All about Carefree pads

All about Carefree pads

For each woman, intimate hygiene questions are very important, so the choice of pads costs quite seriously, because you want to feel freshness and comfort on any day and for a long time. One of the most popular marks of female hygienic pads is Carefree. During the long years of existence, the shopping brand Carefree has gained an excellent reputation among a large number of women.

Features, pros and cons

Trade Brand Carefree – the largest among those belonging to Johnson & Johnson. Under this brand, well-known means for female intimate hygiene are produced.

The first female Carefree gaskets, designed for daily use, appeared on trade counters back in 1976. Thanks to this, every day the woman was filled with freshness. In 2001, the brand began implementing black pads. The brand is constantly developing and improving, creating products that can satisfy any woman.

Pluses Carefree strips:

  • have a soft surface tested by dermatologists+
  • Possess a pleasant aroma+
  • on underwear held enough reliable+
  • possess good absorbent properties.

Compared to the goods of other trading brands producing similar products for female hygiene, Carefree gaskets do not have any definite minuses.


Experience a feeling of freshness and cleanliness is necessary on any day, in addition, it is necessary to take into account the physiological features of different women to ensure that each of them is to ensure maximum comfort. That is why the Carefree trading brand specialists have developed Pretty wide range of products. Thanks to this, every woman will be able to choose the necessary product for daily use or for applications in critical days.

The company’s range is constantly expanding. It is necessary in order to provide goods for hygiene to a woman with any requests and wishes.

On every day

Daily gaskets are used to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odor during the day and for complete absorption of all natural female discharge. These products are significantly thinner classic, which are used during critical days. Thanks to this, the woman does not feel at all the presence of a laying on its underwear. They are flexible and gentle.

For daily use, Carefree offers women’s pads with a unique four-layer structure and a very thin top layer that carries the name Cotton Feel. It means the “sensation of cotton”, which very accurately reflects the essence of the product. Pads reliably hold and absorb moisture, while the laying surface remains soft and dry for a long time. Positive quality is also the fact that the daily carefree gaskets are not crushed and not coming up. The range for the daily use of the Carefree shopping brand.

  • Flexi Form – gaskets are designed in such a way as to approach any kind of lower female linen: classic panties, tanga or thongs. This possibility is ensured due to the presence of side soft embossed wings.

  • Cotton Fresh – Flavored gaskets with the addition of cotton extract.

  • Carefree Aloe – Daily layers with aloe aroma in individual packaging.

  • Super thin with aloe – Maximum thin daily gaskets with aloe aroma.

  • Plus Large Maxi – Products are longer and wider than CAREFREE classic gaskets, have the ability to prevent odor to 12 hours.

  • Gaskets Large – Increased products providing maximum freshness.

The advantages of Carefree daily gaskets are:

  • Large selection of sizes and shapes: Ultrathin, classic, large, suitable for strings or slips+
  • Air-permeable material: The top layer of the product perfectly passes the air, providing freshness for a long time+
  • Soft absorbing surface: the upper layer is characterized by tenderness, while it perfectly absorbs the selection+
  • Comfortable packaging: Easy to use both at home and take with you on travel.

For critical days

The range of the Carefree trade brand, intended for use during critical days, is quite wide and allows you to choose a suitable product depending on the abundance of secretions and other factors. Carefree ultrathin hygiene products provide maximum protection against possible. This happens due to a special system, which is special sides, which are located all over the contour of the product. Therefore, protection against the flow is provided not only on the sides, but from all sides.

In the assortment of the brand Carefree:

  • Ultra Normal Plus – Convenient for use in days with moderate discharge, are ultra-thin and flexible with a soft coating, repeat the body shape and control the appearance of the smell+

  • Ultra Super Plus – Classic hygienic pads suitable to ensure absorption with abundant discharge+

  • Ultra Night Plus – Ideal for use at night in days when the allocation is particularly abundant, due to its size and form can provide protection against the flow for 8 hours.

Review reviews

Most Carefree Product Reviews Positive. Buyers talk about high quality products. First of all it concerns the tender surface of the products that does not cause unpleasant sensations or irritation.

Also marked high degree of absorption. Another positive moment about which women who use Carefree are spoken – this is a pleasant smell of flavored products. Plus the pads of this trading brand – Bright packaging that attracts attention on shopping counters.

Consumer deficiencies did not reveal. Sometimes they say that the price of products is somewhat higher than the price of similar products of other brands.

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