Why and how to wash with oat flakes?

Why and how to wash with oat flakes?

Every woman dreams to have a healthy beautiful skin. Shelves of stores are filled with various gels and means for washing, promising to make the skin perfect. Unfortunately, not all of them are really effective. In the search for a good money for washing, do not forget about long-known natural homemade. One of them is oatmeal.

Beneficial features

The procedure for washing oatmeal is known for a very long time and still does not lose popularity due to its effectiveness. In most cases, after use, you can expect a stunning effect. The skin after the procedure becomes gentle and velvety. Perhaps this effect can be achieved only after the salon procedures. The skin becomes so attractive that sometimes it disappears the need to use decorative cosmetics and apply a tone cream.

Such washes are very useful for the face, they should be used by the owners of dry and oily skin, those who fight acne and pigment stains. Positive effect can be achieved if she washed with oatmeal when age-related changes.

All cosmetologists in one voice say that the basis of the health of the skin is the right daily home care. Washing oatmeal is useful because they contain a huge amount of substances that have a positive effect on the skin.

In oatmeal, high content of important minerals:

  • Zinc contributes to the removal of toxins and other harmful connections from the skin+
  • The presence of iron has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the skin+
  • The content of manganese contributes to the rapid healing of small wound, helps remove redness and inflammation+
  • The presence of sodium provides renewal of skin cover, while improving blood circulation.

Oatmeal contains important vitamins of group B, thanks to which it gets enough nutrition and moisturizing, gets rid of pigment spots. It is very important to presence in the product of vitamin E, which protects the skin from negative environmental impacts.

In oatmeal, there are necessary components, thanks to which the cover is rejuvenated and the aging process slows down.

Indications for use

Washing with oatmeal is a very efficient means for problem and oily skin. With the help of such a wash, you can get rid of acne rashes, black dots and irregularities. Of course, the effect after applying will be if the cause of problem skin is not due to the diseases of the body. In this case, it is necessary to cure all the illnesses inside the body, and then to improve the external state. Otherwise the effect will be short-lived.

One of the most important properties of oatmeal is its ability to pull out pollution, skin fat, toxins. Thanks to this treatment, the skin is perfectly cleaned, the pores are narrowed, due to the purification of pores, the number of acne decreases, inflammation. The face does not shine, as oatmeal has a beneficial effect on the proper work of the sebaceous glands.

This procedure is perfect for all other types of skin. After washing, the skin becomes moistened, since it does not happen to dry, as it happens when washing with soap. Oatmeal is capable of tightening the skin, improve its tone. In the fight against the first small wrinkles, this tool will become an excellent effective assistant.

Oatmeal flakes perfectly protect the skin from an aggressive environment, help to get rid of dead cells faster.


It is worth noting that it is rare to hear about contraindications to this procedure. Sometimes there may be an increase in the spindles on the skin. This is the reaction of the skin on cleansing, because contamination from the inner layers of the skin is published. After the procedure sometimes there is a small peeling.

As a rule, such reactions quickly pass. But later you can fully enjoy the desired effect. If inflammation does not pass for a long time, then it may be present individual intolerance to the product. In this case, the application should be discontinued and consult with a specialist.

How to wash

First, clean the skin carefully. It must be remembered that the procedure of washing with oat flakes does not replace the macifier removal procedure. Therefore, if cosmetics are present on the skin, it should be getting rid of it. Well suitable for this Micellar water or other soft cleanser.

Holders of dry skin without makeup on the face often there is quite simple cleansing with clean water.

Method number 1

When the skin is cleaned from makeup, you can get to wash.

For this you need:

  • take one spoon of oatmeal+
  • Two spoons of water.

Oatmeal can be used in natural form or polished in a blender or coffee grinder. The effectiveness of the grinding procedure will not change, but crushed flakes are more affecting the skin. During sensitive skin, it is recommended to use crushed oatmeal or prepare a mixture based on oatmeal.

Oatmeal or flour is mixed with water and stirred to obtain a thick creamy mass. Light circular massage movements should be applied to the skin of the face. It is not necessary to wash off the lot at once, it is recommended to leave it for a few minutes on my face, after which the mask must be washed. A small disadvantage of this procedure is its inconvenience in everyday life. The fact is that oat flakes can score drain. To avoid this, you should use a special grid for a sink or apply another way of washing with oat flakes

Method No. 2

Another way is washing using gauze. To do this, you follow the previous recipe to prepare the mixture, then gently put it on the gauze and wrap it. Slightly squeezing the resulting bag, you need to wait when it is highlighted with sufficient mucus from oat flakes. It must be applied to the face and waiting for a few minutes, wash off warm water.

In this case, it is possible not to be afraid that flakes can score the drainage tube.

Method number 3

There is another recipe for cooking, which is also very convenient for home use. In addition, it will not clog pipes.

For its preparation it is necessary to pour the glass of oatmeal with warm water. The amount of water should be so that the flakes were covered in full. A glass with flooded flakes must be put in the fridge for 24 hours. After a day, the mixture is filtered, carefully squeeze the liquid from flakes. The flakes remaining after the polsideness will not be useful, you can get rid of them. The resulting liquid should be sent again to the refrigerator for the same amount of time. It is this liquid and wash. After the washing procedure on the face should be applied cream, suitable skin.

Classic oatmeal recipe for washing is well suited to get rid of acne. If you add other ingredients to the mixture, you can successfully get rid of other flaws. To achieve a whitening effect, a small amount of lemon juice and soda should be added to the mixture of oatmeal. The resulting mass is able to effectively deal with pigment stains, black dots, traces of acne.

You can make a lot of nutrient, adding a small amount of honey to it. A similar means can enrich the skin with a huge amount of nutrients and significantly improve its appearance. The main rule in the application of this fund is the absence of allergies to honey.

An excellent addition to this cleansing means are fruits. The best choice will be apricots and apples. It should be cleaned, crushed fruits and add to the mixture of water and oatmeal. Also excellent addition to this mixture can be fermented fermented. This remedy can effectively deal with skin pigmentation. For dry skin, it is recommended to add olive, castor or almond oil to the mixture.

Various variations are possible for fatty and problem skin. For example, a mask with clay. Blue or white clay eliminate the bold glitter, help to achieve a matte effect. To increase the mask efficiency, instead of water, you can add a small amount of milk. However, milk must be fresh and good quality.

For sensitive skin, it is recommended to use crushed oatmeal. To enhance the exfoliating effect, you can add a burnt sugar.

In combination with solid oatmeal, it will be quite hard peeling.


Cosmetology reviews about this procedure are different. It is almost impossible to meet the extremely negative feedback, as the procedure is usually suited to all. Fat and combined skin This tool cleans and dries, dry – saturates with useful substances. Most specialists approve this procedure and agree with its effectiveness. Moreover, even many cosmetologists use this tool.

Some experts argue that there are much more efficient and modern cosmetics and recommend using them. Which option to choose is an individual business. But it is better to try this tool before refusing to use it.

Customer Reviews about this facility are often very good. In most cases, such a wash helps to achieve a smooth, beautiful skin tone, get rid of acne and black dots, improve the complexion of the face, reduce the amount of small mimic wrinkles and find a healthy, shining skin.

Read more about Washing with oat flakes you will learn from the following video.

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