slow down the external signs of age-related changes.

Holding moisture

Skin that ispiced moisture always looks more beautiful and healthy. Japanese girls know exactly how to maintain the water balance. It is important not just to drink an external layer of epidermis, but also to keep this moisture.

To do this, use a special cream designed for these purposes. It must be applied with fingertips first on chin and cheeks, distributing around the face with massage movements. If your skin is too fat, you can not apply such a means on the T-zone.

Caring for lubs

In the process of care of the face, you should not forget about the skin of the lips. There it is especially fine and sensitive, so you should be careful and pay special attention to nutrition and lip moisturia. Japanese women put balm on the lips after every washness and during the day, if you feel the need.

9 rules for care

Now let’s give 9 golden rules of beautiful and well-groomed skin from the famous cosmetologist from the country of the rising Sun. Ciza Sakes.

Each girl should know them.

  • Learn your own face. In the modern rhythm of the woman’s life can not afford to spend a lot of time to care for the face. And even more so, to constantly and carefully monitor the condition of the skin. Nevertheless, it is extremely important not to neglect this. Examine your skin type, analyze the problems that are available. All this will help in the future to pick up the most correct care system suitable for you.
  • Take yourself. Everyone knows that internal beauty and harmony is much more important than the external. If you know the advantages and disadvantages of your appearance, but fully accept them, the surrounding will notice it. Smaller focus on the pictures in fashionable magazines, look at your own reflection in the mirror.

Models are ordinary people. Just above their appearance carefully work forms and photographers. And not always the picture corresponds to reality. Therefore there is no reason for complexes!

  • Do not abuse decorative cosmetics. To look good, you do not need to use a lot of cosmetics. And even more so do not think that dear products always justify their cost. Remember, even the most expensive cosmetics will not hide strong rashes, bags under the eyes and similar problems. Take only those tools that fit your skin type. To look amazing, most important to achieve perfect face skin. Do not save on a tonal cream, and also do not forget to use sunscreen.

  • Learn Samoissa. Gymnastics for the muscles of the face allows to significantly improve the color of the skin, make it more elastic, beautiful, literally shining health. Allocate only 10 minutes a day to perform such a procedure. Massage daily, and the results will not make yourself wait. And if you do not want to independently study the sculptural massage techniques at home, you can always seek such a service to a professional.
  • Use the means of reasonable. In the process of skin care, the rule does not work: “The more, the better”. Do not think that if you apply a thick layer of expensive cream on the face, the effect of it will only be better. Most likely, most of the product simply dries on the surface of the skin, thereby interfere with the cells “breathe”. Use each means wisely, and do not force the shelves in the bathroom with dozens of unnecessary jars and sticks.

  • Let the skin rest. If possible, at least once a week, completely eliminate the use of decorative and leaving cosmetics. This will allow the skin to restore its natural forces in regeneration.
  • Use masks regularly. In modern stores, it is simply a huge range of various face masks. The most comfortable of them are fabric. These are especially loved by the girls of Japan. They are easy to use anywhere, convenient to take with you. If there was no such mask at hand, you can make it yourself. To do this, you need a conventional cotton and lotion napkin. Just wet the napkin in the lotion and attach it to the face for a few minutes. To achieve a better effect, it is recommended to pre-attach a towel to face, moistened in hot water to open pores.

  • Review the lifestyle. Even the most expensive cosmetic procedures will be useless if you neglect exercise, eat harmful food and drink little water. If you can not attend the gym, then you allocate the time at least on the brief walking in the park. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, reduce the use of fried and flour to minimum. Drink enough pure water, besides juices and tea. You will be pleasantly surprised how much the condition of your skin with the use of these tips will change.

  • Keep track of the state of the neck and neckline. You do not have to share facial and neck. Always when you apply serum on the skin of the face, apply it on the neck and decollet area. The same rule concerns massage. Now you know much more about the secrets of beauty of Japanese women and skin care technologies. Use the specified tips, and your skin will just glow health!

How to make self-massage correctly, you will learn from the following video.

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