The main stages of the Korean skin care

The main stages of the Korean skin care

Perhaps it is difficult to find a woman in the world who would not want to look beautiful and attractive at any age. As for Korean women, for them the beauty of the face was simply erected to the cult. Take care of your Korean’s skin very early. Even in the mature age, the skin on the face of Korean women looks young and touched. What is the reason for such an effect and what affects youth and skin health? It turns out that they use a multistage system for cleaning and nutrition of the skin, and it is thanks to her for a long time they can look perfect.


    Koreans claim that a beautiful face to carry minimum cosmetics, and youth and beauty is maintained due to the constant skin care, which must be cleaned, nourished and moisturize. Koreanki suggest beauty much longer than European women. Many are accustomed to the morning to wash with simple water or wipe the face with tonic, after that they apply cosmetics. For Korean women, this wash is clearly not enough. They take care of the skin more competently and do it regularly.

    Korean care implies that the skin must be prepared for the application of any cosmetics. To ensure radiance for a whole day, it needs to be cleared of pollution. Passing the 10-speed Korean care system, it can be expected that the skin is transformed and will be fresh and shining, bags and swelling will disappear.

    For the washness of the Asian use the system that has name 424, which means that 4 minutes takes place on the face cleansing, the foam is applied 2 minutes, 4 minutes leave water.

    For washing, they use contrasting water, for this it is necessary to alternate warm water with cold.

    Pros and cons

    Korean girls from you begin to fight with age deficiencies on the skin and soon get rid of the problems, and do not smell acne with tonal means.

    Several layers of drugs are applied on the skin of the face, which turns out to be deep and intensive impact.

    After sleeping on the skin remains the remnants of contaminants, which are formed as a result of the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands. It is Morning Cleansing that should be full and include not only the usual wash with soap. Asian women pay special attention to the humidification of the face and protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. It is not customary to sunbathe in Korea at all, women prefer to protect their skin and always apply sunscreen. In cosmeticichka, Koreanka can be seen by caring agents and quite some decorative cosmetics. They believe that nothing can better decorate a girl than a young and clean face.

    Judging by the polls, ordinary women, causing the skin, use only two stages – cleansing and applying cream in the morning and / or evening. Japanese and Korean girls practiced a multistage skin care. Each step is important and performs a specific function. Inflicting means, you need to do it consistently. Korean girls prefer to care for the skin to fully and undergo all stages.

    The advantages of the Korean method should include:

    • Large selection of care products. Koreanka prefer to change cosmetics and do not choose a certain brand. Manufacturers regularly release new. Due to the frequent change of means, the skin does not get used to them and remains susceptible to useful components.
    • Protection against UV radiation. When buying a means, it is important that in it there were components protecting from the sun.
    • Minimum use of cosmetics.

    Those women who mastered the Korean multistage skin care method note that they have noticeably decreased the number of wrinkles, they managed to get rid of acne, give the skin of radiance. Thanks to this technique, you can slow the aging processes and extend the youth.

    Although this method has gained great popularity, it has certain disadvantages that are as follows:

    • To draw all means will have to spend a lot of time.
    • High price for leaving cosmetics. Korean women consider constant face care to the most correct, so they can spend quite a lot of money on it.
    • Adverse reactions. Like any cosmetics, among Korean cosmetics there are certain products containing acids, often causing allergies.
    • Not everyone can come. The skin of Europe and the Asian in its structure is different, so such cosmetics can harm such cosmetics.

    To make sure that the cosmetic is suitable for type, it is worth purchasing a trial mini version of the drug.


    Korean face care Requires certain rules:

    • A visit to the cosmetologist. For the Koreanok, a visit to 1 or 2 times a week of a cosmetologist or a dermatologist is considered quite ordinary. He will give care tips, will conduct procedures, adjusts the system.
    • Choosing a cosmetic, Koreankov choose cosmetics of any brand, without filling on one. They will be happy to use new items, and will not use the same means for a long time.
    • Mandatory condition is moisturizing. Asian have dry skin, so abundantly processed with oils. They can apply them in several layers. Thanks to abundant nutrition, it becomes gentle like a velvet.
    • Make money with a thin layer, carefully patting your fingers.
    • Application of masks for a Asian can be considered a real ritual. If European women use masks 1-2 times a week or less, the Asians believe that masks do not happen much, and make them every day.

    • When using fabric masks, they cannot be used again, as this can cause irritation and inflammation.
    • For Korean, it is extremely important to remove makeup before bedtime. You can not go to bed with cosmetics, because during sleeping toxins will fall into the skin, which will lead to its inflammation.
    • When applying products, you must first use the product with a liquid texture, and then apply dense formulations.
    • For moisturizing and feeding the skin around the eyes, patches are used, which are filled with glycerin, oils and vitamins. Thanks to them, you can get rid of mimic wrinkles, dark spots and bags under the eyes.
    • Tan and Ultraviolet Protection. Asian women, unlike Europe or American women, will never sunbathe in the sun, without protecting the face to the means from the harmful effect of UV rays. Almost all Korean production creams contain SPF factor. It is especially important to apply funds with protection against ultraviolet women after 30 years.

