Vichy Mineral 89 serum: Composition and use method

Vichy Mineral 89 serum: Composition and use method

Vichy Mineral 89 serum is a protective agent for the face of the person intended for everyday use. This cosmetic product is suitable for any types of epidermis (including sensitive). Typically, the gel is sold in small capacity of 50 milliliters.

About Mark

Vichy is founded in 1931. Since then, the laboratory employees use scientific expertise and experience gained by decades in the production of their cosmetic products. This is how high-quality and efficient products are created. The company’s managers report that their main mission is to ensure well-groomed, health and youth of women, despite various natural, subjective and objective factors (age, ecology, individual skin characteristics, and T. D. ).

Features of the product

The composition of the Gel Vichy Mineral 89 includes 2 active components:

  • Mineralizing thermal water+
  • Hyaluronic acid of natural origin.

It is important to note that the first component (thermal water containing more than 10 minerals) is represented in this agent in record number – 89%. By the way, it is mined from sources located in France. Due to the useful substances included in the water, it contributes to the normalization of acid-alkaline skin balance, and also contributes to the regeneration, hydration and protection of the upper layer. Thus, the indicator of the barrier functions of the epidermis increases significantly.

Natural hyaluronic acid, in turn, gives skin surface silkiness. This is possible due to the ability of the microparticle matter to hold water. In this regard, this substance is also called a natural hydrophic sector.

Also, the product includes such components as:

  • glycerol+
  • Butylene glycol+
  • lemon acid+
  • menthol+
  • Biosaccharide resin and others.

As part of Vichy Mineral 89 there are no such harmful to the skin (and in general for the human body) substances, like parabens, alcohol, silicones, as well as various dyes, flavors, fragrances, and t. D.

Functions of funds

The manufacturer assures that the Vichy Mineral 89 tool performs a whole range of functions.

Among them:

  • protection+
  • Strengthening natural barrier functions+
  • Strengthening+
  • Bringing tone+
  • removal of discomfort and fatigue+
  • Moisturizing skin.

Clinical trials

Before getting to the shelves of cosmetic stores and become accessible to the massive buyer, this gel passed a number of tests (including clinical experiments). So, serum passed several instrumental tests. The quality and efficiency of the means was evaluated by girls and women of different ages (groups from 18 to 65 years).

According to the tests for strengthening, it was concluded that After using serum in areas of the skin, where the remedy was applied, it was noted by 36% less particles with pollution. Also held tests and moisturizing. According to their results, after applying Vichy Mineral 89 (after 4 hours), the skin becomes more moisturized (by 24.3%).

In addition, a large-scale experiment was conducted with the participation of 42 women who for 4 weeks used the product in everyday life and watched the effect that he produced on the skin. So, 87% of them noted the healthier and fresh color of the face, 94% reported that the skin acquired a natural pleasant radiance, 87% of women noticed that the epidermis began to fill in moisture. In addition, 90% of girls remained delighted with the gel application process, since they experienced pleasant sensations when applying a means on the skin, and 92% are confident that Vichy Mineral 89 perfectly approached their type of epidermis.

Mode of application

Use this tool is recommended to people with any skin type (dry, oily, combined, normal, sensitive). The manufacturer advises to apply the means 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening. At the same time for one application of enough two small droplets of the gel.

The product must be applied to the face (pre-peeled and dried) pattering movements. Then serum should be distributed uniformly on the skin massage movements. Wash it does not need.

Customer Reviews

    Users familiar with this cosmetic means report that the systematic use of the gel significantly improves the condition of the skin. Also, girls note the exercise of serum, the lack of unpleasant sharp odors (which is unacceptable for leaving).

    At the same time, some purchases did not like the texture of the product. Many report that after its application on the skin remains unpleasant and sticky feeling. However, it is impossible not to note the fact that the company carefully monitors reviews. According to their statistics, the average valuation of Vichy Mineral 89 is 4.9 out of 5 points (based on the results of the analysis of 420 reviews).

    About how Vichy Mineral 89 serum operates in real conditions, look next.

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