All about BELLA pads

All about BELLA pads

For each woman, an important point is personal hygiene. And it is not only about the use of care cosmetics for the face and body, but also about intimate cleanliness and comfort. How it became clear, we are talking about pads.

Without these products, modern representatives of beautiful sex can not do without. And here it is extremely important to choose the right adhesive inserts, which will save at any time and does not harm the intimate zone.


Today on the shelves of pharmacies and shops presents a wide variety of gaskets of different brands. However, women in the overwhelming majority choose Bella brand products. During its existence, the represented brand managed to establish itself as a high-quality leaving manufacturer. And there is nothing surprising in this, because all Bella pads have an impressive number of benefits.

  • Convenience. One of the important parameters, due to which women make a choice precisely in favor of BELLA pads. Each type of existing layers of the represented brand is distinguished by a unique form repeating an intimate zone circuit. And due to the durable velcro, the hygienic liners do not scalulate and do not go from the tissue of underwear.
  • Reliability. BELLA gaskets never arise unpleasant force majors. But it is extremely important for the daily life of a woman, especially in the warm season. Even the “daily” bella guarantee protection against accidental troubles, and all thanks to specially selected materials of the hygiene products represented.
  • External parameters. No one doubts that the appearance of pads plays an important role in the selection of women’s bow. And it is not only about the shape of the adhesive liners, but also about color. Bella trademark offers gasket consumers in pink, white and black color.
  • Compound. The distinctive feature of the BELLA gaskets is to use only natural materials in the manufacture of only. No synthetics. Artificial base can cause allergies, and this is a complete discomfort. Natural materials, on the contrary, allow the skin to breathe, do not cause greenhouse effect.

Presented Benefits are the main features of Bella pads. On a regular basis, the manufacturer improves its products and develops new variations of hygienic liners for women of different ages

A variety of assortment

Assortment series of Bella brand is filled with a wide variety of gaskets intended for different purposes. First of all, it is a means for use during menstruation. For women, these are the most unpleasant days. During the period of menstruation, the representatives of beautiful sex are characterized by sharp changes in mood and irritability. And if you add discomfort in the intimate zone to this, then the ladies in principle can be compared with fours. Only good hygienic liners can correct the situation, for example, Bella Classic Nova Maxi or Bella Normal.

However, these are not all kinds of existing BELLA gaskets for protection during critical days. All models are divided by capacity. Speaking with simple words, dropped. From this depends the size of the adhesive liner. Gaskets for 3 drops are small, often used by teenagers and women aged 30-35 years. Variations in 4 and 5 drops are common standard. In the daytime, women control the filling of the gasket, but at night it is impossible. Just for such purposes, the Bella manufacturer has developed large, more precisely, elongated nightlings. With them, the representative of beautiful sex can sleep well, without feeling the fat base of the laying and “hugging” underwear of the wings.

In addition to laying for menstruation, BELLA trading brand releases daily liners. They do not have wings, but simply glued on the inner surface of the underwear.

The maximum thickness of “everyday” is 3 mm, respectively, they are not felt, do not cause discomfort. Thin “daily” have a special mesh in their structure, due to which the greenhouse effect can be avoided. In the assortment of the Bella brand there are and aromatic disposable gaskets, thanks to which the maximum absorption of unpleasant odors occurs.

It is worth noting that BELLA gaskets are offered to consumers in different color palette. Pink, blue and black variations enjoy great popularity. Blue inserts were less demanded. White are traditional standard. As for the quantitative component, the BELLA trademark offers its connoisseurs of packaging 10 and 20 pcs. This applies not only to “daily”, but also inserts for menstruation period. In general, Bella releases a lot of products for female hygiene to the market, but the most interesting interests of fine sex use precisely inserts for intimate hygiene. And now we suggest more in more detail with the existing series of laying of the presented brand, learn their advantages, features and characteristics.


This series first appeared to women in the form of BELLA Ideale Normal pads. They became a real salvation of fair sex at the period of critical days. These inserts meet all hygienic requirements. In addition, they are pleasant to the touch, do not stand out even in tight clothes, give the ladies feeling of confidence in any situation. As part of Bella Ideale Normal, natural cotton fibers are present, instantly absorbing the released fluid and hold it inside. And thanks to the special absorbent, the represented inserts are characterized as breathing. In the intimate area there is no irritation and discomfort.