    For many women, it may seem that the rules for the care of the face is too much, but it is worth trying to perform them.

    Consider the skin type

    Taking into account the fact that for each skin type you need certain funds, it is important to know how to properly care for dry, oily, combined skin. There is a certain technique, thanks to which you can choose individual care for each type.

    Many believe that oily skin with eels and rashes is only in adolescence, but it is not. More than 30% of people can have these problems for a very long time. For oily leaks are characterized by extended pores, inflammation, acne. The skin of the face often has a bold glitter, especially the T-zone.

    Those who have such problems should be abstained from the means that can dry the skin, as they can provoke an increase in the selection of sebum.

    Using the Korean skin care method of this type, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the skin, but it is necessary to do it carefully so as not to injure it.

    The owner of dry skin is often complaining of its depths, peeling arising from itching. To remove unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to moisten the skin cover, do not forget about the exfoliation.

    Cosmetics for dry skin on the package should indicated that the tool is suitable for and moisturizing. Considering that in the upper layers of the epidermis there is not enough moisture, leather, susceptible to dry dryness, can age earlier. Korean cosmetologists recommend using tender essences that will not score pores. They are used for the night to moisturize and feed the skin. An excellent option to calm flakes can be considered the essence of BERRISOM.

    To avoid peeling, it is important to regularly do peeling. To do this, use Mizon peeling gel.

    Combined skin holders should conduct leaving procedures, combining several cosmetics. Often, the girls of this type suffer from dryness on cheeks and fatness in the T-zone. To eliminate the shortcomings, it is worth conducting regular cleansing. To do this, take a hydrophilic oil that removes the contamination, after its use, the skin will become prepared for the absorption of substances. Next use Toner The Saem, thoroughly working on the T-zone. You should take a toner with Clearma extract. Thanks to the properties of this African flower, the pores will be less noticeable.

    With normal skin, it is important to correctly care for it, maintain an acid balance, humidity. You can achieve this using deosproce moisturized tonic with collagen. After its application on the skin, a peculiar film is formed, protecting a person from exposure to the external environment.

    Tonic well moisturizes the skin, normalizes the pH balance.

    Often, ladies with sensitive skin arise problems in the form of depth, itching, peeling and inflammation. Caring for such skin should be very gentle. To calm the inflamed skin, it is necessary to apply oil to her, aloe juice or use green tea.

    Korean girls to get rid of peeling very often use all sorts of masks. You can choose any composition suitable by skin. Cosmetologists recommend to stop their choice on facial mask Kocostar. It has coconut milk, which will take care of inflamed and sensitive skin. Mask recommended to do on the night so that in the morning get a stunning result. The face after its use will be younger, fresh, the skin will become elastic.

    Korean manufacturers offer a large assortment of cosmetics that are suitable for different skin types. It is important to determine correctly with the choice and find a tool that will satisfy all these requirements.

    Main steps

    The Korean facial care system will act if it is to conduct it in stages. There is a ten-speed scheme that allows for a short time to bring the face of the face in order.


    Facial skin care in the evening:

    • To purify the skin of the face, use hydrophilic oil and wash off the makeup of light foam for washing+
    • Up to 3 times a week, massage cream is applied, it should include peelings and rolling masks+
    • Toner or Mist+
    • Next and gentle milk or emulsion is applied+
    • A face cream is applied, while special attention is paid to the area around the eyes.

    For European women it may seem that this is a very long process, but thanks to the conduct of such procedures, the skin is cleared and restored.


    Care in the morning for Asian women consists of the following steps:

    • In the morning, the skin is cleared, for this use cream or foam for washing+
    • then the toner is applied or lotion+
    • nourish the skin, inflicting tender emulsion, serum+
    • Clean the skin with a milk+
    • Apply face cream+
    • pay attention to the area around the eyes, cream cream on it+
    • After the cream applies basic means, primer+
    • Makeup is applied at the final stage.

    Koreankov do not use bright makeup, they believe that the face looks vulgar.

    For them, quite a light foundation in the form of SS, dwarf and matte lipstick.


    Perhaps European women will be difficult to pass this multistage level and not to break the sequence, but everyday procedures will be able to improve the skin of the face, will allow you to look like 5 or 10 years younger.

