Serum for problem skin: use and effect

Serum for problem skin: use and effect

Each woman seeks to keep the youth and beauty of their skin as long as possible. Especially thoroughly care for the face accounted for owners of the problematic type of epidermis. They need special care, so any cosmetic drugs need to pick up competently. About how to choose a serum for problem skin, this article will tell.


Many modern beauties are confident that there is no difference between cream and serum for face. It’s a delusion. Serum is not a major skin care product. Most likely, it can be attributed to additional cosmetics that help maintain natural beauty, health and youth. Such a means can not be used constantly, because serum is a concentrate of active and beneficial substances.

To date, you can find a variety of serums. There are options for dry and oily skin, for young and mature, for fading and problematic. The main feature of such a means for problem skin lies in the fact that it helps to fight various rash and defects. Use such serum beauticians recommend only if it is impossible to deal with skin problems with other cosmetics.

Such a drug has many advantages. Due to the fact that this agent is a concentrate, it improves the condition of the skin very quickly. Literally in two or three applications will already be visible. Serum easily penetrates deep layers of epidermis, thanks to which blood circulation is optimized, the complexion of the face is improved. In addition, antiseptic impacts are provided whey.

In general, such a means helps to normalize the natural balance of moisture, fights with rashes, restores elasticity, eliminates irregularities and protects against the negative impact of surrounding factors.

How to choose?

Choosing a cosmetics for problem skin, it is worth considering the reviews of those women who have already time to try this or that drug. In addition, it is better to choose products of proven manufacturers who have proven themselves only from the best side. Do not chase as cheap and give preference to dubious brands.

Holders of problem skin should pay attention to the means that are made water based. If serum will contain a large number of different oils, it will adversely affect the skin condition and provokes new problems. Serum texture should be easy and quick to absorb.

For problem skin it is best to choose funds with different acids. It is they who have a favorable effect on such a type of skin. Note that the composition of the drug was enriched with “vitamins of beauty” a and e, hyaluron, glycolic and ascorbic acids. Also as part of serum must be various ingredients that will have an antibacterial effect. For example, it can be a tea tree oil, green tea seed extract or salicylic acid.

All the above ingredients will be positively influenced by the state of problem skin. They will help get rid of rash and prevent their re-appearance.

In addition, fat shine will disappear, cell regeneration will improve, the skin acquires a healthy and shining view.

How to use?

Problem skin is very capricious, so before starting to actively use serum, it is worth listening to some advice that will help achieve better effect. To begin with, the person should be carefully cleaned from the residues of cosmetics and dirt, which accumulates during the day. Use for this foam or tonic. Then so that the serum is better penetrated into the skin, it is worth spending a small peeling. For this, the usual scrub is suitable for which you use regularly.

The drug should be applied solely on a wet face, so the tool is better absorbed. Remember that you have a concentrate of a cosmetics in your hands, so it cannot be applied in large quantities. There will be enough two or three drops that should be evenly distributed throughout the face. Apply media with light movements. Do not rub it.

After the tool is completely absorbed, you can apply the usual night cream. Literally a few days later you will see that the skin of the face will be cleaner. Many similar funds have a matting effect, so the skin will shine health and beauty.

Rating the best

In order to make the right choice, it is worth considering the ranking of the best cosmetics that received only positive feedback from women with problem skin.

BioDerma Sebium Serum is very popular. This tool helps to effectively deal with unpleasant rash. After a few days of use, the number of acne is reduced. Moreover, thanks to the means, new rashes do not appear. In the composition of the product there are such components that also help to struggle with fatty shine and have a matting effect.

Face Serum Magistral Sebatics – excellent means, which contains fruit acids, salicylic acid and other components, useful for problem skin.

The remedy perfectly cleans the pores, eliminates periodic rashes and smoothes irregularities.

BAC-CONTROL ESSENCE – Another popular cosmetics that was created specifically for problem skin. The product excellent normalizes the production of skin salts, due to which the rashes disappear, the complexion of the face is improved.

Serum for Problem Skin Academie Serum Purifiant Contains a unique component – Botto’s Determined Extract. The tool improves the work of the sebaceous glands, reduces the amount of rash and helps to fight with traces from acne, aligning the skin.

Serum overview for problem skin you will see in the following video.

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