For night use, Bella’s trademark has developed Bella Ideale Night pads. They differ in the right thick, elongation and, of course, the level of absorption. Some fine sex representatives leading a sedentary lifestyle use exactly the night of the gaskets for daytime use. And it is not surprising, because they are softer, due to the minimum thickness, invisible, and still protect the ladies from accidental flow.


Perfecta series is represented by a wider variety of pads. First, describe the model Bella Perfecta Ultra Blue. It is comfortable, soft, imperceptible. Its thickness is only 2 mm, but despite this, the product easily copes with protection against the flow. Fixing wings have 3 velcro, at the expense of which the liners are tightly held on underwear. The distinctive feature of Bella Perfecta Ultra Blue lies in a velvet surface that gives the feeling of tenderness, and its decorative design contributes to instant absorption. The second type of laying of the presented series is called Bella Perfecta Ultra Green. They are as thin, gentle, do not cause discomfort and irritation. Instead of velvety material in their manufacture, a tender and silky mesh is involved, instantly absorbing moisture. And the absorbent present in the composition will buy an unpleasant odor formation.

Bella Perfecta Ultra Violet – Third Variety in the Perfecta series. These are ultra-thin soft gaskets that can protect the representatives of the beautiful sex. The wings of the liners represented are endowed with triple locks, thanks to which the gaskets are not chosen along the inner surface of the underwear. Similar properties as all previously presented strips of the Perfecta series are endowed with BELLA PERFECTA ULTRA ROSE Inserts. They are as soft, comfortable, do not cause irritation and allergic reactions. With them you can wear any option of clothing, as even the tight trousers will not give the surrounding information about the presence of critical days. The absorbent present in the composition quickly and efficiently removes emerging odors, and the breathable effect will avoid the formation of a greenhouse.

The assortment of the represented series is present BELLA PERFECTA ULTRA NIGHT night pads. Due to the elongated shape, they guarantee the beautiful sex representatives healthy and strong sleep, protecting them from the flow.

With abundance, this model of pads can be used in daytime, prohibitions and restrictions they do not have.


This BELLA brand series is designed exclusively for critical days. It is represented by several types of pads. First option – Bella Herbs Comfort Verbena. Unique liners capable of presenting the most comfort of comfort and self-confidence during menstruation. A distinctive feature of the presented variety of liners is available in the extract of Verbena, which guarantees freshness throughout the day.

The thickness of the gasket is only 4 mm, but they perfectly copble with the task. The inner surface of the liners has a decorative coating, due to which the emerging sections are instantly absorbed. Another important feature of the BELLA HERBS Comfort Verbena pads is the presence of a superabsorbent that eliminates an unpleasant smell.

Second Option – Bella Herbs Comfort Tilia. As part of the linders present, there is an extract of a lime color, thanks to which women experience maximum comfort all day. From the side sides of the gaskets have soft wings with 3 adhesive strips, which are firmly held by pads on underwear. Otherwise, they have characteristics, identical varieties of Bella Herbs Comfort Verbena. The same thickness, the same absorbent, the same relief of unpleasant odors, the same hypoallergenicity.


Panty Series includes 4 varieties of pads. The first list contains Bella Panty Soft Classic. Their thickness is 2.5-3 mm. The surface is made of natural material, at the expense of which women experience soft and ease. And the absence in latex minimizes the risk of allergic reaction.

Bella Panty Mini – the second variety of liners from the Panty series. The minimum thickness guarantees invisible protection throughout the day. Velvety surface is pleasant when touched, and decorative embossing ensures uniform absorption of emerging selections.

Third Variety – Bella Panty Sensitive. These are thin strips of 0.5-1 mm, designed specifically for women with super-sensitive skin. They have an openwork outline, their surface is very soft, gentle. Due to their form suitable for any type of underwear.

Last option – Bella Panty Slim Black & White. These inserts for daily use are suitable for such variations of underwear, like thong and tango. Their breathable base allows you to forget about the formation of discomfort and irritation.