    Stepper care implies:

    • Cleaning. To clean the skin, Koreanki in the morning use foam for washing, and in the evening the hydrophilic oil is chosen or foam to remove makeup. Cosmetologists recommend for washing to take oil-foam Holika Holika. After its use, the excess of the skin will be removed, the pores will be cleaned, the skin moisturizes.
    • Cosmetic means for washing. After applying a hydrophilic agent, the skin is cleaned by a foam or a facial soap using a special mesh or a sponge con feature to create a foam.
    • Peelings and scrubs. Thanks to them, burned cells are removed, the skin becomes updated, black dots disappear. Very popular in Korea consider the peeling-rollery, which is applied to a dry face, rolls rolling, then wash off.
    • At this stage, Asian women wipe the face that does not contain alcohol. It is worth a preference to mild soothing agents that will restore the acidic balance of skin.
    • This step implies the application of an essence, due to which the skin will be prepared for the application of cosmetics. Korean women are often preferred by a snail extract that promotes skin regeneration. He is suitable for those who have sensitive and problem skin. Can be used and serum, that is, a serum that will be more concentrated than the essence, more useful, but also more expensive.

    • Oil extracts. They are released in bottles with pipette for convenient application or in the form of a syringe. Oil base quickly penetrates deep into the skin, which provides a good result in a short time. To achieve effect, it is enough to apply 2-3 drops.
    • Masks. A large number of Koreanok give preference to fabric and hydrogel masks, as they are available and easy to use. Their main advantage is high efficiency. Make them of cotton, for impregnation use clay, plant extracts, snail mucus and t. D. Hydrogel masks have more active ingredients, with dense adjacent to the skin creates a kind of greenhouse effect. Apply a fabric mask for 20 minutes, hydrogel – by 35-40 minutes.
    • Eye cream. The area around the eye does not need care from the right care. The use of delicate light cream will help to fight the first age changes.
    • In the penultimate stage, an emulsion is applied, which is a gentle cream. It is used for moisture. After 30-35 years, the skin begins to demand increased attention, so age should also be considered when choosing this fund. Emulsion can provide skin necessary care. If the skin is fat, it is often enough only to apply it. For dry skin it is worth using moisturizing cream.
    • Application of sunscreen or night mask.

    On the night once a week it is worth conducting a deep cleansing procedure in the cabin.

    Thanks to it, the upper layers of the epidermis will be removed, which will contribute to the launch of the regeneration process of new cells.


    Korean women pay a lot of time cleansing and feeding the skin of the face, considering that this beauty is, and that is why they try not to apply a lot of makeup. They usually do not use bright shadows saturated with lipstick, believing that it looks vulgar. For makeup Asian use bbuses, gentle powder and imperceptible shine.


    After reading the Korean system, many might think that there is no need to spend money on such a large amount of cleansing funds, because there has always been enough fifts or soap. Yes, besides, a bunch of applied tools are immediately washed off from the skin. Often women buy the best and expensive cream, thinking that he will solve all the problems. But without preliminary facial preparation, any cosmetics will not bring such a staggering result.

    Koreankov recommended cleaning the skin not only outside, but also clean your body from the inside. To do this, eat correctly, take antioxidants and drink many green tea. Thanks to this cleansing, exchange processes will faster, the excess fat in the body is melted, and the face skin will be rested and young.

    Reviews of girls who tried the Korean method on themselves, they say it will act, if regularly and consistently do all the procedures.

    Particularly pleased with many results after applying masks. Korean women enjoy the washed and immentable masks, they are applied for the night, take.

    Such masks can be divided into types that:

    • Protect skin moisturizing+
    • lighten the skin and align her tone+
    • tighten and purify pores+
    • restore and tone the skin+
    • With rejuvenating effect.

    To achieve a greater effect, it is recommended to alternate masks and make them in turn.

    Apply masks on face stands with massage movements so that the active components can deeper into the skin. Korean women prefer fabric masks that carved holes for mouth and eye cut out. The fabric is tightly imposed on the face and keep 10-20 minutes. After the procedure, the face does not wash.

    Special popularity of Koreankov enjoy masks that are applied for the night. They are recommended to apply after applying the night cream after 1-1.5 hours.

    In addition to face masks, the great importance of the Korean is given to applying a cream to the area around the eyes. These areas should apply gentle cream, tapping with fingers.

    Korean creams are very different from the products of other countries, they are much easier and air. After their application on the skin never remains. Be sure to get acquainted with its composition before purchasing. When choosing a day cream, it is important to make sure that it has protection against ultraviolet rays. Night Korean cream has a thick consistency, it is applied with a thick layer.

    Throughout the night he will gradually be absorbed.

    Caring for the face, asians never use sponge or other means. Cosmetics they apply only by hand. When applied tonic or lotion, they also pour it on the palm, then applied to the face. Korean cosmetologists recommend using a light spray-haze, which sprayed on face.

    Use these recommendations or not, everyone’s business, but the reviews of girls after the use of the Asian system say that it acts. Judging by the reviews, it is suitable for care for any skin of the face. After applying a multistage system, many managed to get rid of acne, reduce the pores, align the tone, remove excessive fat content in the T-zone. Funds from Korea will schify the skin of the face to the squeak.

    More about Korean skin care facials you will learn from the following video.

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