For teens

The presented series is designed for adolescent girls, however, the goods can use older girls. For example, Bella for Teens Ultra Sensitive. Thin liners guaranteeing girls maximum comfort and confidence in their actions. Their thickness is 1.5-2 mm, but they easily cope with their immediate task. They are perfect for any image, invisible even in tight clothes. Due to the side wings with 3 sticky ribbons, reliable fixation is provided on underwear. Absorbent present in Bella for Teens Ultra Sensitive blocks the occurrence of unpleasant odor from the released fluid.

Bella for Teens Ultra Relax are characterized as super-thin gaskets for Teens. Their distinguishing features are the presence of a fragrance of green tea, which will be bought by an unpleasant smell. Despite the thickness of 1.5 mm, the teenagers can easily cope with critical days, not experiencing that there will be an unpleasant situation with leakage. Surface pads Bella for Teens Ultra Relax It has decorative embossing, due to which emerging allocations are evenly absorbed over the entire surface of the liner. Similar characteristics possess BELLA FOR TEENS ULTRA ENERGY pads. Only instead of green tea they allocate citrus fragrance. Due to the special surface in the form of a mesh coating, the represented inserts guarantee a uniform distribution of critical discharges, provide fast absorption and deterioration of moisture.

Series for Teens It can boast the presence of gaskets not only for critical days, but also for everyday use. For example, Bella for Teens Panty Relax. Thickness of only 1 mm, they are soft, tender, capable of accepting any shape of linen. Due to the lack of latex, the risk of irritation is significantly reduced, and this is important for intimate hygiene. Identical characteristics possess “everyday” Bella for Teens Panty Energy. They are as soft, pleasant to the touch.

Due to the durable adhesive tape, the presented pads are most closely attached to the underwear, which is extremely important for moving teenagers.


In no case can no attention to the classic series of BELLA strips. For instance Bella Classic Nova Maxi. They do not differ in miniature. Their thickness is 1-1.5 cm. They are intended exclusively for women with abundant discharge during critical days. Due to the extended form of the inserts represented, you can not worry about the formation of a random leakage. Along the gasket passes a thick adhesive line that is securely attached to the underwear cloth. In the role of additional fixators protrude wings with a sticky base. An important feature of the presented variety of pads is the presence of a silky coating, which instantly absorbs moisture, leaving the surface of the laying dry.

Identical characteristics possess Gaskets Bella Classic Nova. Their form perfectly repeats the anatomical circuit of an intimate zone, so that the representatives of the beautiful sex feel the maximum convenience and comfort. On the surface of the gasket there are special grooves, protecting a woman from lateral flows. Breathable property of the main material guarantees safety and absence of an allergic reaction to the skin. But it is precisely this and necessary for the ladies during critical days.

The last representative of the classic series – Bella Classic Nova Comfort. Comfortable, soft and tender gaskets that can save the woman during abundant selection. According to properties and available characteristics, they do not differ from Bella Classic Nova Maxi and Bella Classic Nova. However, the ladies prefer precisely this species at the expense of a special handbag in which each individual gasket is hidden. Now there is no need to carry with you the whole pack, it is enough to take 1-2 liner on the road.


The special attention of the representatives of the fine sex is given to postpartum gaskets. It is no secret that the female organism after childbirth allocates a huge number of bloody fluids. In some ladies, abundance ends on day 2 after childbirth, others are tormented by a week and more. In this case, it all depends on the characteristics of the female organism. And it is at this time that it is extremely important to use high-quality gaskets that can absorb enough selection.

Just for this period, BELLA trading brand has developed Bella Mamma strips. For their manufacture, only natural materials are used. The inserts themselves consist of several layers, and this guarantees protection against the flow.

Special Molecular composition of Cydex absorbs unpleasant odors. But the most important thing is the feeling of comfort, which is extremely important in such a difficult female period.

Review reviews

Thanks to numerous reviews of the fair sex, it becomes clear that Bella’s brand gaskets occupy a leading position in the global market. Light, thin, comfortable – Bella liners carry only positive sensations. We enjoy the women of all ages, ranging from adolescents and ending with the ladies 60+.

Teenagers appreciate the opportunity to lead an active lifestyle during critical days. Middle-aged women are glad that in any situation will be at the height. And the ladies of the older generation are diligently followed by intimate hygiene. In all cases, the fair sex is preferred by BELLA gaskets. With them, women hook, which is extremely important during menstruation.

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